Dress Up for a Night Out

Playing dress up is one of so many young girls’ favorite activities. Finding a pretty dress, the right shoes, and of course the beautiful jewelry and matching handbag is a must for so many. The funny thing, just because the little girls grow up, doesn’t mean they want to stop playing dress up and finding fun places to while they’re looking so good. Even as adults is it still a blast to find a great sexy dress, amazing shoes, and elegant jewelry and dress up for a night out.

If you plan to go out to a nice dinner or elegant night on the town, you can’t be the traditional little black dress, or even a fitted dark colored dress with small print white polka dots. Both of these dresses are timeless classy dresses, and you can find them in high end designer brands like Michael Kors for around $150, or you can go more off the rack like Elementz or Style and Co. for under $50. If you want to go a little more colorful, check out Bebe for a red Tiana stich dress or a purple seam halter satin dress for around $150. To spend a little less but have a little more fun you can find clubbing dresses on pricegrabber for as low as $49.99.

Once you have your dress, finding the right pair of shoes will be your next step. Shoes are a simple, but fantastic way to spice up your outfit. If you have a classier or monotone colored dress add a pair of leopard print, or brightly colored shoes for a subtle but effective touch. Jessica Simpson tends to have some basic fun and colorful shoes for right around a $100 price point. A hot trend right now is high heeled, nearly knee high boots. Ecco has some great designs like their buckle boots, or you can go with a really retro look like Vaneli’s ‘Zelma’ high heel boots that lace up the back.

Discovering interesting or different pieces of jewelry can be a fun way to accessorize. A simple silver or gold necklace can really enhance an outfit. But if you don’t want to go with jewelry, scarves like Juicy Couture Royal Iconic silk square or Style and Co. wrap Piatte are affordable and trendy, but classy looks that could go with a number of dress styles. Make sure you have a good handbag too, but you will really want to go with a small clutch instead of bulky purse. You can easily find a nice understated clutch for under $30-50 that will be perfect for all you may need throughout the evening.

One more thing that a girl can have some fun with is spicing up her hairdo. If you have long hair, you can leave it as is, or put half up and half down with a few curls on one side for accents. Or you could do a beautiful and refined Victorian updo. For shorter hair it can be a bit harder, but finger waves are an unassuming but chic look. You can also find jeweled hairbands, a string of pearls, or even a clip on that can add accent and originality to your hairstyle.

Dressing up and going out is one of the simple pleasures in life. And luckily today, there are so many choices and affordable options that anyone can have a great night out and look fantastic doing it.

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