How to Look Hot for the Holidays

Of course, you want to look your best all year round, but there’s just something special about the holiday season that has us all scrambling to find our best outfit, most flattering makeup, and hottest hairstyles. You will be going to parties and family dinners and you’ll want to stand out from the crowd of merry-makers and impress all the cousins and in-laws you haven’t seen since last year this time.

Here are a few dos and don’ts for putting your best foot forward during the holiday season:


Now is the time of year to get your glam on. Amp up your look with some glitter and glitz. Holiday parties give you a chance to let out your inner princess by putting on the shimmery sequined mini-dress that’s been hanging in the back of your closet, waiting for the chance to shine. Wear your favorite oversized, dangly earrings, go for the magazine-cover glamorous hair-do, lay on the glittery eye-shadow or the sparkly lip gloss (maybe not both at the same time…)

You can even bring some pizzazz to your work- day outfit or any daytime activity by pairing a spiffy sequined or otherwise bedazzled scarf with a cozy sweater. Pin on a holiday broach (try not to be too cheesy) or wear some cute Christmas ornament earrings. This is the time of the year to let your merry personality shine with sparkling clothes, accessories, and makeup.

Update an old classic.

The standard Little Black Dress is still one of the most versatile items of clothing in any woman’s wardrobe. However, this year, a long black dress can stand you in good stead for any outing from a casual get-together to a formal dinner party. Full length is flattering and very popular with fashion designers this season.

Choose the long dress style that best accentuates your own unique features. Got great legs? The mystery of occasional glimpses of shapely legs peeking out of a thigh-high slash in a long, flowing black dress is far more tantalizing and interesting than baring it all in a crotch- length miniskirt. If you have nice shoulders, show them off in a strapless dress, or if you have lovely ladies, put on your best push-up bra and go for the daring low cut V-neck dress.

Feet First!

Well, we did say we wanted to put our best foot forward. Winter is on its way and this is the perfect time of year to splurge on shoes. Every woman deserves a great pair of boots, and you can really dress up any outfit with some sexy, long, tall knee- high boots. Go for the spiky heels if you’re experienced enough to walk in them without wobbling, otherwise, a nice wedge heel is safe and still sexy.

For those holiday cocktail parties, dress up your favorite strappy sandals with some clip-on shoe accessories, like big fluffy flowers or sparkly butterflies. Or go for the color with some bright red pumps or anything with sequined heels.

Head’s Up!

Let’s bring some glamour into your hairstyle. If you normally sport one of those brush and go dos that looks cute but kind of ordinary, then now is the perfect time to do something dramatically different. While you’re dressing up your clothes and dialing up the makeup, try something new with your hair. Go curly- some fun and flirty corkscrew curls will put a little bounce in your step and add to your holiday cheer. Or go in the complete opposite direction and try some slicked back gel for something sleek and sophisticated.

Long-haired ladies can really add elegance to a formal ensemble with a striking upswept look. Twist your hair into a smooth bun, pin up the top and let a few sexy tendrils escape, or go for the classic French braid. An up-do is also the perfect opportunity to showcase those gorgeous diamond dangles you hardly ever get to wear!

Color outside the lines.

The holidays are a great time to try new and brighter colors. If you normally tend to wear muted tones or monochromatic colors, try a splash of bright red. Holiday colors are fun and cheerful, and can really bring a dramatic change to your ordinary style. Buy a bright blue, off-the-shoulder cocktail dress, or try a new bold, green jacket. Go for the shiny, silver top or the really red lipstick.

Color is great, however, here’s a word of advice about the whole “color-blocking” design trend. Pay attention to the size and orientation of the blocks as a whole. Stand back and look in a full length mirror and see if that huge block of teal on the skirt makes your butt look big, or if those skinny rectangle areas of orange and pink make your boobs disappear. Block your colors all you want, just keep in mind the overall effect.

Remember the basics.

Looking your best any time of year requires you to take care of yourself- body, health and mind. These tips will help keep you looking your best throughout the holiday season and beyond:

  • Keep up with your normal exercise routine as best you can,
  • Enjoy those sweet treats but don’t give up on healthy eating.
  • Get some sleep. Dark circles are not attractive.
  • Stay hydrated! This is important when you’re spending so much time with a cocktail in your hand. It’s okay to indulge in a drink or two, but alcohol dries you out, so drink plenty of water to keep your skin smooth and supple, (not to mention warding off hangovers.)
  • Don’t stress out! Keep lists of shopping and chores, and don’t take on more than you can handle. Overdoing it and worry will give you a haggard appearance. Keep cool.

In a nutshell….

You can bring out all your best qualities and achieve your hottest holiday look by remembering all these great tips:

  • Sparkle! – Dazzle your friends with sequins and glitter.
  • Classic Updates – Trade in the old little black dress for a flattering long black dress.
  • Feet First – Great shoes make a great impression, get some great boots and snazzy heels.
  • Heads Up – Go sophisticated with your hairstyle, try an elegant upswept do.
  • Colorize – Be bold with bright, cheerful holiday colors.
  • Basic care – Exercise, eat right, drink plenty of water, rest, don’t stress.


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