Look Great without Makeup: Tips for Enhancing your Natural Beauty

We focus a lot on makeup and makeup tips around this neck of the woods, but what about the ladies out there who are looking to do things the natural way? We’ve got you covered too. These tips aim to help you look great without makeup by enhancing your natural beauty. Although there is some makeup on the list, it is always optional. I truly believe a real beautiful woman is a woman who can look just as sexy and confident without a lot of makeup – or any makeup for that matter. Just check out this list of celebrities who look great without makeup to see what I’m talking about. How do they do it? With these quick and easy tips.

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While most of us know this one, there are still a lot of women out there who don’t do this. That’s a mistake. Depending on how sensitive your skin is, you should exfoliate at least twice a week. If you have sensitive skin, two would be the maximum. For less sensitive skinned ladies, you should aim for at least three. Exfoliation keeps your skin looking and feeling healthy, getting rid of the dirt and grime of every day life. You want to be careful about the product you use though. You don’t want to use a product that’s too harsh. You also want something that smells good. If you’re not sure which exfoliation product is right for you, ask someone. Most cosmeticians that work at drug or department stores should be able to steer you in the right direction.

Exfoliation doesn’t end with your face though. Exfoliate your lips. While you can buy products that perform this function, they’re expensive and not entirely necessary. You can just use a plain old toothbrush. Brush over your lips with the toothbrush when you exfoliate the rest of your face to keep your lips soft and to draw out their natural pigment.

Kick the Bags to the Curb!

We’ve already talked about how to get rid of dark circles and bags under your eyes in a fair bit of detail here and touched on it briefly here, but it’s important to offer a gentle reminder here. Dark circles and puffiness around the eyes will make you look tired, worn out and will even make you look older. If you want to enhance your natural beauty without using makeup, you need to get rid of those bags. Eating right, exercising and getting plenty of rest will all go a long way toward getting rid of those unpleasant bags. If you can’t seem to get rid of them, you may have to resort to using a little bit of makeup to conceal them. It is possible to conceal those bags without doing up your whole face though. For more detailed instructions, check out the article I linked to at the beginning of the paragraph. However you choose to do it, just make sure you do it if you want to look your best without wearing a lot of makeup.

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Wash off your Makeup!

Even ladies who want to take a more natural approach and steer clear of makeup may choose to wear a little every now and again for special events or even just for a little change every now and again. I fall into the latter category. Although I love makeup, I honestly don’t wear it all that often. It makes wearing makeup feel more special and makes me feel more confident when I do decide to wear it. Embracing your natural beauty does not mean turning your back on your makeup bag. It does mean making sure you wash off your makeup when you’re done wearing it though. Use a gentle cleansing cloth specifically designed to wash off makeup (there are a few great, inexpensive options in this article). It will be kind to your skin while also making sure your skin is properly cleansed of all the dirt and grime makeup often leaves behind.

Protect your Skin!

There are a lot of things we may encounter in every day life that can have a negative impact on our skin. Taking the time to protect our skin against those negative things is important. Having healthy looking, radiant, youthful skin is one of the most important parts of looking great without makeup and protecting the skin is the best way to keep it looking great longer. Protection from the sun is key. You should have at least some type of sun protection on every time you leave the house. In our article about beauty essentials under $10, we talked about the Mission Daily Offense SPF 30 Stick. This is a terrific product that doesn’t clog your pores, isn’t greasy or oily and helps protect your skin from the harmful effects of the sun. I would highly recommend it.

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Take Care of your Brows!

If you want to look your best, taking care of your brows is important whether you’re wearing makeup or not. Your brows should be manicured but not over worked. You want them to look natural but if you’re trying to enhance you’re natural beauty, you don’t want your brows to overshadow other features of your face. I would recommend having a professional stylist do your brows the first time you have them done. After that first time, you can more or less just follow the pattern your stylist has laid out for you. Ask them for any tips they can offer. Invest in a brow brush so you can tame your brows if they need a little help. I picked mine up at the local discount store. It cost me $1.00 and does everything I need it to do. You can spend a little more if you really want to but something lower priced works just as well for basic brow maintenance.

Opt Out of Heavy Foundations. Opt Into BB Creams!

For many women, the idea of not wearing foundation is so far off the beaten path they can’t even conceive of it. It has been drilled into our heads for years that foundation is essential to any beauty look and, well, that’s not entirely inaccurate. Foundation gives you a solid base to build your look on, but what if you’re going for a natural, makeup free look? Consider BB cream. It’s expensive but it’s so worth the splurge. I rarely wear foundation now because all I really need is my super light BB Cream. Choose something lightweight and slightly tinted and you’ll get a great, natural look without having to worry about a heavy foundation. I use Naila MD Suncare BB Creme but it is a little on the expensive side. You may have to save your pennies for this one but it’s well worth it. It’s an incredible product and is all I wear on my face when I’m going for the natural look.

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