How Fashion Nova Kids’ Line Brings More Customers to Shop on the Site

Fashion Nova, one of the most popular fast-fashion brands in the world, released their first Kids’ collection in the last months of 2020.

This company was started in 2006 by CEO Richard Saghian. He initially sold to women from a store at the Panorama Mall in Los Angeles, California. For seven years, he interacted with most of his customers while they got their outfits. His goal was to build 100 brick-and-mortar stores across the United States so that people who needed any Fashion Nova outfits could go to the store closest to them.

But the digital world stepped in. Saghian, who had not sold goods online at the time, decided to start with an Instagram page. He uploaded pictures of his customers in Fashion Nova outfits, and the page began to gain traction. When it hit 60K followers, Saghian decided to launch the online store. It was a success immediately.

Since then, the brand has grown steadily. Saghian went from selling only clubwear to making different designs and cloth types for women. Then, in 2018, they released the Curve Collection for diverse sizes and the Fashion Nova Men collection. These two collections also became very successful. Even though the brand is mostly known by women, the Men’s Instagram page has over 2.5 million followers.

After various collections for both men and women, Fashion Nova decided to launch one for children. It was a bold step for the adult fashion-wear brand. But it paid off.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           

Children Get the Clothes They Want

Children have preferences when wearing outfits. They never want to be seen in some clothes and clamor for another type of outfit (which they could wear every day if given the chance).

Fashion Nova makes it easy to get clothes that your children want. Parents don’t have to deal with the struggle of selecting clothes every morning by having various trending styles on the inventory.

Based on the child’s clothing preferences, you can buy clothes they would like. You could also have them shop along with you in the kids’ section of the website.

The girls’ collection on the site includes denim, one-piece outfits, bottoms, tops, and even matching sets. You can get anything you want them to wear and not worry about them playing dress-up with your clothes. Let them discover their own style.

Parents Find their Style

Fashion Nova is not just a kids-only brand. As parents decide that it is time to get new clothes for their children, they could also get clothes for themselves.

Fashion Nova releases up to 1,000 new styles every week. There’s almost no way you won’t find something you like. Whether you’re a man or woman, Fashion Nova has every outfit or accessory you might want to try out.

Stronger Family Bonds

By allowing the whole family to shop together on the same site, Fashion Nova helps build better family bonds. We’ve seen families all wearing the same outfits and uploading cute pictures to Instagram since the Kids’ collection was released.

Also, shopping as a family on Fashion Nova is budget-friendly. Instead of parents worrying about what the children will wear when they outgrow their current clothes, they can use the money to change their wardrobes by shopping on Fashion Nova and still have change left over that can be saved for future shopping or as an emergency fund that will help families in the long run.

The Brand Grows Even Bigger

Richard Saghian created the Kids’ Collection to cater to another audience (kids), just like he did with men and women. It is working. Pregnant women who shop on the Fashion Nova website now have a clothing brand to turn to when they give birth. As their child grows older, they never have to worry about the price of changing wardrobes. Everything is set.

This is how the Fashion Nova community keeps expanding. People who see pictures of kids in Fashion Nova outfits on Instagram quickly head to the site to get some for their kids. A few minutes after choosing clothes for the child, they find themselves browsing through the men’s or women’s collection, adding clothes and other accessories to the cart.

Why Fast Fashion is Great for Kids

Many parents may decide to go with the regular kids’ clothing brands where you get clothes at higher prices. Customers often associate higher prices with better quality.

However, they quickly find out that within a few months to a year, the children outgrow these clothes or tear them. Parents have to go shopping again.

Families have a different alternative to choose that will save them money, however. By shopping fast-fashion for kids, you get quality clothes at lower prices.

Moreover, as children grow, parents won’t be too bothered about shopping expenses because they can easily pay for new clothes. Some of these clothes last for years, allowing parents to hand them down to younger children if necessary.


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