How To Wear Maxi Dresses In The Winter

As autumn sets in and winter looms just around the corner, it’s the awful time when the colours of your summer wardrobe have to be packed away, not to be worn for another year. The shorts, skirts and brightly coloured tops have to go, and be replaced by sensible jeans, jumpers and jackets for the cold weather. Along with this comes usually saying goodbye to some of your favourite current trends that bloomed during summer but aren’t practical for the winter. One, you might think, is the maxi dress.

On the contrary, the maxi dress is a piece of clothing that can be easily carried from summer to winter with the right choices in style, tone and what you choose to wear with it. There are some extreme advantages to wearing this trend in the colder months – not only does it give you decency, but also protects your warmth.

Amazon gilet

But you still can’t style maxis the same as in summer, with a straw hat and sandals. The same can be same for the colour palette of summer. Neons aren’t ok for a winter trend, and brighter pastels could look out of season. A maxi dress trend you can style for winter, however, is florals. Replacing the vibrant reds and oranges for a more muted selection of dark purple and green, you can keep this trend going in a pretty and subtle way.

An advantage of maxi dresses in winter is that underneath you can wear whatever you want to keep the cold out – leggings, comfy boots, even thermals! On top of your maxi dress can be a gilet such as the cute toggle front padded gilet at Amazon, a chunky jumper, or scarf, which looks great. Pick up the base colour of your dress in the gilet, and the main flower colour for a scarf.

Little mistress Alyssa lace panel maxi dress

You can also wear maxis as a chic option for the evening. The muted tones of the catwalk, like navy as a salute to the catwalk jewel blues being brought in A/W collection, is showcased in the Little Mistress Alyssa lace panel maxi dress at Bank Fashion, which has a lace, summer reminiscent cut-outs on their pieces as a cool way of working the evening trend.

Whichever way you work it, remember to stay warm and dry this winter and stay stylish!

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