70 Stunning Fishtail Braid Inspirations for a Romantic Look

Ethereal, intricate, and elegant, fishtail braids are one of the go-to hairstyles if you want to channel your fantasy—think of princesses on fairytales, mermaids on legends, Greek goddess on myths and such. More than that, this hairstyle is perfect from weekends to special occasions like wedding, dinner dates, formal parties, red carpets and so on. If you’re looking for beautiful hairstyles to make your fantasy s reality, keep on reading for the 70 stunning fishtail braid inspirations for a romantic look.

What is Fishtail Braid?

Many are getting creative on braids, and a fishtail braid got its name from its appearance, looking like a fishbone or a fishtail. Some even call the hairstyle as a Herringbone braid because it resembles the Herringbone pattern. A great thing, some even come up to a lobster tail braid that resembles a lobster tail. However, the fishtail braid gets a bad rap since it looks complicated to do, but looking romantic on your style don’t have to be complicated, isn’t it?

A great thing, a fishtail braid can be mixed with other type of braids to create a romantic look. Some women go for a waterfall braid on the top of the head, finishing the look with a fishtail braid. Others go for a French braid first, turning it to a fishtail braid that is ideal for many occasions. If you usually sweep your hair back into a ponytail, then a fishtail braid is a hairstyle you might want to master. Compared to French braids, a fishtail braid looks better when placed on the bottom rather than on top of the head.

Why Rock Fishtail Braid on Your Looks?

Just like any braid hairstyle. Fishtail braid is versatile and chic that can make you stunning on endless occasions. Think of dinner dates, weddings, prom and anniversaries that call for a romantic look. A great thing, fishtail braids will also look great even on a casual weekend, on the beach, and even at the office. More than that, a fishtail braid is perfect for women with long and mid-length hair where you can experiment with up-do hairstyle, half-up half-down, or even ponytail.

Fishtail braid is one of the hairstyles that will give you an ethereal look without the use of heat styling tools. A fishtail braid is practical in the morning if you only have fifteen minutes to get out the door. A great thing, a messy fishtail braid still looks chic and cool, making the hairstyle perfect from day to night. Do you know that a fishtail braid is a romantic yet exotic to upgrade a classic French braid? It can give you a romantic look, but a bit edgier and more creative.

If you hate touching your hair too much—think of flat iron, curling iron, blow dryer, hair mousse, setting spray, hair gel, hair serum, bobby pins, curlers—a fishtail braid is great. All you need is to crisscross some strands in your hair, securing it with a hair band and you’re done. Yes, the fishtail braid is one of the most popular hair trends that will not go away. Thanks to its versatility, practicality, and stylishness that you can change up your look instantly.

Tips on Getting the Perfect Fishtail Braid

If you’re a low maintenance woman who loves to look put-together, a fishtail braid is your best bet. According to a hairstylist, a fishtail braid is a hairstyle that might look intricate to do, just like you have hours styling them, but they are just easy to create. But still, you need to know the basics and hacks to creating the perfect fishtail braid while infusing your own spin in your look. Remember, fishtail braids and hair braiding are all about experimentation on what works for you.

According to experts, placement is the key when it comes to a fishtail braid. Compared to other braids like Dutch and French that look best when placed at the top of your head, fishtail braid will look better when placed on the center of your head. If you like, you can even place it near your nape, or on your ponytail just like a fishtail. However, you can take your fishtail braid on the top of your head if you’ll mix it with other types of braids like waterfall braids or French braids.

Just like makeup application, you have to prep your hair. However, getting a squeaky clean hair isn’t ideal to getting the most stunning braids. Just like a squeaky clean face, makeup won’t look as glowing or even on dry skin that’s why experts recommended moisturizing and prepping with skincare to get a good base. According to a hairstylist, a slightly dirty hair is easier to deal with, not to mention that it will hold better than freshly washed hair.

According to hairstylist, you can stick to your usual parting when braiding. Do you know that there is a certain part that looks more natural to your face shape? As a trick, brush all your hair back, then, let your hair fall down—the parting it landed is the best spot for you. Have you noticed that your hair slip easily while braiding especially when it is freshly washed? That is the reason why hair experts use texturizing hair products so you’ll also add some grit to your clean hair.

Most braids will go well with any hair type, but because fishtail braid is intricate, it will go better for women with straight and wavy hair over ones with curly and kinky hair texture. Also, the details of fishtail braid will look more prominent in lighter hair colors—blonde, silver, ash brown, light brown, copper, and such over jet black hair colors. Also, depending on the type of your hair and the final look of fishtail braid you like, you have to use different hair products.

