How to get Fuller & Pouty Lips without Botox

Lips-Getty-ImagesDream of getting plumper and pouty pucker like Angelina Jolie’s? Although you were not born with puckered lips like Angelina Jolie’s, you can still get more fuller and luscious lips without going to the extent of getting Botox or even going under needles! Nowadays you can find tons of make-up tricks and lips plumper available which considerably enhances your pout and makes it more plump and puckered.

So just relax! Because now even you can flaunt a sexy pout and all it would take is few stuffs from drugstore and follow the tips and tricks mentioned below meticulously!

Tricks to get fuller lips:

  • Cinnamon-based recipe– There are various easy and do-at-home methods of getting luscious and fuller lips within 10 minutes without consorting to injections and Botox. One such method involves cinnamon-based recipe. Steps involved for getting fuller lips using this method are:


-> Cinnamon

-> Vaseline petroleum jelly or any other lip balm of your choice

Step 1- With the help of a toothbrush, exfoliate your lips until they are smooth.

Step 2- Take a teaspoon of cinnamon powder and mix in it well a teaspoon of Vaseline or any lip balm of your choice.

Step 3- Now apply the above mixture on your lips and wait for at least 7 minutes.

Step 4- After completion of 7 minutes, wash off the paste from your lips and Bingo! You should have full lips and a pout to flaunt in a jiffy!lip scrub

  • Get an Exfoliating Lips scrub- It is a known fact that exfoliating helps in removing dead skin as well as causes blood flow to the lips. If exfoliating is done from time to time, experts claim that you can get juicier and rosy mouth which would look great even if you do not apply lip gloss on it. The skin on your lips is extremely sensitive and hence gets chapped easily. So exfoliating it does work wonders!lip treatment
  • Boosting the Collagen- A lip treatment which contains ingredients specially for plumping up the lips should be applied twice a day. They usually contain Vitamin A, C and E as well as hyaluronic acid which is a powerful humectant and helps the water to bind to the lips, in turn making it look more puffier.fuller-lips
  • Stimulating the tissue- For getting puckered lips, do not forget to apply a dash of plumping gloss which contains spices like black pepper and cinnamon which irritates the skin and hence makes it swell. Experts say that they might produce a stinging sensation to the skin but there are no long term discomforts experienced after few minutes.lip pencil
  • Pencil in your lips- Apply tone flesh colored lip pencil for tracing around your lips and make sure that you apply it on the outside of the lip, not on the lip. Smudge the traced line properly so it blends and no obvious line is visible.120705_nude_lips (2)
  • Go for Nude Lipsticks- For getting Angelina Jolie-like luscious lips, apply a nude or a neutral lipstick and make sure to go for the color which is almost similar to your natural lip color or else it would look very odd in the end. Using extremely dark and bright colors tend to make your lips look much smaller than usual. For a more precise application, try to apply the nude lipstick using a lip brush because it would your new lip look last more long.shiny gloss
  • Using a Shiny Gloss- apply a good quantity of pearly and shiny lip gloss at the center of your lips because highlighting this portion of the lips would make your lips look more plumper, juicier and luscious!lip plumper
  • Plump up the lips- Lip Plumpers are a wonderful invention which does wonders by stimulating the kisser kissing you and hence bringing blood to the surface of the lips which in turn swells up your lips! If you have chapped lips, do not use lip Plumpers as they usually tingle and cause stingy sensations on the lips. But it really works if you desire for temporary juicier lips!
  • Add Dimension to your lips- try to apply more of light shades rather than dark shades because it is a basic color theory that light things always appear as being magnified.
  • Create Voluminous Lip illusion- implementing this ten second trick can subtly and efficiently make even the thinnest of the lips appear fuller and juicier! All you need to be is an illusionist for few seconds and have your own puckered lips in a jiffy! So in order to make your lips look more voluminous, just outline the top portion of your lip and the philtrum (which are two grooves that run from upper portion of the lips to the nose) and highlight it! It is extremely safe and way cheaper than using needles and expensive Botox procedures.

0d9303ad-870b-4bd3-945e-8cd75a4c4a8f_chapped-lips-detailCommence by tracing from your upper lips to your nose the lines of your philtrum and then trace the area between the two lines (the Cupid’s bow) and then to the outer corner from individual points. Remember, do not line the lower lip, just line the upper lip.

Blend the extra line using your fingers so that it looks undetectable. Finish off the effect by filling up the entire lips with the color of your choice. You can even use a lip gloss or a lip balm instead of a lipstick to fill in your lips

To make your lips look more pouty, apply a beige eye shadow along the outer portion of our lip using a small brush. Many women usually possess fuller bottom lips and thus the above mentioned trick helps in creating balance and proportion.

Now that you possess all the tips and tricks of getting luscious and juicy lips in your make-up cauldron, arm yourself with the required weapons and commence with your handiwork of transforming your thin and unattractive lips into gorgeous, luscious, juicier Angelina Jolie-like puckered lips which would make you the envy of most women when you flaunt them wherever you go!

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