Classic Brown Hairstyles: Hair Trend that would Never go Away

People usually have this misconception that brown is a color which has now become completely obsolete and extremely boring. But it isn’t so! After going through this article, you would definitely throw away all your stereotypical notions related to donning brown hues as a hair color. Brown is a color which suits everyone and which can be styled into anything- you can transform a brown hair color into an espresso color and get highlights which are caramel in color, or you can even get a brown blonde-ish hue or something in a rich Ombre shade! You would have tons to choose from.

So, in this present article I would throw light upon some of the most famous celebrities who flaunt Brown Hair color with enhanced ‘Chicness’.

Tricks to have Glossy Hair:

  • glossy hairUse which ever shampoo you want to, but only opt for a conditioner which suits for your hair and provides maximum nourishment to your hair. Conditioning hair is the most important mechanism which you should strictly follow after shampooing your hair. Keep it in mind that if your scalp is oily then conditioning only the ends of the hair is advisable.
  • Do not forget every week at least once to condition your hair deeply.
  • After finishing off with shampoo, quickly apply a conditioner, keep it awhile and wash it off with water. It makes sure to keep your hair shine in place.
  • Try avoiding the use of heat products such as hair-dryers to dry your hair. Instead let your hair dry normally. Don’t subject your hair to the harsh heat of blow dryers.
  • Cut your split-ends from time to time because the split ends make your hair look all frizzy and ungraceful.
  • After your hair dries, do not forget to apply serum to give it a perfectly shiny texture.

kate_middleton_hair_6-29_m1)   Kate, The Duchess of Cambridge:

Princess Catherine has a haircut and hair color to die for and is most popular not only in Britain, but globally! It gained a sharp rise in popularity after the Royal Wedding which took place in the year 2011. The royal wedding resulted in women noticing the hair color and texture of the Duchess and hence more and more of brown color hair kits started getting off the shelves in the market. The popularity of brown hue has risen to such an extent that it has over-shadowed the previously famous Blonde hair color, thanks to Duchess Cambridge.

It has been revealed that the secret of Kate’s gorgeous brown hair color is a dye which is organic in nature and vegetable-based. Also, she often manifest few gray hairs sprouting on her adorable crown by getting highlights.

2)   Olivia Palermo:oliviapalermohairstyles_browncurlyhairstyle

When it comes to pulling off brown hair graciously, who can miss on the glossy sheen of the renowned actress Olivia Palermo? Her hair epitomizes flawlessness.  In order to get glossy hair just like Olivia Palermo, you can go for a Balayage approach which most stylists prefer. You stylist can paint your hair brown wherever required as well as not drift much from your natural color.

3)   Mila Kunis:Mila-Kunis-SAG-Awards-makeup

It is next to impossible to ignore this vivacious brunette Mila Kunis when it comes to brown hair. Mila Kunis has experimented with various hair colors, but she looks the best in her brunette avatar with a dash of caramel highlights. Just make sure not to color your entire hair brown because it would look tad boring. Balayage technique works wonders on brunettes.

4)   Salma Hayek:102711-Salma-Hayek-400

It is a known fact that people going for brown hair dyeing draw inspiration from the deep brown hair of famous actress Salma Hayek. Her crown always gives off a coppery glint along with her sunshine-like highlights which are caramel in color. Looking at her chocolate color hair gives off the impression that somebody had smeared sinfully dark chocolate in her hair. Just make sure not to over-do with the highlights which would otherwise prove to be a disaster for you.

5)   Penelope Cruz:Penelope and Monica Cruz for MNG" Summer 2008 Collection-Photocall

This is one actress who is famous for donning various brunette avatars over the years spanning her career in the film industry. Brown suits her this ex L’Oreal model the most. She tried her hand at getting blonde for some time, but it claims it to be an utter failure because she lost half her hair at her very first attempt of getting blond.

6)   Jennifer Lopez:images

Jennifer Lopez’s’ brunette avatars over the years has been inspirational for girls who have craving for brown hair color. In order to get hair like Jennifer’s, just ask your stylist to give you highlights around your face. Also ask her to lighten the highlights at the end of the hair.

7)   Jessica Alba:14425661276793754_NuLD3qxp_b

Jessica Alba’s gorgeous brown hair cajoles a ‘WOW’ from admirers with a subtle ease. She is an actress who is extremely daring and does not hesitate from taking risks when it comes to experimenting with her hair color. She has turned blond, red and even dark brown for her movies. But light brown hair color suits her best.

When should you go for Brown Hair Color?

If you have a hair which has started to look greasy and mousey, this indicates that you need to switch from your normal hair color ASAP! So without hesitating go for the darker shade of brown. Remember, it is easy to switch from light brown shade to dark brown, and equally difficult if you wish to switch to lighter shade of brown.

You can color your entire hair dark brown at home yourself or consult a professional. But remember, if anything goes amiss, you are going to end up with a hair glinting with an orange tint. Thus it is better to seek the help of a stylist than to experiment yourself.

If you have hair which is of the same length, coloring the entire hair dark brown would look gorgeous on you. But if you have layers or steps in your hair, better try highlighting few layers to give your hair a different dimension as well.

So what are you waiting for? Get your brown hair dyeing kit out and don the ever classic brunette avatar to look like a Diva!

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