Going for the Best: Choosing Between Silver or Gold Jewelry

Are you looking to buy a friend a piece of jewelry as a gift? Do you often have a dilemma about which metal you should pair with your outfits?

Be it a wedding band, a necklace, or a bracelet, silver and gold are often the go-to materials for metal charms. You’ll often see these as silver or gold jewelry. While other metals are also used to create jewelry pieces, silver and gold have a powerful appeal that makes them popular.

You might be asking the question, which is better? Don’t fret, we can help. Read on for our guide on choosing between silver or gold jewelry.

  1. Match Your Jewelry to Your Skin 

When it comes to casual and formal events, you want to look your best. Like clothing, you can use jewelry to highlight a feature of yours. It’s also a great way to make a statement if you want to use the piece of jewelry as a focal piece of your look.

Gold and silver jewelry are two of the most popular materials for jewelry. But unlike diamonds or pearls, they aren’t as easy to match to skin tone. 

Everyone has a different skin tone and skin color. Thus, gold or silver jewelry might look different on different people. Before you decide to buy jewelry, you need to determine your skin tone.

You should first study your skin under natural light. Look for a clean spot on your wrist, right where you can notice your veins. Check the color of your veins.

If the veins appear green, your skin has a warm tone. If they seem blue or purple, you have a cool skin tone. Note that your skin tone is different from your skin color.

Your ethnic background will influence your skin tone. Your skin color is often affected by your environment.

Now that you know your skin tone, it’s time to find out whether silver or gold jewelry will match it.

If you have a cool skin tone, white metals will match it. Think white gold or silver. Warm skin tones look great in warm-looking metals, like yellow and rose gold.

Having a neutral skin tone means you can wear both white and yellow metals.

  1. Match Your Clothing Style

Don’t limit your choices to your skin tones, though. The purpose of jewelry is to enhance your entire look. Use these fabulous metals to complement your clothing choices, too.


Let’s start with the metal that rose to popularity from ancient times. If you’re a fan of preppy fashion, you’ll want a few gold trinkets in your collection. Gold jewelry works well with the clean-cut style and bright or pastel colors.

Gold also matches nautical fashion styles. When you think of vintage-style outfits, isn’t gold jewelry what pops into your mind? If you’re into the bohemian look, you’ll enjoy gold hoops on your wrists or hanging from your ears. 

If you’re wearing red or navy blue evening wear, the gold choice is sure to give it a nice glow. In everyday fashion, a gold piece is a powerful yet simple statement. Even a simple black dress can look elegant with a Midas-touched piece.


However, if we’re talking about evening wear, silver is the go-to look for it. After all, silver shines the best at helping diamonds and crystals glimmer. It helps them gleam brighter than no other metal.

Another reason why silver outshines gold in evening events is that it’s great with natural light. Imagine you’re under the moonlit sky, surrounded by the dark cool hues of the bright night. What better way to shine amongst the stars than to use silver jewelry?

If you want to dress down, silver is your best friend. Most of the time, silver looks great with casual wear. Rock-and-roll fashion also has a heavy use of silver accessories, too.

  1. Find the Right Type of Metal

All over the world, the jewelry industry used over 2,100 metric tons of gold in 2017. Of the 4,000 metric tons of gold demand all over the world, the industry takes up a little over half of the demand.

Given how much gold goes to the jewelry industry, it’s no surprise that it comes in many colors. You might have heard of white gold, rose gold, and yellow gold. Each type uses a different combination of other metals.

The most typical color of gold is yellow. Yellow gold pieces have higher karat amounts and more gold content. They’re also less durable. 

White gold is gold mixed with a white alloy. It’s more durable than yellow gold and cheaper than platinum. 

Rose gold, or pink gold, has a vintage appeal. It often has a copper alloy and is the strongest of the three gold colors. It stands out well against all skin tones and looks great with skin colors that change with the season.

Silver has its variations as well. Sterling silver is often about 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% other metals. Regular or fine silver is 99.9% pure silver.

There’s also gold vermeil, which is gold-plated sterling silver. It’s a great way to get the best of both worlds if you can’t decide. Here’s where you can read more about it.

  1. Tips for Silver and Gold Jewelry

Mix and match your jewelry. Who says you can’t have both metals on one wrist? You can do it with your clothes as well.

Gold can look great with cool colors, like blues and greens. Silver can look good with warm colors, like red. This is one reason why silver and gold are popular Christmas colors too.

Depending on the gold color, you might have an allergic reaction to it. Rose gold and white gold may have metals you’re allergic to. These can be nickel or copper mixed in white gold and rose gold, respectively.

Before you choose silver or gold jewelry, learn about how to care for them. Sterling silver and gold jewelry need regular cleaning. The other metal jewelry won’t need as much maintenance.

  1. Which Is Better: Silver or Gold Jewelry?

Let’s get down to the main question: Is silver better than gold, or is gold better than silver?

In actuality, there is no right or wrong answer. It all comes down to your preferences. You don’t need to follow the rules on matching your skin tone or fashion style.

If you like to wear your grandmother’s gold ring, even if you have a cool skin tone, wear it. If you like to use silver jewelry because it vibes well with your grunge-rock fashion, go for it. Don’t let the metal limit your self-expression!

Accessorize with Silver and Gold

Now that you have a better idea of different precious metals, you can make a more informed decision between silver or gold jewelry.

But don’t stop learning here. If you liked this guide on jewelry, feel free to check our other articles as well.


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