Easy and Affordable Skin Care

It is not just the matter of attracting people but being beautiful make women a lot more confident. No doubt the real beauty is the beauty of your inner soul, the beauty of your heart and mind; but still physical beauty has its own value that can’t be denied. Billions of dollars are spent annually only in America in the beauty industry just to make people look better, well, it is not that much important but still it totally worth some of your time and a little care.

When the question of skin care arises, you may feel discouraged with the results of your current skin care treatments that you have used to maintain your skin’s beauty.  You may have tried several different expensive creams, skin care serums, and anti-aging skin care lotions. Here are some inexpensive ways to keep your skin youthful and healthy,

Eat Healthy:

What you eat shows up in your body, if you are eating fattening things your body will start getting fat and your skin will start producing acne and other skin problems, if you are under eating your skin will start looking dull and balanced diet make your skin look fresh and glowing. Food gives us lots of essential elements for the healthy growth of our body and any missing element from our daily food or its deficiency can create lots of skin problems.

So, before going for any expensive skin care treatments, we should have a look on our daily eating plan and see if we are taking are the especial elements in proper portion or not, most of skin problems can be solved just by adding or subtracting any food from our daily diet.

  • Dairy products rich in vitamin A are very good for skin’s health and yogurt is one of the richest sources of vitamin A and can give you healthy skin.
  • Food rich in antioxidant properties like blueberries can be very beneficial for the glowing skin.
  • Fish rich in Omega-3 fatty acids like Salmon is also very good for the health of skin as well as whole body.
  • Almonds are good for controlling cholesterol and giving you a younger and fresher looking skin.
  • Green leafy vegetables help in repairing skin cells and give us flawless skin.
  • Drinking 6-8 glasses water is also very important for skin health.

Facial Exercises:

Exercise also play a very important role in keeping your body in toned and perfect shape, but while trying different exercises we neglect that our facial muscles also need a little exercise to keep them in proper shape. By giving daily few minute to your face, just while you are watching TV, or relaxing on your bed or any other convenient time you can make your skin look fabulous. Some of the facial exercises are,

  • Tilt your head back; by looking at the ceiling, keep your lips closed and act like you are chewing, you will feel your throat and neck muscles working. Try this exercise for 10 to 15 times a day and this exercise will make your neck skin firmer.
  • While having a relaxed smile on your face, suck your check inward and hold up for the count of ten, repeat this process for 5, 6 times a day. This exercise is good for your cheeks.
  • Press two fingers on both sides of your head, open and close your eyes rapidly, try this exercise 5 times a day. This exercise will tone up your eyes.

Facial Masks:

Pampering your face, arms and other body parts with masks is also a good idea and gives you smooth and fresh skin. But should not be extra acidic, time consuming or expensive. There are various masks which can be easily prepared at home, with natural ingredients and can give you beautiful and healthy skin,

  • Take two spoon of gram flour and mix in enough water to form a paste, then apply this paste on your face and let it dry for 10 to 15 minutes. Rinse this mixture thoroughly and feel the difference in your skin, your skin will seem more smooth, firm and glowing. This mask can also be applied on other parts on body.
  • You can apply different fruits on your skin, and create your own facial mask. But do not use acidic fruits on your face, because that can harm your skin, if you really want to apply any of such fruit, do not keep them on skin for more than 5 minute.
  • Eggs can be used in masks, and honey and different oils have many properties of healing and making skin beautiful.

Give yourself proper time and enjoy a healthy beautiful life….


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