Makeup Tricks for having Flawless & Gorgeous Skin

6511746-attractive-woman-applying-moisturizer-cream-on-her-cheek-and-fresh-leaf-close-her-faceI have noticed that people usually compliment be about my skin saying that I have a great and flawless skin. I am sure that they think I use a lot of makeup to hide the dark circles under my eyes, use concealers, powders and blushers. But it isn’t so! With few healthy tricks under my hat, I make sure that my skin remains in a tip-top condition.

The tricks and tips I am speaking about are so simple to implement, that within few days you are going to look yourself in the mirror and shout with glee and satisfaction! So let me share with you few tips which I have accrued and I hope they would be of tremendous help to you just the way they had been to me over the years!

Trick #1: Keep your skin always in a tip-top conditionmakeup-mistakes-acne

What I have learned over the years is that the more you take care of your skin, treat it well, lesser will be the your dependency upon makeup. If you follow a regular regime of cleansing your skin, exfoliating it and then keeping it hydrated, you will realize that you would not require usage of makeup products such as a foundation or a concealer.

Trick #2: Always remember to apply Moisturizer before applying a Foundation142685-280x190-woman_applying_face_cream

Remember to always apply either a primer or a moisturizer on your face before commencing the application of a foundation. Beauty Professionals give advice to women to apply primer rather than moisturizer before applying foundation. If you do not apply a primer, your foundation would set into your wrinkles and the lines on face would be more prominent. Apply foundation within 2 minutes of applying a moisturizer. The reason being, that you wouldn’t want the moisturizer to be completely soaked into your skin.

Trick #3: Before applying foundation apply the concealerwoman-applying-concealer

You can apply a concealer before applying foundation. In fact after you apply concealer, there would not be any need for you to apply foundation at all! Do not forget to apply the concealer under your eyes (where you have the dark circles), on your nose and even along the lines of your nose. When you are applying a concealer concentrate more on the red patches that you notice on and around your nose. Apply the concealer on the mentioned portions and then you would notice how bright and shining your face would look!

Trick #4: Desist from applying foundation all over your facewoman-self-tanner-face-300

People tend to make a mistake by applying a foundation all over their face. Keep this fact in your mind that you do not require a foundation all over your face, simply apply a foundation just around the skin which is not even and the area of your face which gets dry and rough during the winters. If you want to go for a more natural look then apply moisturizers which are tinted and are lighter than the usual foundations.

Trick #5: Foundation should be blended properlyfoundation+application

If you want your foundation to reach every portion of your face, use a brush for blending foundation more properly. Commence from the middle of your face and work your way outwards. Do not forget to apply the foundation on your neck or else the contrast of your face from your neck would be visible.

Trick #6: Go for a color which suits your skin tone bestfoundation-applying

Pick colors which are close enough to the tone of your skin. If you apply foundations which are of a darker shade than your natural skin or even lighter, it would stand out and will be prominent and hence would look extremely odd and put of place.

Opt for foundations which are of darker shade in summers as our skin usually gets dark in summers, and for lighter shade in winters as our skin becomes light in the season.

If you have an oily skin, opt for foundation which is of matte in nature. And if you have a dry skin, get a foundation which offers formula that keeps your skin hydrated.

Trick #7: Make use of a makeup sponge, foundation brush or even your fingersIMG_3047

When applying foundation, make use of a brush to get all the area of your face covered properly. You can even use your fingers, take foundation in your hands and dab it on your face. But the best method of applying a foundation is with the use of a makeup sponge. A sponge provides much greater coverage. But in the end it depends upon you to use the method you prefer the most.

Trick #8: Methods of concealing dark circles under eyesbest-under-eye-concealer

If you wish to make the area under your eyes negligible, try using concealers which are much of a yellow tone, and even peach. Around your eyes corner apply concealer and tap it so that it sets into place. Remember never apply a concealer the way you apply a sunscreen lotion on your face.

Trick #9: Go for bronzersBlond beautiful woman with heart

To give a warm tinge to your face, go for bronzers. For applying bronzer use a makeup brush and apply in the regions where your skin is more tanned- your face, forehead and nose.

Trick #10: Skin’s oil is not your mortal enemy

If you want to avoid flaunting a cakey face, consider the oil secreted by your face as a friend of yours, it rather provides sheen to your face and makes you look more fresh. In order to have impeccable makeup, apply a primer which is oil free.

Trick #11: Blush can be worn by all and sundryapply-bronzer

Who says that a person with rough and ruddy skin cannot apply blush? All you have to do is dab a moisturizer as it decreases the creases and lines on your face to such an extent that you can easily apply a blush which gives your face a charming flush.

So, now as you are armed with the secrets of having a flawless skin, what are you waiting for? Keep these mantras in your mind always and get charming and spotless skin in jiffy!

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