How to Do Your Homework on Vacation?

I think you`ve got an answer already. There`s no way you will dare ruin your perfect trip to Hawaii with such obligation as homework. However, let`s be realistic here. You`ve had plenty of those situations when you had to submit an assignment in time, but for some reason (I`m sure, it`s a good one) you failed that mission.

So, now you have to do some homework when the window of your hotel room is broadcasting the view of the sea 24/7.

While you`re screaming at the beach “Somebody, please do my homework!”, we have gathered all our knowledge and some tips from psychologists in order to help you get through this hell. And yes, you`ll still have to do that assignment, but you won`t feel that miserable because of that.

See? We`re not even going to judge you. Procrastination is a horrible monster that can devour all your efforts. Just when you thought you were doing fine and you were going to accomplish so much this term, laziness comes and a slight change of plans happens.

That`s okay. Let`s find out what you can do about that assignment while you`re sipping on a cocktail in Florida.

Not the First and Not the Last

We all should just agree on the point that on vacation our brain works in a totally different mode comparing to the one we set for work days. We lose focus, control, motivation, and count of tequila shots. And we regret it a lot the following morning.

Speaking of regrets, what are you going to say to your professor when the break ends and you have to submit an assignment on which you haven`t even started to work?  

So, we need to take a different approach to doing the homework. Don`t try to squeeze everything into one day.

It`s a bad idea to do the biggest part of it on the first day. It`s even a worse idea to leave everything for the last day. Spread it equally and don`t dedicate too much time to your homework on a daily basis. You don`t want to ruin your vacation after all.

You Think Your Willpower Is That Strong?

Don`t you just want to forget about this assignment or pretend that it doesn`t exist? What may happen if you just don`t submit it at all? There`s no way you`re going to get expelled from the university just because of one homework, right?

First and foremost, these thoughts are toxic. Not because they will be harmful to your grades but because they will have a negative impact on your mental health. You`ll get all stressed out and anxious. It`s better just to get it done and stop overthinking stuff.

In order to do that in a more effective way, you should come with your own schedule. Dedicate no more than one hour a day to your homework and don`t miss out on the fun stuff while you`re on vacation. You can create a project on your phone with the help of some apps. You can also mark your accomplishments. Or set up an alarm clock which will ring at the set time and hence make your work more organized.

Minimize the Distractions

Studying in your usual environment is hard enough. But the sunny beach or shiny snowy mountains that are staring straight at you won`t contribute to your overall level of productivity too.

So, close the drapes, find a desk or any place that will set the mood of work and motivation. It`s a good idea to turn off the phone and close all tabs you don’t need for writing your assignments, especially that one with Instagram. It`s just like a devil that will try to give you a forbidden fruit in a form of new Selena Gomez`s post.


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