Home Brewing Essentials

If you love a nice cold beer, but don’t want to run to the bar or the grocery store all the time, then you can brew your own beer at home. In fact, this is the perfect occasion if you are thinking about a barbecue party or watching the Super Bowl. It does take a little work, but if done correctly, it should cost you less than $150.


Here are some essential equipment and ingredients that you will need


      4-gallon pot and the bigger, the better

      6-gallon plastic bucket with a spigot for sanitizing the bottles.

      6-gallon fermentation bucket with a lid that has holes drilled in on it.

      Airlock and Stopper

      Three or four small nylon bags. You can also use pantyhose for this as well, but make sure they are new and not used.

      Use a racking cane to siphon the beer out of the fermenter. You can also get an auto siphon that will save you a lot of headaches and provide excellent sanitation practices.

      Food grade sanitizer

      Waterproof thermometer

      Bottle caps, bottle capper, and bottling wand

      5 feet beverage liners to transfer the beer

      Get beer bottles to transfer all the beers in there


If you need help to obtain all these recipes, you can visit a brewery store which has everything set up for you. If you like to learn more about the brewery process or more information about the beer, you can check out https://52brews.com.


Once you have all your equipment, you will need to find some really good recipes to start brewing your beer. If this is your first time brewing, you will want to choose a recipe that is geared towards beginners. Anything that says partial mash or all grain will require advanced technique from an expert. If you decided to get a kit, it would come with an instruction that can be very useful to help you make your first batch of beer.


Many kits would promise to make your favorite beer, but I recommend that you avoid pre-hopped malt extract. The flavors of pre-hopped kits are very difficult to follow, and it’s hard to get it just right. If brewing is done incorrectly, the flavors will taste weird. Plus, with pre-hopped, people can tell that your beer is home brewed which is not a good thing. Make sure to purchase a kit that is stored properly. If you make a purchase from a reputable store or from an online home brewery supplier, they will be able to supply you with a fresh kit.


The best advice or any first-time home brewery is to relax and have fun. Who cares if you mess up, this is the time to experiment and be creative. The more mistakes you make, the better because you will learn from them and be a better Brewer. Once you get a hang of it, you will end up having a new hobby and new skills. Who knows, you might end up making a career out of this or impress someone you have a crush on and end up with a date on Saturday night.



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