19 Inspiring Layered Hairstyles with Bangs

It is a misconception that layered hair is nothing but layered hair. Actually it is such a fresh and lively hairstyle. Almost any woman of any age, shape, and height can sport layered hairstyle. If you are doubtful how can you style layered hair plus bangs on you, take a look at these various examples which you can just get inspired from, and take with you to the hair salon for your stylist to copy from!

1. Straight and Dark

Perhaps the simplest form of layered hair and bangs is having it straight and black. People with straight hair can simply just have their hair cut in layers, have some bangs, and leave it as it is. This hairstyle have some air of sophistication, like that of models or mannequins for clothings, or something of a royalty, or a tough heroine in action movie, or even that of an intellectual. Whatever you are feeling like in these comparisons, a straight black layered hair and bangs would bring these feels for you. It can also cut some years in one’s age, making a person look younger, as this simple hairstyle is very popular among young girls.

2. Straight and Ash Gray

A little step forward from the simple black and straight layered hairstyle is still keeping it straight and a bit lighter with ash gray. This is a good baby step for the demure and shy girls out there, who would want to make some change but not make it too obvious. Like the straight black layered hair with bangs, this style can make one look younger than her actual age. Go girl and take those little steps in being a fashionista!

3. Straight and Ash Brown

Another way to do straight layered hair with bangs is to have it ash brown. Whether your hair is naturally brown or you have to dye it, it is a good idea for bangs and layers. There are different contrasts in this combination but consequently results in a well balanced aura.

4.  Super Long, Straight, and Brown 

A long straight hair does not have to boring. You can breath some life into it by having it cut into layers and cutting some bangs. Like this idea for example, does not this hairstyle look so cheery and alive? Go try it for your extra long hair! Cutting it into a bob is definitely too much of a drastic change. So tweak it up a bit with layers and bangs. Also don’t forget putting some highlights and colors like this one.

5. Long, Straight, and Brown to Blonde

This layered hairstyle is a great balance between simplicity and being daring. The dark roots to the lighter tips is somewhat experimental yet the straightness of the hair and the youthfulness of the bangs make an ideal yin-yang. This length seems to be the appropriate style for this kind of color and hairstyle. This look is very chic and a less intensified bold, so if you are that type of chick, then you already know what you should be asking your hairstylist soon.

6. Burgundy with Blonde Highlights

Having straight layered hair with bangs is not limited to keeping it in dark tones, or to keeping it in the down low. It is a good outlet to channel out the bold and passionate person that you are as well. The reddish tones expresses levels on intensity while the blonde creates a contrast that make it look like you are open to opportunities and adventures. This is a great way to show those all amazing sides of you.

7. Straight and Orange

If red is too intense for you and brown or black is too monotonous, then why not get something in between? Orange layered hairstyle with bangs is such a fashionable way to have such kind of style. It is calmer than red but livelier than dark hues. If you are tired with the usual black, brown, and red, then orange is the answer. Just look at how this girl is fantastically pulling off such hairstyle. You might as well have your bangs sideways to make it as gorgeous as hers.

8. Straight and Blonde

Straight layered hair with bangs is usually kept black. It is seldom associated with blonde hair. So why not be bolder about changing your hairstyle? Since these styles barely comes together, why not be brave about mixing them up. Look as dashing as this woman in this example – blonde but with bangs. Add some even more twist by putting a bit of waves at the tip of your hair. Use some headbands as well to give it some retro feels.

9. Brown and Straight with a bit of Curls

You can do the same style of keeping it straight at the roots and then slowly make the roots wavy. This time dye your hair brown with a bit of lighter brown highlights, keep it layered, and then finally add some side bangs on. And then voila! You’d have this totally stunning look. There is so much femininity in this hairstyle, so it’s impossible to not want it.

10. Brown to Blonde, Straight to Wavy

There is another way to do straight layered hair that eventually gets a bit wavy at the tips. And that is to color it dark brown to way lighter ash brown from roots to tips. It can pull off some kind of beach vibes. It is perfect for your upcoming trip or if you are staying in town, work, and school, and still want to give off that fun holiday vibes. For the fun loving girls out there, who are easygoing, or are aspiring to be islanders, this hairstyle is best suited for you.

11. Brown to Blonde, Straight to Wavy but Shorter

You can still have that island girl vibe even when your hair is not super long. All you need are the right colors and the proper dark brown to lighter brown from the root towards the tip. As long as your hair is layered and you have a bit of  bangs, then you would be like that free spirited, living in the moment, and sexy Hawaiian girl.

