Keep Warm at a Winter Wedding

In case you are planning to keep your wedding date in chilly and snowy winters, you have to make sure that you do optimum arrangements to keep your guests and yourself warm and cozy.

The beautiful winter backdrop and the pleasantly cold weather will definitely seem to be flawless, but in case it gets freezing cold, you should make sure that you have all the means to keep you and your guests comfortable.

Further, in the article, you’ll get to know some amazing tips through which you can stay warm and cozy even in a chilling winter wedding:

How to Keep Yourself Warm While Not Compromising with Your Style at a Winter Wedding?

Weddings bring along the dream dresses and fashionable dress ups. In no way, you can let the winters be an obstacle in making you look breathtaking. Therefore, to be stylish and warm at the same time, here are a few hacks which can help you for the occasion:

1. Hide the Warmth Underneath:

There are multiple warm thermals which are available to wear both for men and women. They are pretty thin and even won’t be noticed if worn underneath the wedding dress.

2. Length of Your Clothes:

You don’t have to compromise your style because of the reduced temperature digits. Be smart and opt for a long dress. May it be for a bridal dress or bridesmaid dresses, increase the length of your dress by choosing some fashionable gowns or dresses. Numerous designs and styles of long bridesmaid dresses and bridal gowns are available for you to try.

3. Fancy Gloves:

Gloves can help you a lot in keeping your body warm. They are available in different lengths. You can wear gloves, which are till wrists only or the ones which cover the complete arms. Get yourself the fanciest gloves with laces and nets to make it stylish and wedding wearable.

4. Fashionable Wrap Around:

Choose for a warm shawl, or a fur wrap, or a beautiful lacy jacket or even a fur jacket to wear above your dress to make it look even more stylish and to keep you warm at the same time.

How to Keep Your Guests Warm?

Well, not just you, your guests also need some warmth in these chilling winters. Thus, you can do the following things:

  • Log Fire: A beautiful fireplace at your wedding venue will not just add royalty to the event but also warmth to the place and the people.
  • Comforting Food and Drinks: Soups are an amazing option to make your guests feel comfortable and warm. Other than that, spicy and warm food can also add an amazing kick. Whiskey, Hot Chocolate, and Irish coffee can be your considerable drinks for the menu.
  • Blankets and Shawls: Churches can get really cold with the decreasing temperature. Therefore, you can keep a few soft and beautiful blankets and shawls for your guests to wrap around during the ceremony. They can then also be taken to the venue of the reception too.

These are thus a few suggestions which you can consider to have a warm and beautiful wedding ceremony in a cold winter season. Make your day the most memorable one in terms of enjoyment and not freezing!

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