Medium Hairstyles for Curly Hair

Although many women have a tendency to say that medium length hair offers the best of both worlds – many other women would jump at the chance to differ. In fact, sometimes, having medium length hair is not really all that it is cracked up to be. Statistics show that many women who maintain medium hairstyles for curly hair, also maintain bangs of some length as well. This may include side bangs, straight bangs and even edgy bangs that are mostly brush back into the rest of the hair line naturally. In any of these cases, bangs can often make it difficult to pull off certain hairstyles, especially when dealing with curly hair.

The weight of the hair plays a heavy role (no pun intended) on the way your hair falls, especially around the shoulder areas. While longer hair does not always mean heavier hair – many women will notice that the shorter they cut their hair, the thicker their hair may grow. This is mainly due to the fact that shorter hair is easier to maintain since there is smaller surface areas to moisturize. You could use a bottle of conditioner per wash, but if your hair is not healthy, it is not evenly distributing the hydrating from the inside layers and roots.

So – where does leave women that have medium length hair and naturally curly roots? Right smack in the middle of the hairstyle creativity pool! Let’s take a look at some convenient ways that woman with medium hairstyles for curly hair have opted to rock their curls, shall we?

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Uneven Tussled Curls

This sexy yet elegant look for medium hairstyles for curly hair has a unique way about itself. Like a snowflake, while you’ll be able to achieve similar looks with this hairstyle – each creation will be 100% different as the curls can be trained in different directions, your bangs can separate sections and of course, you could rock curls and straight sections without looking crazy!

While you can rock this hairstyle properly with any type of face structure, it usually looks more fitting for women with round or fuller faces. Long or skinny faces can look submissive to their own hair at times if not properly styled – or not styled at all for that matter!

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Side Swept Seductiveness

Of course, you will need to ensure that your bangs and layers are long enough to complete this hairstyle, but it is becoming one of our personal favorites. The side sweeping of bangs and thick sections of hair have become more popular in the last year or so. Many women are using bangs and layers to create unique hairstyles with nothing more than a round brush and a blow dryer! Sweeping the hair under the brush will loosen your natural curls and create subtle waves of hair that can be swept back in any direction to complement your face.

This hairstyle looks much more defined on full faces, pear shaped faces and wide middle faces. However it can be utilized on any woman that is considering a bold statement and has the time to blow dry and train their hair each morning!

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Let it Fall Naturally

Just as Beyonce so lavishly showed us, letting your natural curls relax against your head can be one of the sexy medium hairstyles for curly hair! As you can see, parting your bangs around the sides of your face and curling under can mask just enough room on the forehead to accent your eyes. As the curls fall into place around the head, they set in a natural, soft looking manner than is not only visually pleasing but comfortable to wear as well. Setting the curls evenly around your head in different directions will distribute the weight of thicker hair, making it feel much less top-heavy than usual!

Since this hairstyle is designed to accent your individual face patterns, it can be worn properly by any woman with any type of facial features. IN fact, many women than have wider or rounder faces, often opt for this medium hairstyle for curly hair since it creates a longer looking perspective, making their face shape appear less wide or round.

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Tips for Medium Hairstyles for Curly Hair

Just as there are tricks for working with short or long hair, there are plenty of tips that you can utilize to manage your medium length hair on your own – creating salon like styles right from your very own bathroom. Here are some simple tips that may make managing your hair much easier:

  • Condition everyday while shampooing every other day. This will retain the hydration in your hair and scalp
  • Use a deep conditioner at least once each week to ensure optimal moisture retention
  • Do not use styling products with heavy alcohol or acids
  • Trimming your hair at least ½ of an inch every other month will help stimulate proper growth
  • Massage your scalp for at least 15 minutes each day – preferably in the shower while conditioning
  • If you dye or chemically treat your hair, use only the shampoo and conditioner meant for that purpose. This will replenish the nutrients back into your hair effectively
  • Brush your hair in long strokes from scalp to tip – Less than 200 strokes each day is deemed insufficient

By following these tips, despite what medium hairstyle for curly hair that you have, you will find, very quickly, that you hair becomes softer, more manageable and more compatible with when using products. Healthy hair is known to maintain the definition of a haircut longer, as well as retain hydration, products and avoiding breakage that creates frizz.

Before you decide what your next hairstyle should be, take a good look at the maintenance level before you make a huge mistake. If you’re not willing to upkeep it, odds are you should chose a different style!

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