66 Sassy Cool Haircuts for Fine,Thin Hair

The struggle is real ladies. We can’t all be a Kardashian with va-va-voom hair, but girls with thin hair need not live with limp hair the perfect nifty and sleek hairstyle, you can change flat to fabulous. Eschew the extensions or the wigs. You can have real good fullness with these haircuts for fine or thin hair with a few cutting tricks, some styling tips, and a little more layering.

From celebrities to easy-to-maintain do’s that can have you out of the house and into your car ready to face the world, we have the best looks for volume, comfort, and all-around bombshell allure. Read on for our tips and the best savvy advice to Ommph! your hair without spending too much on product or high-end hair stylist.


Savvy Haircuts and Tricks to Power Up Fine, Thin Hair

1. Tousled bobs do the trick

Claire Danes know what’s up with a simple bob cut with a twist. Tousled bobs are the definitive answer to fine hair with its simple and sleek styling. You can add a bit of layering to put on more volume. Give your hair a quick finger run-through while blowdrying or air drying, and you can be the fabulous mom or corporate slick with just one perfectly-tousled bob.

A layered bob works best for the fine ladies with finer strands of hair as the uneven length can increase the dimensions of the cut. haircuts-for-fine-hair


2. Side Parts Add Sass

If you prefer a longer length of hair, consider a deeper side part instead of a center part. It draws the eyes away and gives the perception of depth and volume. It’s also an easy way to add some sassy style to long hair if you’re reluctant to cut some length.


3. Quick Bangs

Get some fringe, and it will add volume to any hairstyle, especially a pixie. Finger comb while drying, with or without product, and you have a quick and easy hairstyle for your thin hair. A trendy fringe will also update any look and a quick visit to your stylist.


4. Short Solutions

One of the most common solutions to fine, thin hair is a short haircut. Done right with layers you can have fuss-free hair that is quite perfect for a busy mom or a college student busy with finals. For a night out, add a little product and some creative blowdrying, and you can go from sleek chic to pretty punk. Wear dangling earrings to suit your mood and accessorize while drawing attention away from a thinning hairline.


5. Better Braids

Braids are a tricky solution. If you have long tresses, a single braid down your back can make thin hair more noticeable. However, braids as hair design accessories can give your head of hair full volume by adding 3d effects. You can either add braid extensions of braid your hair loosely. Quick and fashionable braids also add a touch of whimsy that is perfect for summer while keeping hair away from the face. Random braids in winter can also hide limp hair or while you are growing out a cut.

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6. Uneven Bangs

Make bangs more sophisticated and apt for a career executive’s lifestyle by giving them a jagged line. What you can do with an asymmetrical bob, you can also do with your bangs. Uneven bangs work great with medium-length hair, so you have the option of tying it up during lazy Saturday mornings or all earnest beauty during a hectic work day. Having thin, fine hair doesn’t mean you have to give up versatility.



7. Uneven Side Parts Are Sexy

Cameron Diaz may be known for her quirky and whimsical romance comedies, but nobody can argue that she gives sexy added sass. Do it for yourself too with uneven side partings that give remarkable adaptability to a staid haircut. Go for a deeper side part in front and a more natural center part at the back of your hair to give your hairstyle a quick volumizing effect without spending a single cent. Couple your uneven side part with a bright smile and you are set for the day – or the night.


8. Curls Add Curves

If you want something more long-term minus the fuss of adding product every day, go for curls that can give your hair cut those lovely curves that can perfectly frame your face. Tie it back, tie it down, or let loose – curls are fresh, free, and sexy. Add some moisturizer to control the frizz, fool-proof your curly haircut with a quick finger-comb dry and a sunny smile.


9. Wispy Stylish Whispers

Believe it or not, a touch of dainty and wispy will give an alluring effect for fine and thin hair. Go from limp and languid to waifish aesthetic by thinning the ends of the hair. Regardless of length, ask your stylist to give you the wispy layers for maximum effect. Soften the look with a little hair product applied on your fingers rather than directly to your hair.


10. Sleek Conservative Chic

If you lean more to conservative styling, get Emily Blunt’s slick hairdo. The style works best with your fine tresses especially if you don’t like uneven cuts or curls. Style yourself sleek, and add volume with highlights and a great neckline. Tucking your hair behind the ear will work too, especially if the humidity becomes too horrible on your hair.


