Choosing The Right Heels: Look Sexy And Still Be Comfortable

Let’s be real here. Wearing heels can be awful; some pinch, some rub, some put a lot of pressure on your calves and even worse, some can give you nasty blisters that will make you hobble for days. Don’t despair! There ARE heels that you can wear that won’t inflict serious damage to your feet.

We’ve compiled a list of styles to look for when choosing a pair of heels that will allow you to stay sexy and comfortable all day or all night long.

The Wedge Heel

Never underestimate the wedge heel. The wedge heel allows for a more even distribution of pressure across the soles of your feet. A wedge heel is also better for those of us with weaker ankles that want to avoid rolling their ankle on their way to the restaurant and risk ruining their night!

The Low Profile Heel

The low profile heel can still be as sexy and fashionable as their high profile counterparts. It’s easy to find devastatingly gorgeous designer heels that have modest or micro heels that give you the look of heeled shoes without the discomfort. These smaller heels can take a variety of forms, including shorter stilettos and ornate designer shapes.

Heeled Boots

Heeled boots give your ankles more support and provide a more stable structure for your foot. These heeled boots can have straps, zippers, laces or elastic that keep your foot firmly in place. There are so many styles of heeled boots out there, from western to glam, from leather to satin, there is a pair of heeled boots to suit any occasion.

Decorative Block Heels

Block heels don’t have to be boring. Add some glitz and glam to outfit with a contrasting block heel embellished with gold patterns, flocking,animal print or lace. These heels are particularly effective when juxtaposed with black upper shoe and a little black dress.

Mary Janes

There is something timelessly stylish and uniquely comfortable about a pair of Mary Janes. The support given to your foot, the adjustable strap and the block heel mean that they put less stress on your feet and legs. Whilst Mary Janes may not necessarily be dressy enough for a night out, they are perfect for casual events and as professional work attire.

Multi Strap

The multi-strap delivers the same sexy, strappy look of a lot of the more extreme heels whilst giving your feet and legs more support. The multi-strap can be a quite dramatic look, but there are styles out there that are a bit more formal. The multi-strap is great for big nights out and you won’t have to carry your heels home because your feet are too sore!


One of the fantastic things about wearing a well-chosen pair of heels is that you get the sexy shape and look of a stunning, but a painful pair of heels without having to jeopardize your comfort and ability to move around in the morning. We’ve armed you with a few ideas for the next time you go shoe shopping so that you can pick something simply gorgeous that will be kind to your feet.


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