How to Make your own Accessories

You are bored of wearing the same old accessories and do not have the finances to buy new ones? Do not worry there are enough ways to make a new one.

Make a necklace

The easiest one is to make a necklace. Strong pieces of threads and few pieces of pearls and some screws are all that you are going to need. Put in the pearls in the thread and screw the pieces in together. Your necklace is ready. You can also make a bracelet using similar methods.

Accessories of old rubber bands

Yes, it works. Old rubber bands which are not worth putting in the hair anymore. Just rip them off their cloth and wear them on your ankle, wrist or neck depending upon its length. If the rubber bands are not fancy then put an old pendant or an old buckle into it. It will look really nice.

Old belts

Yes, this works. Cut them into parts and enjoin them with chains to make a really cool necklace. Everyone is bound to go wow at your creation. If there is any material left then make matching bracelets as well. It will be one heck of a set.

Burn out mom’s bangles

Yes, this works. Take different colored glass bangles and break them into pieces. Burn them over the tip of the candle flame. They will turn towards the other end. Entangle them into each other and you will end up making a really cool necklace. You can make a bracelet with the similar method. Yes, this sounds a little complicated when reading but it will be very easy to figure out once you get to work.

Old stoles and dupattas

Make a design on your old dupattas and color it nicely. Then put it in a chain to make it look like a pendant. This will be one of the coolest chains anyone has ever seen. You can make multiple chains with just one dupatta.

Old and useless rings

This one is fairly simple. All you need is really strong thread and a lot of old rings. Paint the rings in bright colors and pass them through the read. Pass on as many rings as you can. It will make a really bright and colorful necklace that can go with all your dresses.

Key chains.

By now you have figure out how to make a really cool necklace and key chains can make awesome pendants for your necklaces. Also, if the key ring is really small, you can stick something cute on it and it will make for an awesome ring. Stick an old earring or an earring of whose you have lost the other pair.

Necklaces out of old earrings

This is going to be fun and you can make countless necklaces depending upon the number of earrings that you have. The earring is obviously going to be your pendant. These necklaces will come really cheap and will make you look ethnic and classy.

Shoe laces

Gone old? Cut the ends that are worn out, wash the lace clean, soak it and then paint it really wild colors. This can be either a bracelet, a necklace or an anklet.

Accessories from a news paper.

This is the most simple and the sexiest idea. Stick lots of scraps of paper with each other and make a huge pile of the paper. Stick them tight such that they do not come off each other and stick them really well. Then, cut them in the design you would like and wear them on a ring or as a pendant in a necklace. They are going to make you stand out of the crowd without costing a single buck.

Thus, accessories are no big deal even if you are short on cash. You can make ample of them for daily use and they shall look cooler than the regular ones. Go ahead, and give things a try.

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