Maintaining Proper Vision Care and Style is Easier Than You Think

While many consumers have already indulged in stylish lenses and eyewear, others are still yet to be introduced to the beauty that lies in the world of eyewear. Whether you need corrective lenses or not, stylish eyewear has stretched far beyond the traditional barriers of just corrective frames. In fact, many consumers have opted to take advantage of stylish sunglasses such as the Stormi Daze sunglasses line, whether they need corrective lenses or not!Proper Vision

As you may or may not know, the month of June is known as cataract awareness month. As such, Stanton Optical launched a full campaign to raise awareness while introducing consumers to some of the most stylish fashions on the market. However, it is not all about fashion and you should never sacrifice your vision care needs just to maintain the latest fashions. At Stanton Optical, you don’t have to! There is a plethora of natural factors that can affect your vision, making proper vision care vital to your overall health. When you experience vision problems, you place yourself at risk for the things you enjoy doing each and every day such as driving, walking, and reading. Straining your eyes can cause debilitating issues such as migraines, tension headaches and tunnel vision, which can stop you from accomplishing the majority of things you would normally accomplish within a 24 hour period. So, how do you maintain your vision and stay ahead of the latest fashion trends?

This is simple! With the right resources, such as Stanton Optical on your side, you enable yourself with the opportunity to utilize the latest eyewear fashions that correct your vision at the same time. Many people use this to their advantage to obtain multiple lenses, in various colors and styles, giving them the ability to express their individuality without placing their vision in jeopardy.

How Can Stanton Optical Help?

In addition to providing customers with the latest fashion in eyewear and corrective lenses, Stanton optical strives to ensure they also provide a healthy balance of the important features of eyewear. This includes educating customers on the importance of your vision health, the options in eyewear available to them and most importantly, the current and future health of their eyes. Since not every optical issue develops in the same exact manner, it is highly important to ensure that your vision care is catered to your individual needs. It is this concept that places Stanton Optical above the rest. The dedicated care that you can expect when you arrive provides you the peace of mind that you are in fact receiving the best possible treatment for the highest quality products.

As stated earlier, while fashion and style are both important, especially with products that are clearly visible on your facial area, they are far from the most important feature of eyewear. Wouldn’t you like the ability to obtain corrective lenses in your sunglasses, eliminating the need to keep changing glasses when you are outdoors or worse, straining your eyes just to block the sun out?

Servicing California residents with proper vision care solutions has been a top priority to the company since they opened. However, success does not come overnight and surely not without effort. Educating customers on their individual conditions as well as helping them to prepare for any risks can potentially reduce the risk of common diseases. Take cataracts for example. Many individuals that suffer from cataracts disease have a history of poor vision for years before developing cataracts. It is one of the most common vision diseases amongst the elderly and in recent years has not discriminated against younger generations.

While we incorporate new technology into our daily lives, we can sometimes fail to realize the negative effects that these gadgets can have on our vision. Think about it, without realizing it, we spend approximately 98 consecutive minutes on our smart phones each day – not everyone’s screen is as large and convenient as the iPhone – which can cause a strain on the eyes. The same can be said for those individuals that work on computers for long periods of time or watch excessive television. Not to say that technology is the cause of poor vision health, but as the professionals as Stanton Optical stress to their customers, technology places a more vital need to maintain proper vision care.

Here are some of the top simple tricks and tips that you can universally follow to ensure optima vision health, despite your current condition. This will allow you the ability to remain proactive about your vision health and reduce the risk of certain diseases due to early detection.

  1. Perform daily vision exercises. This includes relaxation exercises that give your eyes and retinas ample time to adjust to your daily lifestyle without straining. It can also strengthen the muscles in the eyes that allow optimal vision.
  2. Schedule routine vision care appointments. This will give you an advantage to catch problems before they start and ensure your vision is not changing rapidly.
  3. Keep your eyes well moisturized. Dry eyes can cause more issues than just frequent itching. It can strain the muscles, veins and blood vessels in the eyes, causing severe damage if left unattended.

Still unsure about how to maintain the best vision care for your individual situation? Keep this general rule of thumb in mind – always question what may seem off! It can never hurt you to question your vision health. The professionals at Stanton Optical are readily available to help ease your mind about your vision and ensure that you remain on the right track to optimal a stylish health.

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