Experts Reveal New Parameters For Predicting Prediabetes

Over the years, consumers have faced many medical hurdles. Some medical conditions are far more prevalent than others. Today, diabetes is quickly becoming one of the most common and most feared medical conditions in the world. Prediabetes is the first step towards diabetes. Patients who experience the symptoms of prediabetes should take action immediately to rectify the situation. Just recently, Just recently, medical experts provided consumers with details for predicting prediabetes. So, what are the parameters for predicting prediabetes? Readers will find out in the informative guide provided below.

First and foremost, consumers need to realize that millions of people all around the world experience T2DM or type 2 diabetes mellitus. In India alone, more than 61 million individuals have this condition. 77 million are currently experiencing prediabetes symptoms. In the past, the BMI or body mass index was the leading way for doctors to diagnose potential problems. This is quickly changing. It has now been determined that even patients with low BMI can experience prediabetes and type 2 diabetes. Scientists and researchers at the Manipal Academy of Higher Education have taken steps to research this very issue.

These researchers carried out studies on 83 patients experiencing prediabetes and 84 individuals with normal glucose levels. It was ultimately found that patients with prediabetes had higher body fat percentage and their waist circumference was significantly smaller. This has definitely changed the way that doctors will now look at prediabetes and diabetes. It was also determined that extracellular water and body weight percentages were lower. TG and HDL-C were lower in the patients experiencing prediabetes.

With this being said, researchers now believe that it is pertinent to analyze body fat percentage and waist circumference when attempting to determine whether or not a patient is dealing with prediabetes. This is best way to identify the prediabetes symptoms signs. This could also help doctors discover new treatment options for diabetes. Of course, only time will tell how beneficial the research really is. Doctors also want to remind patients that prediabetes is completely reversible. However, it is pertinent to act quickly to reserve the disorder and prevent the development of full-blown diabetes.

In fact, patients with prediabetes should receive a wakeup call that they need to take action. There is still room to reverse course and rectify the situation. Prediabetes is equally dangerous in and of itself. Those suffering with prediabetes will be much more likely to develop heart disease. Their risks of suffering from a stroke will be elevated as well. It’s important to know the early warnings of stroke because they can mean life or death. Once someone has been diagnosed with prediabetes, they should begin changing their lifestyle. They should take steps to get their weight under control. They can do just that by exercising more and eating healthier. Prediabetes patients should try to get moderate exercise for at least 30 minutes each day.

Patients should begin eating meals with low-fat. They should consume more vegetables, protein and whole grain as well. This combination could very well be the key to reversing the prediabetes and getting their life back on track.

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