According to experts, if you want a wispy, romantic look, you have to go for a hair texturizing product that will give your strands some matte texture and fuzzy finish. On the other hand, women who want to have a polished, clean fishtail braid should opt for a hair smoothing products. If you have shorter hair, you can go for hair extensions to rock those fishtail braids. Or, be strategic where you put your braids—a small fishtail braid placed on back and sides of your head.

If you have longer hair, you’re lucky as you can experiment with your fishtail braid. Some women even go for a fishtail braid up-do that will look great on formal occasions. Also, when starting to do the fishtail braid, make sure you’re braiding tight. If you want a more carefree look, let your fishtail braid get loose rather than styling it looser or messier. However, experts agree that keeping your sections or partings neat will also result to a neat fishtail braid.

You can always pull your fishtail braid once they are done, so you can get a softer, more ethereal look. When it comes to a fishtail braid, it is better to go for thicker sections than thinner ones. To get the most of the fishtail braid look, the details must be prominent and it can be achieved if you have a thicker, more voluminous hair. After all, micro braids won’t work in a fishtail braid since the details will not be visible. You can surely go for micro braids, but use a different style of braids—not a fishtail braid.

Just like any hairstyle, you can take some shortcuts. According to experts, you can make your fishtail braid look more intricate than it is if you’ll braid many small sections rather than working on one big section. If you pin these sections into place, then you’ll instantly have a more intricate fishtail braid less the effort. However, you must always go for tighter fishtail braids that will look better than a loose one. The same rule applies to braids, just like how you usually curl your hair tight in the morning.

If you go for tighter fishtail braid, then it won’t likely get loose the soonest. On the other hand, too loose fishtail braid will easily look messy just before you finish braiding. After all, it is easier to loosen your tight fishtail braids with your finger rather than making the loose braids tighter and neat. However, you must be careful on loosening your strands to avoid messing with your fishtail braid. A great thing, if you’ve pulled your hair too much, you can use a lightweight hair cream to take the stray hair back.

If you like to make your braids neat, some stylists recommend starting on wet hair than a dry hair. In fact, you can begin the braiding once you towel-dried your hair after a hot bath. Hairstylists even said that wet braids have better grip than dry ones. More than that, wet braids get tighter as they get dry, allowing you to get tighter fishtail braids that will last. Do you know that braiding wet hair will also prevent those stray hairs?

More than anything, practice makes perfect be it in hair braiding or creating stunning fishtail braid. It might be true that some women are gifted when it comes to styling their own hair, but hair braiding is more of a skill than talent. In fact, a stylist even say that she does her braids according to what she feels even she’s not looking on a mirror. In fact, going with what you feel while braiding is better than relying on a mirror that can even distract you on being creative.

If you want to sleep with your fishtail braid on, go for a silk pillowcase to avoid messing your braid. Remember, the tighter your fishtail braid, the longer it will hold regardless whether you sleep on them or not. If you want to make your fishtail braid last longer, stylists recommend avoid using hair products on your first day, so your natural hair oils will set your hair. On your second day onwards, you can go for hair products to give you the best fishtail braid look.

How to Do Your Own Fishtail Braid

Just like any hairstyle, a prepped hair is the key. So, before proceeding to hair braiding, make sure your hair is healthy and nourished. As much as you can, go for hydrating shampoo and conditioner to give you the best hair you’ll need for creating fishtail braid. However, a fishtail braid will look better on hair with a grip or texture. So, if you just washed your hair, simply use a hair texturizing product or even dry shampoo to give some grip to your strands.

Depending on your choice, you can get a center part or side part, but your hair parting will depend on how you want your fishtail braid look. Some women even go for volumizing hair products, especially ones with thinner hair since volumizing hair products will give your hair an instant lift and volume. Unlike French braid and Dutch braid, fishtail braid only needs two sections of hair for braiding. However, the size of your sections will depend on how big or chunky you want your fishtail braid to be.

If you want to go for a ponytail fishtail braid, experts recommend using hair rubber band to secure your ponytail before doing braids. Yes, starting with a tightly pulled ponytail is better than having grip on your hair while braiding. Also, it will prevent your braids from unraveling while doing it. More than that, do you know that the smaller the portion you braid is the more it will look fishtail-like? If you have thicker hair, don’t rush the process if you want a stunning outcome.

All you need to do is to cross the strand of hair from the opposite side to the other side till you’re done with the rest of your hair. Once you’re done braiding your hair, secure your fishtail braids with a hair tie. If you want a polished fishtail braid, simple let your finished braids as is. But is you want a more romantic and carefree look, simply tug your braid and loosen your strands to give you a more effortless look. Yes, you can make your fishtail braid neat and detailed, or even messy and carefree.

