Look Younger and Avoid Graying Hair with these Tips

It doesn’t matter when that gray-colored hair starts popping up from your scalp. What matters is that the feeling’s generally quite nerve-racking, isn’t it? But, is it always because we hate the color on our hair, or because we hate looking aged? In my opinion, I feel that the latter is what affects 99% of gray hair owners. Yes. Read on…

By default, we all tend to be resistant to that old age experience. That’s human nature. So? I’ve got something you can do to look younger using your hair! Is that true? Of course! Being that gray hair is one of the most cancerous victims of aging, we have to avoid it, or make it look appealing (if it has snowballed into uncontrollable levels) in a way that its appearance erases the you-are-old notion among others. That’s exactly why today I’ve chosen to put this godsend piece at your disposal, so that you can get educated on the ultimate best hacks to look younger and avoid graying hair. Here we go…

1. Go Old School With Smoking

Studies have uncovered that smoking has a myriad negative effects to the quality of your hair. Most importantly, it can make you go gray in very early ages ~ even before 30! That makes you look older. Likewise, it can cause the hair to fall off more occasionally, in a chain of reactions than in nonsmokers. Hair that falls off leaves you looking old by default. Besides all these, there are more damages caused by smoking even in other parts of your body. You can always quit smoking on stage. It is never too late. Quit smoking, extend the time to going green into older ages, save your hair, and stay healthy.

2. Munch Enough Quantities of These Vitamins

Some vitamins have proven vital to the health of your hair and skin alike. Studies have established that the deficiency in some vitamins has not only caused graying hair in most people, but also a massive loss of hair. In fact, Holly Moore from SeroVital explains that low levels of B12 can contribute to graying hair. Vitamin B12 is mostly available in animal products like milk and eggs. However, this shouldn’t worry vegans as they can also get it from supplements, if need there be. Likewise, one can as well consume multivitamins to maximize the chances of taking in the relevant vitamins for healthy hair.

3. Take Good Care of Your Hair With Regard To Preventing Hair Loss

Don’t allow your hair to be in a condition that allows it to fall off. Keep it healthy. If you don’t keep your hair healthy, it is likely to fall off, leave alone turning gray. It is worthy of a note that when your hair falls out, the growing ones will possess less pigment. This makes you look old, doesn’t it? Sometimes, your hair may fall off and new ones may fail to grow out. This can even lead to baldness.

4. Which Is Better, Long or Short Hair?

There are a lot of myths behind long hair. While some suggest that long hair always become difficult to pull off at older ages, some also say that it’s a youths’ hairstyle. Leave all these alone.


Long hair, if also hard, keeps on rubbing your face, thereby making it rough and you’ll consequently look old. Who really wants this for himself? Absolutely no one! If you prefer long hair, make it also soft. Likewise, long hair kept around the collarbone length tends to have the effect of lifting your neck, thus you’ll look youthful. In fact, the Long Bob Cut Is a Go-For Option. It frames your face, causing it to have plumps, hence your face will appear youthful.

5. If You Have Grey Hair, Embrace It

I know that this sounds quite skeptical, doesn’t it? Look, in as much as people think that gray hair is a sign of aging, it shouldn’t make you shave your hair to the root at all times. If you keep your gray hair in a clean condition, people will even admire it. Make the gray hair look shiny. It will turn peoples faces towards you.

6. Be Vigilant While Dyeing Your Hair

Get this right. First of all, it is not a sin to dye your hair if you don’t like the gray one. So feel free. However, you should avoid the alleged permanent hair colors as much as possible. Not only do they make your hair rough, but also cause them to fall off, something we discussed earlier on. The non-permanent colors, usually have a glittering effect besides keeping your strands soft.


Remember: If you see grey strands on your head, you aren’t necessarily old, and if you don’t like the color, you can make yourself look better. I rest my case. Good luck!

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