DIY: Creepy Halloween styles inspired from Celebs

So do you always fret about what and what not to year on Halloween? Do you look for months and months (before the Halloween festival) preening over creepy Halloween styles to get inspired by? Look no further because you can easily get the creepiest of the ideas from one reliable source- The Celebrities! Yes of course, you can sit back and check out the latest Halloween outfits, make up and hairdo’s sported by our very own stars from the tinsel town. Be it Lady GaGa’s weird fashion sense or any other celeb, they truly know how to celebrate Halloween. Or maybe their dress designers do!

Thanks to the designers present in the posse of the celebs, they transform the stars into weird and eerie persona on the night of Halloween. So why not get inspired from such styles? This article is meant to provide you great insight into the costumes, make up etc which you can sport on Halloween! Now even you can give creeps to anybody around you in a Halloween party by following the Halloween regime of your favorite stars. Sit back and have fun getting witch-“ed” up! Happy Reading!

1.Get Gaga with Lady Gaga:1

Lady Gaga has always been known for her weird fashion sense. Be it a Halloween or a non-Halloween day, that is how she dresses up each and every time she makes a public appearance! Check out the googly kind of glasses she is wearing. Looks funky yet creepy!

2.Be the Belle of the Ball with Bella:2

The bella we are talking about here is none other than Kristen Stewart. With her already dead expressions on her face, she surely looks dead. Get inspired from her. Add some vamp teeth to get that extra “edgy” look and be the killer this Halloween!

3.Kim the Wonder Woman:3

Who better to flaunt her assets in a cool way than the Kardashians. Here we are talking about Kim Kardashian. Check out her wonder woman outfit. Although nothing Halloween-y with the concept of outfit but still it is Halloween! Time to let down your hair!

4.Go Zoe-style to the party:4

Here we are talking about the fashion designer for high and mighty celebs, Rachel Zoe. You can attend your Halloween party all decked up like Zoe. With super smoky eyes, great costume jewelry, wavy hair and high heels, you would surely look like a glam diva instead of a scary Halloween character! P.S- do not include a baby!

5.Blair Waldorf Glam:5

Now who doesn’t love Blair Waldorf on Gossip girl? She is the hottest trendsetter in tinsel town currently. If you wish to be like her, do follow her fashion mantra’s avidly! She looks adorable in that cute headband! Plus, if you can manage to get a guy who looks like chuck in real life then cookie points to you! XoXo.

6.Be posh like Posh Beckham:6

Victoria Beckham, the ex-spice girls member and a fashion designer now surely loves to keep herself updated with all the latest fashion doing the rounds in the fashion circuit. So why not follow her sense of style with those sexy tousled waves, larger than life shades and sexy lipstick? You will be looking like one hot Halloween monster!

7.Kyle MacLachlan sense of humor:7

If you are a person with a good sense of humor, then you could take a leaf out of the book of Kyle MacLachlan who is here being seen wearing a robe and holding a foil as if to say that he is too much addicted to tanning! Isn’t it simply hilarious?

8.Madonna of the 90’s:8

Madonna has always had an eccentric sense of fashion. You can get inspired by the style sported by her in 1990’s when she went to her famous blonde ambition tour! A tower high ponytail, thick eyebrows and cool eye makeup is all you need to look hot this Halloween. Also crank up the heat by not forgetting to wear these super pointy weird bra! All the best.

9.Audrina Patridge and the Peacock:9

Aren’t peacocks simply graceful and too beautiful? Now you can be as beautiful and graceful as a peacock by taking a “Feather” out of Audrina Patridge’s book by getting decked up like a peacock. Check out her sexy eye makeup which looks as if she has peacock feathers in place of the usual lashes! Simply gorgeous and chic.

10.Kiss the fashion of the KISS:10

If you really want to look like creepy monsters rounding up the mobs on the street on Halloween night and scaring the living daylights off them, then you can do  nothing better than copying the patent style adopted by the band KISS. Get black and white painted on your face, with all the geometrical figures surrounding your eyes. Do not forget to make a nest out of your hair to look exactly like the band! To add more zing to your look get more of your friends to copy the exact same style and look like a clone of the band!

11.Christian Siriano’s Fierceness:11

Christian Siriano, the Project Runway winner, has a weird sense of fashion when it comes to arriving to party on Halloween. He is seen here impersonating Cruella De vil sporting a spotted jacket and looking every bit like the real antagonist in the 101 Dalmatian movie!

12.As Pink as a Clown:12

The Raggedy Ann dolls are something of which I had been scared of for life! So what better than to dress up like one and attend a Halloween party! Have a look at how this celeb is all decked up as the creepy and scary Raggedy Ann Doll with a Clown like make up and a super creepy wig! This is simply scary! Have you already guessed who the celeb shown in the picture is? It is none other than Pink! That is one hell of an idea she had come up with the scare the guests attending the party!

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