11. Wavy Chopped Bob Works Wonders

If you are more inclined to a sporty and bubbly look, then a young and wavy chopped bob will give you that and then more. Great for a summery and fresh look, liven up the haircut with a tousled effect that can get you from the beach to the boardroom. Chopping the ends gives the bob an updated look while maximizing your cool factor.


12. Layered Pixie Fixes

Short haircuts are not for everyone but live a little with this layered pixie style. It doesn’t matter if you are a college debutante, harassed mom of toddlers, or stylish working woman – this is a great haircut if you want to make a statement. Trendy and refreshing, this haircut will need a little more monthly TLC with a visit tot he stylist. Give yourself a 6-week break now and then with a salon visit to have your layers updated.


13. Upswept Bangs for Fun

Give your daily bangs a fun day-off with a lot of product to give an upswept look. This is an excellent haircut for parties, girls night outs, or just a fun day for yourself. Partner with some punky and trendsetting danglers and a brilliant smile and you are all set.


14. Layered A-Line Makes You A-List

The platinum blonde looks aside; this is a devastatingly sleek haircut that will make your hair thicker and trendier. Best of all, this look will work wonders on your confidence. Let’s be real though; you will need a great colorist and delicate pair of scissors to help you give this haircut. What makes this cut a great deal is color. From a tousled I’m-not-awake-without-coffee to you-better-be-not-in-my-way, this A-line cut becomes genuinely superb with a layered fringe.


15. Chic Side Part Sleek Pixie

You are going to love this haircut that goes from cute to chic within an internet minute. Instagrammagle style with a little slick to sleek back a side part behind the ear and the couple with an I-love-Myself moment. This is a perk-me-up cut after a heartbreak, finals week or after the months-long project gets packed up and you got your promotion.


16. Rock with Cool Layers

What makes this a great haircut for your thin tresses is its fantastic versatility. Layers can give you a more extensive range of looks when it comes to what fits your mood, and a great chin-length bob is a perfect partner. The hair length frames your face, the side part gives added depth, and the layered front and back undercut give volume.


17. Chop the Bangs Uneven

A trendy and updated look to freshen up your medium length A-line haircut. If you are tired of your conservative look but afraid to go the full distance, chop your bangs with an asymmetrical cut. If you decide you are not up to such a look, tie or clip your hair to the side. No need for long-term recriminations if you maintain the over-all length and play chic with your front fringes.


18. Clipped Wispy Whispers

This is an I’m-too-lazy look for a summer day when you want to relax and enjoy the sun, or you want to laze in the summer heat. Give the topmost wispy layers a quick twist and then clip to give yourself a much-needed break from the product and the perfection without giving up style. Use a funky or pretty clip to tied up the look.


19. Medium-Length Shag and Bangs Are Fun

Be fabulous with this fantastic trick from fahv.com. Add a side part to your medium-length shaggy cut, and you are all set. It does sound too simple, but you begin with a shaggy medium-length cut and go from there by adding volume to your bangs with a really deep side part. That’s the trick to this updated look that gives a fresh vibe to tired, thin hair.


20. Sleek Goddess Chic

You don’t need to be a Kardashian to pull off this goddess look; you need to be your fabulous self. And get a great haircut. The trick is the short length, hair product to sleek back your hair, and great attitude. Keep up with this Kardashian and do better with a smile and the realest you. Perfect for Selfie Saturday too.


21. Pretty in Punk

The cut looks like a retro Pink haircut before she discovered true love and motherhood, but give yourself a fun hairdo with buzzed sides and curly tops and the iciest blonde you can pull off.


22. Layered Short Slayage

Another fine hair tip from us is requesting great balayage from your stylist. Coloring gives this short layered haircut great slayage appeal to take your fine hair to Miley Cyrus level of fabulousness. The higher and broader appeal of this haircut especially for those looking for a younger look is that you can play with the color while growing out the style. This is also an excellent haircut for summer days and nights.


