How to Earn on Articles or Essay Writing

Writing, is a skill which all literate people have and lately in the age of computing and the Internet it can be commercialized to supplement income. There are various ways you commercialize this skill and deepen your pockets and they will be explored on this article in depth.

Search for Sites That Will Pay You to Write

Many people have sites which need new creative content to meet their information obligations and assert their position in the information superhighway. Typically, most of these site admins hire academic writers who are regularly paid to write original articles on specific topics. The information is published and depending on the terms of engagement the site can publish you as the author or a ghostwriter. Therefore, you can sharpen your skill and seek to work with other ghostwriting services providers to feed the insatiable need of information required by these sites. A simple query on a search engine will bring millions of sites that need people who can do article writing and have experience in the field. Therefore, dive straight into this opportunity and convert it into a money minting machine.

Register on Freelance Websites to Find Jobs

You can also become a freelance writer. A freelance writer is a person who is hired as per need basis to write articles on behalf of another person on a particular topic. You can therefore serve several clients and create a reliable stream of income. You can also either work fulltime as or partly depending on your preferences or workload. As a freelance writer, you are your own boss. The best place to start is creating an account on a freelance website. There are thousands of them online and you can create as many accounts as you wish. Bid on jobs available and deliver quality content. Freelance websites are communities created by freelance writers and therefore the management would offer necessary advice on how to get started. With time, you will improve your writing skill and have more clients who may need your regular articles. The best advantage of registering with a freelance website is they manage the clients and therefore you are guaranteed of your income.

Join a Business Networking Group in Your Area

You can also start local and join a networking group in your area. Through networks, you can get people who are already minting money through this business and they can teach you how to earn money on writing. You will need mentors and advisers on how to navigate the industry and this is a great place to start. A network also can evolve to a community that is organized and can work directly with clients. Your market is however not limited to your geographical area, you can transcend your boundaries and seek international clients. The only limitation you have is yourself. If you overcome them and connect with like minded individuals, you will be surprised by how much money you can make out of your skill. A business networking group will connect you to companies that need people within their locality who are good writers and can express their message perfectly to their intended recipients. Get out f your rut now and join a business community and if you put your best effort and be willing to learn, you will reflect on this decision with pride in not so distant future.

Ask your Clients for Referrals

The best way to build your client base is through your clients. Your clients know other people or corporations in need of similar services. There are several ways you can do this. First, you can offer discounted rates per service for any referred client and the referrer. This motivates your clients to seek more clients to earn the free services or discount rates. Secondly, provide quality work to your clients. Quality work is not negotiable in this industry as it will help you retain existing clients and attract more. Learn to communicate professionally and courteously. To earn money as a freelancer, it is no brainer that you need to communicate and address your clientele issues professionally and promptly. If you diligently follow the aforementioned tips, your clients will become your marketing people and bring you more clients through referrals.

Become a Copywriter

You can also make money as a copywriter. Most companies especially in the digital age need copywriters to help them create content for their ads. To feature promotional content on the social media and all the upcoming promotional platforms, there is more need for copywriters than ever before. It is a lucrative business that helps your work to be recognized through the brands you work with. Additionally, as a copywriter you can also start your own advertisement company if you gain the necessary experience of running such a company to increase your returns.

Create A Killer LinkedIn Profile

Social media and especially LinkedIn helps professionals to market their skills to potential clients. According to experts at Essay Zoo, LinkedIn network amounts to be the grand stage of showing your prowess. LinkedIn profile is your marketing tool in this industry and therefore you must create a killer profile. Feature your strengths and ensure you convincingly portray yourself as the best fit for that job. Learn on how to create killer profiles from blogs and use these skills to map and advertise your skills. Continually update your profile and seek recommendations on various skills. A profile is continually updated and built to rise with the rising competition in your field. Therefore, a LinkedIn profile is the sharpest arrow in your quiver as a starter or a professional writer and you must know how to use it to harness the power of internet to grow your income in writing.

Concisely, choose one of the aforementioned ways to create another income stream for yourself in writing. You will learn a lot and it has big potential for growth in whichever option you go for. Dedicate yourself to learn and adapt to the changes in market and make money behind your screen on your own terms and pleasure.

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