12. Black to Brown, Straight but Mostly Wavy

Here is another playful way to do dark to light tones. The waves look so vibrant and full of energy. If you want to spread that good vibes that you have in you, or you simply want to project that aura out to the people around you, then this is the best hair for you.

13. Straight, Blonde and a little Wavy

Can you believe it? There’s just too many ways to styling blonde hair. You can make it look as natural and simple as this with layered hair, bangs, and shoulder length hair. The bangs isn’t full as well, and goes to the side making it not too obvious. Having such adjustable bangs is great. One moment you want it all to fall on your face or cover your whole forehead…or let’s say untrimmed eyebrows, and in another, you want to go completely to the side. Whichever you are comfortable in, it is very achievable with this kind of hairstyle.

14. Black to Brown and Wavy

Admit it, this hairstyle looks very sexy. Usually people associate bangs with youth thus if a woman has bangs, she either look younger than her age or she has that youthful personality, or she is aspiring to be younger. Well, it is definitely not the case with this hairstyle. The wavy layered shoulder length hair plus its black to brown color make it look very alluring. At which part the hair parts also matters. As you see in this case, she looks totally like a seductress with the parting in the middle of her head despite actually looking so young. So for those with childlike features who wish to be taken more maturely and most especially sexily, then this is the hairstyle that you should be going for.

15. Mid Length Wavy Ash Brown

A mixture of sexy and cute – that is what this hairstyle is aiming for, or at least appears to be. Don’t you agree? Its length, waves, and color is that of an inviting woman yet the full bangs gives off an air of innocence and girlishness. If you are a combination of both attractive characteristics, then get yourself cut some layered hair, a bit of waves, full bangs, and finally color your hair ash brown. That is simply the trick to looking this charming.

16. Brown, Wavy and Long

This hairstyle looks so classic! For sure those who are readers out there, perhaps of Jane Austen novels, Bronte, and of many other around that era and part of the world, would love to have this hairstyle. Probably it has not crossed your mind that you can have the same hairstyle as those of your favorite book characters, well now you know that you can actually get it! How? Well, let us break it down so you can get it for yourself step by step. Ideally, this hairstyle would look good on very long hair but if you don’t have an extra long one then that’s okay. Let’s try move on to the next step and still manage to pull off this look. Next step would be coloring it this reddish brown color. If you have natural curls then getting waves such as this wouldn’t be a concern for you anymore. If you don’t have, then you can either get your hair permed or you can keep it straight and just use curling iron every time you go out. And then of course, you would need the hairstylist’s help to cut you a proper layered hair and bangs. Finally, you can pull some strands from the front side of your head and tie it down at the back, getting this half tied half let down hair. Now just wear natural make up and find the best outfit that would bring you back to Eliza Bennet’s time. You’re welcome.

17. All Wavy, Golden Brown, and Blonde Highlights

There are some Hollywood feels to this kind of hairstyle. Perhaps you have noticed a handful of celebrities having their hairstyle this way. With tanned skin plus brownish blonde hair, wild big waves, lengthy bangs, and full on make up bring about this overall appearance. If you aim to look this enchanting, then this is the layered hairstyle with bangs that is advisable for you.

18. Wavy Blonde, Shoulder Length

You don’t see a lot of celebrities with bangs but of course there are a select few who bewitchingly wear some bangs. This artist’s layered hairstyle here is also set apart from the rest of the examples that we have seen here so far. Most ideas has been to layer hairstyle subtly, making it look almost the same volume and length but maintaining a proportionate shape. Meanwhile, Taylor Swift’s hair here is layered in such a way that so much was trimmed on the lower part making it look fuller on the top and abruptly turning thinner in the middle to the tip. Whether you are a TS fan or you love this kind of unique hairstyle, then you should definitely try it out!

19. Straight, Orange, Curled at the Tips

Lastly, one of the cutest way to have layered hair with bangs is through this style. Perhaps not everyone is suitable for this kind of hairstyle. More so, not everyone can appreciate this kind of hair. Maybe it is more commonly seen among Asians or younger girls. The straight upper part of the hair is too straight and curved that it looks as though it is a bob on its own. However, beneath it are more one directional wave going to the inside.

These various layered hairstyles with bangs look good on the right face shape. If you wonder which look is good on you, try consulting a professional or maybe your friends or significant other’s opinion would suffice.

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