Hairstyling Secrets 101-Must-know Secrets of Styling your Hair

1st picEvery stylist has their own styling secrets which they never divulge to anybody. After scourging through every available fashion and beauty magazines, I have come up with secret weapons owned by stylists who have been giving a glamorous avatar to the models and actors since ages. So gear up yourself and get ready as I will be passing the to-die-for secrets to all the girls who want chic hairstyles sported by their favorite style diva, but have no idea how they did it!

So, those days are gone when you gape at those gorgeous runway models and wonder how they look so chic and sport such a sophisticated hair-do. All the secrets are going to be unraveled now. So fasten your seat-belts all fashionistas and get ready in knowing all the secrets of getting a perfect hairstyle with ‘Hairstyling Secrets 101’!

The 1st Secret: Shampoo your hair dailyshampoo ur hair

Yes girls! With the super-awesome gentle shampoos available in the market nowadays, you don’t have to hesitate anymore to get your hair under the shower on a daily basis! It is a known fact that it is heat products such as blow-dryers, hair straightening irons and curlers that do most damage to your hair. So if you have oily hair, go ahead and shampoo daily because your hair needs nourishment. Just try to avoid the heat products as much as you can.

The 2nd Secret: It is always easy to style your hair when dirtywhenhair is dirty

Yes it is true! Unlike the myth which always stated that in order to have a sophisticated updo, you need to shampoo your hair extremely properly, stylists usually say that a hair can be impeccably styled if your hair is dirty. What the stylists usually do is apply shampoo which is dry on the hair of their models/actors. This tends to give impeccable texture to the hair. If you do not have a dry shampoo then do not worry! You can create one by adding a baby powder in oil and Voila! You get a perfect hairstyle even when your hair isn’t shampooed!

The 3rd Secret: Use Velcro Rollers to get Runway-kind of hairvelcro rollers

If you want to get bouncy and vivacious curls the easiest way, refer to this tip. You have to spray a styling spray on your dry hair and use curling iron to get the perfect and adorable curls that you want! Just don’t forget to roll your hair in the above mentioned Velcro Rollers because they give you the best curls ever!

The 4th Secret: how can you get Messy, Wavy Hair-doJohn_Fireda_messy_hairstyle

Dream of getting long, wavy tress like that of Little Mermaid? Now you can easily get messy, wavy hair by using salt spray. Instead of buying a salt spray off the shelves of a market, you can make one yourself easily at home. Just add sea salt in water and transfer it into a bottle so that you can spray it in your hair with an ease! So spritz it on damp hair to get the natural waves that you always wished for!

The 5th Secret: Do not brush in a jiffy all the timedont brush often

It is not advisable to keep brushing your hair while using a blow-dryer to dry your hair. Make use of your fingers to run through your hair while blow-drying even when the hair is wet or dry.

The 6th Secret: Donning the Right Bangs Lookbangs

Bangs are always in fashion. But make sure to get bangs done in a way which suits your face and does not make you look outdated. Bangs which are side swept were and still are in fashion. Sport it with layers which are wavy, and you would be the Belle of the Ball. If you sport bangs which are of the similar length, it would make you look extremely outdated. Just go for those bangs which would be easy for you to handle.

The 7th Secret: Add an Oomph factor to your Hairexperiment wid hair

Yes girls! You can experiment with your hair as much as you want now! And No, you won’t look drastic at all if you choose your color according to your skin tone. Girls who have an olive skin tone can flaunt any hair color they want, be it brunette, black, brown, red or even blond. Girls with skin tone which is pink cannot experiment much with their hair color, but red color would not make their attempt at experimenting a disaster.

The 8th Secret: Avoid long hair if you can

Women who believe that flaunting long hair is totally ‘In’ nowadays, they are mistaken. Long hair does not signify that you are looking sexy, it rather throw light on the fact that you do not bother yourself by paying visit to beauty salons much often. If you can get layers in your long hair or bangs and some streaks, then it would be called a chic hairdo.

The 9th Secret: The secret of having “Chic” Hair

The secret of having that “Perfect” hair is to get a haircut which is different. It means that instead of sporting a haircut which is the same throughout be it in length and hence looks tad boring, go for layers which would give your hair a new and sophisticated dimension. Add few bangs and highlights and finish off the “Chic” effect which you always craved for.

The 10th Secret: The Non-Monotonous Bunsbuns

Who said that hairstyles are only done when going to some events such as a charity, a ball or even to a prom? The disheveled look is very much ‘In’ and can be flaunted even when you sport buns. Just comb your hair with your fingers, make a loose bun and secure it in place with pins. And you get your simple yet sophisticated look in a jiffy!

So now you know the secrets possessed by the best stylists in the fashion circuit, make utmost use of it to flaunt it wherever you go and be the envy of all!

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