DIY: Personalized Hand Painted Shoes

hand painted shoesThere is nothing better than to think something creative and then implement it to make something extremely beautiful which could be flaunted proudly by you. Yes, here is another do-it-yourself, which apart from being something constructive is also extremely fashionable and makes complete utilization of your skills and creativity.

I am talking about painting your own shoes, with your own hands and expressing the potpourri of creativity cooked up by you in your mind! Yes, instead of throwing away your old pair of Chuck Taylors or cute slip-ons/pumps, you can completely change its monotonous look by painting them up yourself using Acrylic.

Personalizing shoes is a frivolous activity in which both children and adults can indulge and showcase the artistic side present in them. So, let us move ahead with the task in hand and see how we could enjoy hand painting our shoes!

Materials Required:

  • Before commencing with painting, get your shoes ready and remove the laces from the shoes.
  • Preferably acquire plain fabric based shoes such as converse or keds.
  • To have fun with painting, get all the acrylic colors ready such as white, black, red, brown, yellow and blue. It is already known that these are the basic colors which can be mixed together to get any color that you wish for.
  • Get small paint brushes, preferably of nylon bristles.
  • Get a color palette or even a paper plate would do.
  • A black permanent marker is required as well.
  • You would also require a varnish which can be matte, satin or gloss.
  • You can even use glitters if you are a fan of sparkly stuffs.

Painting the Base Color:

  • base colorIf the shoes that you wish to hand paint are white in color, then you would not need a base color for preparation. You can also use thin amount of paint on white shoes.
  • If the shoes that you wish to hand paint are black in color, then you would require more layers of paint until the surface of the shoes become opaque and a bit smooth so that it becomes easier to paint on it later.
  • Take a pencil and sketch the approximate shape of the space you would require for your design on the shoe. If you would be painting on black shoes, do not worry about over shooting on it because you can always cover up the unneeded area with a black marker or a black paint. But if you are going to paint on white shoes then there must be no room for mistake at all. If you have decided to paint the entire shoe, it is better to buy and paint on a white shoe.
  • You can use the base color of tan by mixing brown and white paint together. In order to make the surface of the shoes smooth, you need to paint it with two coats.
  • Make sure the surface you are painting on should be smooth in order to get a smooth picture.
  • Usually tan is preferred as a base color because it provides adequate darkness for painting with dark colors and adequate lightness when painting with light colors.
  • Remember, if you are using high quality paint then thin the paint with some water before commencing with painting. This is done because the fabric of the shoe absorbs thinned paint better.

Start sketching the image:

  • sketch sumthingWhen the base color complete dries off, you are at last ready to begin with personalizing your own shoes!
  • Do not be disheartened if you are not a good artist. You can use a tracing paper and perfectly trace the image that you want directly onto your base color. Do not use complex pictures when opting for tracing mechanism, because painting it later on becomes a tad difficult.
  • If you are an artist, then draw the image yourself directly onto the base color using a pencil. If the shapes that you are making are small, paint them first so that painting it later doesn’t ruin your entire picture. But it is totally up to you!
  • After the image has been sketched, it is time to have fun with colors!

Start Painting:

  • painting-shoes-2In order to make your acrylic more smoother, mix it with small amount of water. This is helpful because when you are doing fine details, it would make your whole picture look better if done correctly. There are some acrylics which do not mix with water.
  • In order to conserve the paint try to paint from light to dark.
  • Don’t start adding highlights and shadows to your object before painting the base color of your object. To get color for shade try mixing base color with one of the matching primary colors.
  • Do not lose your patience while painting and do the same kind of color in order to conserve the paint. This is done because if you use different colors, you would have to constantly clean the brush and when you would get back to other colors, they will already be dried up.
  • Use a black permanent marker to give fine details and black outline to your object so that it looks clean.
  • Do not feel discouraged if your painting looks odd at the first attempt. Just do not give up! It will look fine once you have completed the entire picture and each and every detail.
  • If you have made any mistake, cover it up by using extra paint.
  • If your completed picture looks extremely messy, you can start over again by painting the whole shoe with base color again.

Using Black Permanent Marker:

  • use permanent markerUse black permanent marker to make your picture look more clean and prominent.
  • If you have messed up with the marker, add details and outline and touch it up with little more paint.
  • Fill sparse spaces with the marker.
  • If you want to draw on the rubber portion of the shoe, use a black marker for that and cover it up with varnish to protect it from rubbing off.

So, put on your thinking caps and let your artistic streak take over you for creating your very own personalized hand painted shoes. Happy Painting!

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