Yes, a fishtail braid is one of the easiest types of braids to create since it only involves braiding two sections compared to three-strand French braid. However, the braiding process can take longer since you need to divide your hair to smaller sections to give the detailed look of a fishtail braid. A great thing, you can actually for a side fishtail braid to make things more creative and a bit unexpected. If you want to make things more creative, combine your fishtail braid with other style of braids.

Beautiful Fishtail Braid Inspirations

Once you know the basics on creating a fishtail braid, then you have the skill to create more elaborate hairstyle. For special occasions like debut, prom, anniversaries, red carpets, and weddings, think of a fishtail up-do to make your hairstyle romantic at the same time exotic. Even though you’re going for an up-do, your fishtail braid should be placed at the back of your head so it will be easier for you to create a bun. Just take your fishtail braid onto a bun and secure it with hair pins.

If you love to turn heads with your hair color, then go for a multicolored hair that will look best on a fishtail braid. If you don’t want to commit to a bold hair color, you can simply add color to your hair with some temporary hair coloring products that will wash out after one shampoo. If you want to make things more creative, think of accessorizing your fishtail braid with hair clips, floral clips, ribbons, colorful hair extensions, hair rings and such.

Dutch braid might be the inverted version of French braid, but do you know you can also incorporate the idea into your fishtail braid? If you like, you may also think of the traditional half-up half-down hairstyle, but make it a bit romantic with a fishtail braid. In fact, you may also think of curling the part of your hair that is not braided that will not only add some flair to your looks, but also make your hairstyle more romantic and classy.

If you’ve got longer hair, then think of doing milk braid or crown braid with your fishtail braid. The key is to part your hair accordingly at the sides so you’ll be able to wrap your braided hair on the top. If you have medium length hair, think of using hair extensions to add some volume and length to your hair. All you need is to be creative and bold on your braiding skills to make your hairstyle more stunning and one-of-a-kind.

It is true that a fishtail braid is one of elaborate braids and hairstyles that look complicated, but it is just easy to do. In every skill, practice and patience is needed. If you like, think of incorporating fishtail braid on other hairstyles and braids. For instance, a fishtail crown braid looks more majestic and romantic, making it the perfect hairstyle on your next special occasion. Or, think of going for mini fishtail braids to make things cuter and more adorable.

It is true that the details of a fishtail braid will pop on a thicker hair and bigger braid, but you can also make things playful and sweet with a mini version. However, depending on your hair thickness and length, this hairstyle will take longer to finish, especially a fishtail braid that uses small portions of hair to create a stunning braid. One great thing about braids is you can skip days of washing your hair. You can even think of a top bun or a chignon to make your fishtail braids more creative and presentable.

If you want to double up the statement, go for a double fishtail braid. Boxer braids are braids that are parallel to each other be it French or Dutch—and they look adorable, what more a fishtail braid? If you want to make things more romantic, go for a side fishtail up-do that will look great on weddings and dinner dates. If you want to make your hairstyle romantic yet effortless for the weekend, go for a fishtail braid ponytail that will look chic from Sunday brunches to gym workouts.

Yes, fishtail braid is a perfect way to pull your hair back and still look sophisticated and elegant. If you like, you may even think of accessorizing your hair with pearls, flowers, gems, ribbons, bows, crystals and such that will add some personality to your looks. In fact, you can go for a fishtail embellished ponytail that can take you everywhere. If you want to make things a bit whimsy, add ribbons or colorful yarn to your fishtail braids. After all, a fishtail braid is a great way to bring color to your style.

If you want to channel your inner mermaid from the legends, go for a mermaid swirl fishtail braid that will also give you a romantic look. Or, go for a waterfall fishtail braid that will look great when worn with dresses or skirts. Yes, fishtail braid is a way to make you more creative and innovative on coming up to various looks. All you need is to be experimental on your hairstyle to make it unique and special. More than that, fishtail braid is a perfect hairstyle for busy women.

Whether you want to wear your fishtail braid in a pony, up-do, or mixed with other braid hairstyles, the result will surely be creative and chic. All you need is to pick the perfect outfit to give you a romantic fashion statement with your fishtail braid. Most women look great with chic tea dresses and classic pumps, making their fishtail braids the perfect accessory for creating a feminine look. A great thing, even tee and jeans will work since a fishtail braid is the star of the show.

Indeed, braids are one of the most stylish hairstyles you can go for to create a romantic look. The next time you want to play dress up or simply want to channel your fantasy, go for fishtail braids. Like what you have learned, an intimidating fishtail braid is just easy to create, making it your perfect choice on rushed mornings, Sunday brunch with the girls, and dinner dates.

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