How Barbers Improve Our Lives With Just A Pair Of Scissors

We all know that scissors are used for cutting; it’s that simple, right? Well, not quite. While doing research, we’ve discovered that there are so many things that a barber does with scissors other than trimming hair. It doesn’t even stop there. We’ve discovered that there are many types of scissors, each designed for a specific function. To understand how barbers can use such a mundane tool to make our lives so much easier; and our hair so much better, we’ve gathered three of our favorite uses for scissors.

  • Slice Cutting

One of the techniques, probably the most famous one, that barbers often stick with when using scissors is slice cutting. The technique aims to reduce the hair volume; as well as weight, without affecting hair length as much. Not only that, but it is also used to give a texture to hair as an added element of interest to the haircut. This is found to be helpful to a lot of clients because it makes activities like, washing and combing hair; the general hair care process, a lot simpler because of its effect on volume. Nevertheless, it is advisable to stay away from this technique if you already have extra thin hair.

  • Eyebrow Trim

Another quite common service that barber shops offer is trimming eyebrow hair. However, keep in mind that barbers don’t use their regular scissors for that. Instead, using a specialized type of barber scissors available online, they can manage to get rid of any loose hairs. Professional barbers normally use the aid of a comb to help them even out eyebrows, outline them, and give them a better, well-defined look. Now, if you happen to be worried about your eyebrows growing back thicker than before, we would be more than happy to assure you that this is nothing but a hoax.

  • Scissor Over Comb

Needless to explain, this technique requires a pair of scissors and a trusty comb. With the help of both tools, a barber who knows their way around the hair can gradually fade it from heavy to light. It is actually a classic move that most movie barbers do. A lesser known fact about it, though, is that it can actually save you some money. Not to mention, it can spare you from an extra visit to the barbershop. The way the hair is cut using this technique results in a softer look which, when the time comes, will make your hair feel shorter than it actually is.

Of course, keep in mind that there is still a wide array of ways that barbers can use scissors. While here we’ve mentioned three techniques, there are still many like, texturizing, thinning, club cutting and outlining. In addition, there are specialized scissors available for every kind of technique which only goes to show their importance. So, to sum up, the main point is that, as simple of a tool scissors are, a skilled barber can use them skillfully to make our lives a whole lot easier.

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