23. Color Me Beautiful for Volume

If you are the more adventurous type, go for color with a sophisticated layered bob. Eye-catching hair color gives great pizzazz to any hair cut and makes people overlook fine wispy strands. But partnered with a layered bob that straddles between sophisticated and playfulness is the perfect combination.


25. Shaking with a Side Part Shaggy Cut

Another look that straddles the perfect cut for work and play is a medium length shaggy look that doesn’t go overboard especially with the layering or the color. To give it a better look with added dimension, do a side part instead of a center part.


26. Full On Tousled Shaggy Look

The haircut works best with a lot of layering and wispy ends to give a shaggy look the perfect tousled effect. It fakes fullness without relying too much on hair product or morning styling that could take hours. Whether you are busy with beach volleyball, a thesis, or an annual report – the hairstyle is casual and relaxed.


27. Stylish Side Part Sleek

Love the look of sleek chic? Well, this is for you. A side part works wonders for volumizing think hair. But adding a deep side part to slicked down hair gives an aura of efficient coolness for that professional vibe. You can’t go wrong with this hairstyle, no matter what.


28.  Messy Bangs Curtain

Not for the faint of heart! This haircut goes well for the adventurous and the daring or those wanting to make a considerable lifestyle statement. With a buzz cut for added Oomph! without the hassle of everyday styling, you can go from calm to cool within a heartbeat.


29. Love the Layered and Cropped

This is another statement haircut that will work wonders for fullness and volume without too much daily styling on your part except for the air drying. The close-cropped sides will take care of the hours of regular maintenance while the layered tops give depth to the haircut.


30. Sexy Shaggy Lob with Balayage

Another perfect combination of color and haircut, this sexy shaggy lob screams womanly and volume in one shot. The touch of balayage from brunette to blonde adds another voluminous touch to the hair cut. The combination is a confidence-booster, and we suggest you save the picture. Show it the next time you are preparing for a significant event or that romantic milestone because this is one haircut that is all sexy and style.



31. Short and Stylish Messy Shaggy Cut

Chain limpid and thin hair to stylish and come-hither with a combined short and messy for your shaggy haircut. Though shaggy is more apt for medium length to long hair, it can also work for a shorter cut especially if you are choosing wispier ends.


32. Straight and Sleek with a Touch of Textured Ends

This haircut is all about the multi-textured ends. It begins as sleek and straight that works well with medium to long-length hair before the textured ends give a surprising volumizing effect.  Going for darker roots also help with the pretty fake fullness, but who is complaining?


33. Tailored Perfection

Taylor Swift knows the secret to pretty tricks for added hair volume – long bangs and wispy ends. She still retains the youthful vibe and energy of this layered pixie that adds a playful touch PLUS the wispy ends give just the perfect princess effect. An ideal haircut for a modern Juliet who is set to conquer the world, with or without a Romeo.


34. Not Your Typical Tousle

Made for a celebrity beauty like Jennifer Aniston, this layered and tousled A-line haircut for medium-length hair is imply perfection, You can go for insouciance to devil-may-care with a simple jagged part if you want to change the hairstyle without going for extreme change. This is a very versatile cut that can fit the many layers of your life, whether it’s domestic or professional.



35. Have More Fun With Turned Ends and Bangs

Every now and then you want your playful side to come out and have a night of fun, so do it. Change and style your medium-length hair by flipping the ends with a simple blow dry. Add volumizing effect with a jagged part and a longer set of bangs to frame your face.


36. Cool Chignon

Oh-la-la! The French know what they were doing when they invented the chignon, and it’s the perfect twist for fine thin hair. You don’t need to change anything as long as you can tie your fair for that classic upswept look. We suggest layered nags to gently frame your face if you are keeping the chignon for all events – boardroom to cocktails.


37. Alluring Asymmetrical Bob

Give your asymmetrical bob an added sexy appeal and allure without sacrificing volume by doing a side part and a behind-the-ear tuck. Show off those graceful lines and that neckline with this perfect short hair combination that is perfect for all seasons.


38. Tangled and Tousled

Layer up with his messy do that we love! It is perfect for that relaxed finger-combed style, but the short layered and tangled cut gives a sophisticated and sexy vibe. The cut invites to be touched. Or an alluring sweet temptation that gives a just-woken-up casual effect that adds dimension and volume.


