How to Wear Red Lipstick

Red is hot. Red is confident. Red is sexy. And if you don’t already feel hot, confident and sexy, wearing red lipstick can give you that fantastic feeling of beauty and power. It makes a very bold statement when you choose to put on some “Ravishing Red” lip color. There is definitely a difference between a dynamic red and other colors with less impact. When you are wearing red lipstick you do not look in the least bit shy or withdrawn. It isn’t a demure, neutral shade that would allow you to blend into your surroundings. Wallflowers don’t usually wear red.

A woman wearing red lipstick will be noticed. She’s eye-catching. She’s alluring. She doesn’t have to be a supermodel to become more attractive when she has on the perfect shade of red lip color. She can hold her head up and smile as she walks across any room.

Red can go wrong, however. You can’t just grab any old tube of red lipstick and slap it on whenever you want, or you could end up looking like a careless, mismatched, pasty- skinned hag. Not to be harsh, but you have to recognize that a lipstick color so powerful has to be handled with care or it can have the opposite effect from the one you want. Here are some great tips on how to properly wear red lipstick:


Find YOUR Perfect Red

The wrong shade of red for your skin tone can have a negative effect on your complexion. There are as many different shades of red as there are different shades and colors of skin, and you need to find the one that best compliments your particular skin tone. Here’s a color chart that can help you get the right red:

Red Lipstick Color-Match Chart

Skin Tone                                                   The Right Red
Fair Blonds and brunettes with a peaches-n-cream complexion are best complimented by a matte red with the slightest of orange undertones.
Fair Dark hair, dark eyes and light-colored skin with a slight yellow undertone needs to be warmed up with a bright cherry red.
Beige Blonde hair, dark or hazel eyes and beige skin with a slightly sun-kissed warmth is enhanced with a deep, dark red with gold undertones.
Beige Beige skin paired with auburn hair and blue eyes is perfectly set off with a bright orange-red lipstick.
Golden Whether you’re born with it or you have a great golden tan, a neutral red-brown is very attractive for brunettes with brown, hazel and green eyes.
Golden Blondes with a golden glow look fabulous with a dynamic coral red lip shade.
Bronze Coral is also a great color for bronze complexions with warm undertones and peachy cheeks.
Olive Dark hair, olive-toned skin and green or brown eyes are all perfectly enhanced with a pink/red lipstick color.
Coco Gold undertones in dark skin are nicely accentuated with warm matte orange-red lipstick.
Dark Deep dark skin is nicely balanced with cool, blue-toned red like a plum-shaded lip tint.

Prepare Your Canvas

Any artist knows that before he begins painting his masterpiece he has to prepare his canvas for paint. There is a reason that beauty products professionals are known as “makeup artists”, because they know how to transform and enhance your appearance as creatively and professionally as any artist. So before you paint on your lip color you have to prepare your lips to hold the color without fading, smearing, cracking or clumping.

Your lips need to be both smooth and clean. If your lips are a little chapped, start by exfoliating. Here are a few different methods of removing dry, flaky skin from your lips:

  • Use a tiny dab of Vaseline and rub your lips with your toothbrush in a circular motion.
  • Wet your fingertip and dip it in the sugar bowl, then scrub your lips with your finger.
  • Use your normal facial exfoliator on your lips.
  • Buy a lip scrub product from your department store or the Avon lady.

After exfoliating, rinse your lips clean and gently pat them dry.

Primer before Paint

Red lipstick tends to “bleed” and spread onto the skin around your mouth unless you take steps to prevent it. You need to use lip liner like paint primer. Your red lipstick will last longer and stay in place better if you define and fill in your lips first with lip liner. It doesn’t have to be a red liner (unless it precisely matches your red lipstick) – you can use a clear, “reverse” lip liner to seal the edges and help the lipstick stick.

Now- the Lipstick!

It’s time to apply your beautiful red lipstick. There a few different application methods depending on the look you’re going for. For a more precise, polished look, instead of just applying the stick directly to your lips use a lip brush to carefully smooth on your color. Another option is to rub it onto your fingertip first and dab gently onto your lips for a more subtle, natural style.

The Finishing Touch

To give your red lipstick the definition it deserves, you can use a clean lip brush to trace around the outside of your lips with a light dusting of your pressed powder or concealer.

Bonus Tips

Choosing to wear red lipstick can really give you fantastic results. It can make you feel gorgeous and empowered, confident and sexy. It can be eye-catching and alluring as well, as long as you remember that such a bold color choice really requires a commitment. The red lips need to take center stage and have just the right accompaniment. These last few tips will help you pull off the look with style.

  • When you are playing up your lips with red, let them keep the spotlight. Be a little more neutral with your eye-makeup and lay off the blusher.
  • Don’t wear a clashing nail color. Clear nail polish goes best with red lipstick, but if you really want red nails then make sure your polish is a precise color match for your lipstick.
  • Coordinate your outfit to match as well. Black, white, beige, animal print…all are excellent clothing colors that really pop with a touch of the right red, so let your lipstick shade decide your accessory colors and wear a matching red scarf, or carry the same shade of red handbag.

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