Interracial Dating Dos and Don’ts

Interracial relationships and marriages are on the rise and have been steadily in the last 20 years, and more recently and noticeably since 2014, with the appearance and popularity of Tinder. If you’re looking for something specific, it can be as easy as typing: meet white girls – online dating on Google, although there are easier ways of going about it.

With more people dating outside of their ethnic group than ever comes a slew of questions about what to expect, what can be overcome, and what not to do in an interracial relationship. Merging cultures can be an exciting part of dating outside of your cultural or ethnic group but be careful to be sensitive and aware of how you approach your partner and the larger world around you.

The Boundaries of Fetishization

Before entering a relationship with someone from a different cultural background than you, or while you are in one, be aware of stereotypes and how you might contribute to them. For example, some people seek out others of a different race or culture for simply sexual reasons. If you are only interested in your partner to fulfill some taboo pleasure, do not think that this is a good reason to date someone. If you see them as a sexual object before or during your relationship, chances are you won’t see them as anything more than that later.

Straight and Interracial Stereotypes

Often, we hear more about interracial couples that are composed of black, white and heterosexual partners. Because of the widespread diversity of racial backgrounds, this is a limited view. There are plenty of interracial couples that include asian, latino, mixed heritage and queer individuals. Exploring interracial relationships and the topics that arise because of them create a dialogue that we sincerely need in the world right now. Limiting interracial couples to stereotypes is harmful and painfully unaware.

Racism Still Exists

Just because there is an increase in the instance of interracial couples within the last few years, doesn’t mean that there still isn’t work to do on the movement to end racism. Being sensitive to your partner’s worries, needs and background is just as important in an interracial relationship because you might face issues you wouldn’t if you were dating someone of the same background. Don’t let this get you down.

You haven’t solved the problem of racism just because you’re dating someone of a different race than you. It is valuable to educate yourself on your partner’s cultural background and identity, and to try and understand them in a larger scope than just your immediate differences. Learning and growing with your partner is how you will make your bond stronger in the long run.

The mother to end all relationship stereotypes is this: relationships are hard work. If you love the person that you’re with, and you love them regardless of their background, you’re on your way to a healthy and happy relationship whether you are white, black, asian, latino, gay, straight, or anything in between.

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