Get Hair-Crazy: Add an “Oomph” factor to your Hair Color

Keratin-Hair-TreatmentAlthough chic hairstyles do matter, but one surely cannot avoid which color to use in order to dye their hair. Women tend to make drastic disasters in this area usually, choosing a color which does not suit them, their skin tone at all and neither goes impeccably with their personality and psyche!

So in order to be an envy of all and get a hair color which other than suiting you and your personality completely, also screams “ooh la la!” so let me give you tips on what are the hair colors that are the current trendsetters and which one would suit you completely and hence makes you look like the Style Diva that you surely are!

So girls! Brace yourself for the colors to choose from this season and look charismatic. Following are the hair color which you can choose from and that would make you and everyone around you go gaga:

1)   Hair Color Trend: OmbreBCBG Max Azria - Backstage - Spring 2011 MBFW

Ombre is that much-in-demand hair color which has been making rounds of various runway shows and fashion circuit since 1 year. It is a color which would suit brunettes the most. Ombre is derived from a French word which means something that is shaded. The roots of the hair usually remains dark whereas the remaining hair is usually lighter which is done using a technique called ‘Balayage’.

So, if you want to don this hair color, get your stylist to color your hair roots dark and remaining hair light using the technique mentioned above (Balayage). Some famous celebrities who sport ombre hair color trend are Jessica Biel, Katherine McPhee and Jessica Parker to name the few.

2)   Hair Color Trend: Dip-Dyeing in Colordip dye

Dip-dyeing method of dyeing hair is gaining momentum and popularity day by day. In this method you simply have to dip the end of your hair into a hair color, can be a dye you get in the market or even food color which you use in food! It is getting popular not only among the teens but also adults- be it girls or boys!

Dip-dyeing is a trend which doesn’t look would be lifted off the fashion circuit anytime soon. What you basically have to do here is dye some of your hair in a color, leaving rest of the hair normal. Now you can use color spray, food color and even hair extensions to flaunt this look and be a Diva! Famous celebrities flaunting this look are Christina Aguilera, Jennifer Hawkins and Demi Lovato.

3)   Hair Color Trend: Brown-Blonde-ishHair-Color-ideas-brown-blonde-hair-img-4

This hair color can be defined as a shade somewhere between the color brown and the color blonde. This hair trend became a rave amongst girls when sported by Gisele Bundchen in 2007 and is still considered to be totally ‘In’.

Now I am sure you would want to know how would get this shade? It requires a skilled stylist to successfully pull off such an attempt. What stylists usually do is they make your hair lighten by taking some layers on top of your hair and painting them with two creams (color lifting) to make it look neither too blonde, nor too brown. Some celebrities who have pulled off this hair trend with grace include Hilary Swank, Jennifer Aniston, Julia Roberts and Liz Hurley to name the few.

4)   Hair Color Trend: Exploiting the Balayage Techniquebalayage method

Do you want perfect highlights, the one to simply die-for and so impeccable that your hair looks sun-kissed? Try the very new Balayage Technique. In this method hair color is applied on your hair with the help of a paddle. Confused? Using foils to highlight hair can simply “Foil” the attempt to get perfect highlights, but with balayage the stylist now has the liberty of placing the color wherever she wants. So, next time instead of opting for the foil-method to get your highlights done, choose the balayage technique which gives impeccable highlights.

5)   Hair Color Trend: Using Streaks or Hues which are Brightbright streaks

Go for the hues which are bright this season, be it streaks, food hair color and many more! Bright hues are totally ‘In’ and have been since many years! They are here to stay and have been sported by the very adorable Avril Lavigne, Rihanna, Kate Bosworth and many more!

6)   Hair Color Trend: Blonde Hair with Platinum shadeplatinum shade

This hair trend is popular and still gaining momentum as we enter the year 2013. It is usually high maintenance keeping this hair color and also it won’t go with skin tones of all kinds. Since the time it was flaunted by Gwen Stefani few years back, it has been gaining popularity ever since. But it should be kept in mind that not all can get away with this hair color and hence trying your hand at this color can prove to be a disaster unless discussed with your hair stylist.

7)   Hair Color Trend: The Evergreen ‘Red’red

Yes it is true! Red is a color which can never get outdated ever. But what matters the most is which shade of red you choose for yourself because yes, there are many shades to choose from! So it is better not to try dyeing your hair red at home yourself. It is better to consult your hair stylist about which shade of red would suit you. The red-heads that you usually notice in the streets are not born with red hair, they get it done by a professional and that is the reason it looks gorgeous.

8)   Hair Color Trend: Classic Black HairUzun Siyah Sac Modelleri

Black hair is an ever classic hair color which suits all and sundry, can be graciously flaunted by all having any hair length, be it long hair, short hair, shoulder-length hair and many more!

So, choose a color of your choice ( but do not forget to consult your stylist first!), head to a salon or you can try your hand at dyeing even at home and transform yourself into a vibrant yet sophisticated Diva instantly!

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