How To Keep Your Hair Healthy While on The Road

When preparing for a trip, it is very easy to forget the essential care that your hair needs. One of the biggest causes of hair damage during a trip is the change of environment. Strong sun and temperature variations are just some of the environmental factors that can adversely affect your hair. If you do not want your hair to become dry and brittle or lose its shine, you must take the necessary preventive measures. You may want to include some hair care products in your travel bag because they are going to come in handy during your trip.


Here are some tips to help you keep your hair healthy while on the road:

1. Don’t forget to comb it

When you stay too long without combing your hair, you will end up having to yank and pull it in order to untangle it. To avoid this, comb it whenever you wash it. Even when you do not wash it for a couple of days, just brush it. When it gets too tangled up, it is likely to break when you decide to comb it.


2. Avoid washing it too much

The water in the city or country you are travelling in may not be the same as the water you use at home. If you use water softeners at home and you go to a place where they only have hard water, your hair is likely to start feeling brittle. Unless you have your water softener with you, avoid washing it too much.

3. Use the right shampoo

Exposure to food, water and weather changes during travel can cause hair loss. Shampoo for hair loss can offer you great protection against hair breakage and loss. Ensure you use the right shampoo because not all shampoos are right for your hair. Look out for a product that has proteins for hair strengthening.


4. Shield it from the sun

The sun does not just burn your hair, but your scalp as well. It also discolors, dries and thins your hair. One of the ways you can protect it is by using UV-protecting crème or spray. This will prevent your hair from getting overheated. Alternatively, you can wear a scarf or a hat on sunny days. Also, if you have to go sunbathing, do it in the morning hours when the sun is not too hot.


5. Protect it from chlorine

Chlorine is used in swimming pools to sanitize water and keep it safe from harmful bacteria. However, it can have a damaging effect on your hair by stripping away its natural oils. This will make it dry and brittle. It will also cause its color to fade. Before you jump into the water, make your hair wet by soaking it in freshwater. This will prevent it from the effects of chlorinated water.


Although you cannot take care of your hair the same way you do while you are at home, it is still important to give it some attention. As long as you protect it from extreme elements, you will be able to return home with your hair still in great shape.

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