39. Pretty Flips

The haircut works two ways. The flipped out sides add the depth you want for a pretty lift for your thin hair. That side part adds another lifting effect while tucking one side behind the shoulder gives a youthful touch. Add highlights and you are set for the night or the month if you are keeping the style till your next visit.


40. Subtle Layers and Wispy Ends

Don’t you love the subtlety in this age of screaming superlatives? Change a pretty haircut to volumizing style with subtle highlights, a whisper of wispy ends, and layers that don’t scream for attention.


41. Curvaceous Waves

Soft curls or curvaceous ones don’t matter when this hair cut is so extraordinarily fresh and vivacious with its length to color. Dress up your thin strands with waves and mess it up a little bit for that playful look. Perfect with a touch of highlights, whether blonde or brunette.



42. Savvy Short Crop

Charlize Theron is one savvy lady and its hows with this short cropped haircut that has all the right moves: length, layers, and sleek.


43. All Curled Up

Lift your fine, thin hair with soft curls. A gorgeous choice of colors will add a sultry touch perfect for evenings and nights.



44. Make Waves

Nothing dresses up a short haircut than messy waves that call for a soft touch or a dash of color. Perfect lift-off for limp hair.


45. Bang It!

A straight-up curtain of bangs give perfect volumizing effect to any length or cut of hair.


46. Twist and Clip for Lift

Another way to lift tired and limp hair is to clip the front part of your hair. Simply take a side, make a simple twist and clip for volume.


47. Love the Lob

The lob is a simple haircut that has maximum versatility. Go for wispy ends, balayage, or layers and you will still end with some fullness.


48. Sexy Side Braid

Take yourself to a time of damsels and princesses with this side braid.


49. Versatile Asymmetrical Bob

We love the uneven length on this versatile bob that goes from cool to comfortable within a heartbeat.


50. Curls for the Big Girls

Give your close-cropped haircut a touch of girly curls.



51. Chopped and Cropped

You can have it all with this close-cropped haircut and chopped bangs. Partner with a beautiful smile and you are top-notch.


52. Layered Bangs Boom

Give your old haircut a booming lift with layered bangs.


53. All The Right Short Layers

Love the layering with this short haircut that adds sophistication. If you want a major statement, this  short haircut will do it for you.


54. Short and Bouncy Bob

Give your bob a modern twist with a bouncy wavy look that gives fullness and lift.

55. Subtle Whisper of Layers

We love the cut because the layers are slowly built-in until it gives maximum effect and lift.


56. Chopped and Ready

Take adventure another notch with this chopped look for fine thin hair. The undercut adds volume while the chopped layers give a 3d effect.


57. Casual Layers

We all love a low-maintenance cut. Take this medium-length layered lob and you are all set for a devastatingly easy week.


58. Straightforward A-Cut

Another simple haircut that can add style to thin hair is a straightforward A-line haircut. Add highlights or balayage and the color will do all the lifting.


59. Simply Shaggy Braids

There’s nothing simple really about this hairstyle but couple your usual shaggy look with a touch of braids and you are all sweet and pretty.



60. Beautiful Perfect Layered Bob

An all-time favorite regardless of the age or era, this classic bob is given a modern touch with darker roots and layers. It still remains a classic look.



61. Short and Sweet Upswept

Go for trendy with this upswept hairdo for your short hair. Works best with longer bangs, so better keep that in mind.


62. All Flipped Up

Style the edges of your hair, whether short or medium-length with some pretty hair flips and you have instant volume. Go for flip-ups rather than flip outs if you prefer some variety.


63. Teased and Relaxed Comfort

We all love our downtime so give your hair and yourself a rest with this relaxed and comfortable jagged side part with some teased styling that is perfect for weekends or a day at the cottage or beach.


64. Shaggy Streaks

Go for casual with this shaggy hair cut with balayage for volume and dimension. Add wispy ends and you are all set for pretty and comfortable.


65. Easy and Playful Bouffant

Go for relaxed and easy with this subtle bouffant that gives the fresh feeling without Dynasty heaviness. Perfect for daily wear or social lunch with the ladies.


66. Sculptured Sophisticate

Go for a sculptured look that adds a higher level of sophistication while it adds volume to your hair style.

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