The Hottest Trends in Women’s Handbags

Every woman deserves a great handbag to make daily life just a bit more convenient and fun. A good handbag is a lifesaver in many occasions and it can add plenty of style and elegance to your look, whether you need something casual or smart. If you want to update your handbag wardrobe and stay on top of the latest trends, here are the must-have trends to go with this season.

The current trends offer plenty to choose from and you can surely find something timeless and sophisticated, as well as playful and whimsical to accessorise your style. We’ve also listed plenty of options to ensure you can find something affordable or invest a bit more if you are up for it.

Cinch bags

We’ve already had the bucket bag trend treat us in the past and the cinch bag is an evolutionary step in this style. The bag is definitely quirky in design and the way you carry it around, but it also adds class and timelessness to your look if you opt for toned down colours and materials. The bag is perfect in classic black leather finish, for example. Check out Tsatsas black leather bag from SSENSE for a classy and elegant cinch bag. If you don’t mind a bit more colour and quirkiness in addition to the funky design, you can find cute details with bags from Altuzarra and Attico. Furthermore, the great thing about cinch bags is the size options available. You can find larger bags to use as workbags or opt for smaller sizes if you’d like to accessorise with the bag when dressing up for a party. Givenchy’s cinch bag is perfect example of a fun every day bag, while Marc Jacobs has a purple bag for party looks.

Pop prints

In terms of colours and prints, the season is about to go pop! Bright pop art is definitely a quirky option and it makes accessorising with handbags so much more fun.

If you need a bit of positivity in your life, the pop art bags are sure to help you with it. Gucci is once more great at creating stunning handbags in the latest trends.

Along with a great selection of Gucci bags, make sure to check out the stunning offers to ensure you don’t need to break the bank by choosing an Argos promotion voucher code. The handbags are colourful, affordable and super stylish.

Small and cute or big

When it comes to handbag sizes in terms of trends, the season is all about opposites: you can either opt for the tiniest of handbags or go big. If you want to accessorise with something witty and cute, go small – as small as you can go. You can find tiny bags in the trend from Lane Crawford. We are especially in favour of spending a bit of money to get the Faye suede cross body bag from Chloé. If you’d rather find something a bit more affordable, you could check out the selection at Cue. The Cue City leather clutch on the website is definitely not going to ruin your budget and you can still enjoy this whimsical trend. If you’d like to combine the small handbag with another quirky trend, opt for a floral finish.

On the other hand, extremely large handbags are also a big hit. The big handbags are more functional and the designs don’t have a lot of detailing – the focus is on size. Leather is a popular material for large bags. Balenciaga has a great section of big handbags. Marc Jacobs is another popular pick and the affordable bags are available at David Jones. The oversized bags are also great for short weekend holidays! Pick the Sonia Rykiel handbag and you are good to go on a stylish holiday. It’s no wonder then to hear that fashion experts call this trend of small and big as the Alice in Wonderland style.

Proper handles

Another great trend in this season’s handbags is the focus on the handle. Handbags have not always made it easy to carry them around, with the designs often focusing on looks rather than functionality. Luckily, this seems to be changing, with top designers ensuring you can carry your bag with ease and hold on tight.

Miu Miu’s 2017 collection is a great example of a circular hardware that makes gripping on to the bag easier. Givenchy has also adopted the circular, large handle style and its leather-finished handbag is a must-have for a trendy woman. If you want something functional for your every day use, consider this Michael Kors bag available from House of Fraser. It’s quirky and practical.

The above trends are the must-have designs for handbags this season. They offer plenty of options from practical handbags to something quirky and fun. You can be playful, either in terms of the size of your bag or the colours and prints. 2017 is definitely the year to invest in handbags and enjoy accessorising with them.

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