How to Dazzle in a Dress on the Casino Floor

An evening out on the town can take a woman to many different places. The casino is a popular choice and many believe they must dress rather formal as shown in movies. However, many casinos today do not have a dress code. No matter the policy of the casino, women can follow some suggestions to look their best at all times.


In an upper class casino, a dressy outfit much like one would wear to the office is ideal. For instance, a skirt and blouse with appropriate accessories can be worn. Keep in mind that skirts should be at knee length. Casino dress should be tasteful but women want to look their best as it could possibly get them better service. Dresses are also an option. They can be knee length cocktail dresses with stylish sandals. Floor length gowns are definitely something to avoid. Also, avoid wearing t-shirts and casual sweats to a casino. Should you wish to play in more casual attire you can always play online casino games from the comfort of your own bedroom or lounge in whatever clothes you want.

For a casino that is more on the casual side, the dress code is of course more relaxed. Jeans can be worn and during the day, athletic shoes are perfectly acceptable. However, for evening wear, other shoes are preferred. Jeans should not be worn with a t-shirt. Instead, consider dressing up with your top garment. A turtleneck looks great paired with a casual blazer, perhaps tweed or corduroy. Cardigan sweaters are also another option. Layers are ideal because they can provide warmth if the temperature varies in parts of the casino. A silky blouse also looks great with jeans for a casual casino look.

Before heading out for the casino, the best way to know for sure what to wear is check with the specific casino you will be visiting. Most have this information on their website but if not, a simple call to the casino can provide the needed information.

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