Mini Tutorials: 10 Makeup Tips Every Woman Should Know

We offer a lot of makeup tips and tutorials around here but this one is a little different. Although these aren’t really tutorials in the traditional sense of the word, they are detailed tips that can help you apply your makeup beautifully regardless of the kind of look you’re going for. Instead of focusing on one look and walking you through how to get that look, our mini tutorials are more generalized and are designed to help you arm yourself with the knowledge you need to pull off whatever look you choose to go for. Whether you wear makeup every day or are a “makeup is for special events only” kind of girl, these are ten makeup tips you should know to look your best every time you wear makeup.

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10: How to wear foundation properly.

I used to skip foundation – big makeup don’t, I know – because I always found it made my blush look so heavy and unnatural regardless of the brand I used. This little trick changed that. After I apply foundation to my entire face, I wipe a little off my cheeks using a tissue then apply my blush. I still get a base from the foundation but the tissue helps keep that base thin enough to prevent my makeup from looking unnatural. This allows you to get a nice healthy glow on your cheeks without making you look like you’re painted up like a clown.

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09: How to make your lashes look longer and fuller.

We’ve already talked in detail about how to get show stopping lashes but one of the coolest, most effective tips for longer, fuller looking lashes is one I’ve only recently discovered. While we’re still going to wiggle the applicator as we normally would we’re also going to be focusing on getting more thickness at the base of the lashes. Start with your applicator at the base of the lashes as usual and wiggle the applicator back and forth. This ensures a good solid coat of mascara at the base of your lashes and prevents clumping. Then, sweep the want up and toward the outer corner of your eye. This gives a lighter coat at the ends of the lashes which makes your lashes look more natural and less heavy.

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08: How to wear pink makeup properly.

The great thing about a good pink makeup product is that it can be used for a whole variety of things beyond just adding a little color to your cheeks. Pink blush, especially nice fuchsia shades, can also be added to the lips while pink lip color can be blended on the cheeks. This gives your look a natural pulled together look. Just remember not to go too heavy on the cheeks with any product. You’ll lose the look of a natural glow and will instead look too made up. Another good tip for your pink product? Choose an opaque pink with a bit of a gold glimmer (most anything with ‘golden’ in the name will work) and put a little on your lips then mix a little with a moisturizer and put it on your cheeks. It will give you a natural glow that will brighten up your whole face.

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07: How to conceal dark circles under the eyes.

Dark circles and under eye puffiness are not attractive. They make you look tired and worn out. They also significantly age you. We’ve already talked a bit about how to get rid of under eye circles but there are a few quick tips any woman should know how to do because, let’s be honest, dark circles are bound to happen every now and then. Before we start though, you may need to invest in a few beauty products you may not already have. You’ll need:

  • Foundation – one or two shades lighter than your normal foundation
  • Tone corrector
  • Fast absorbing hydrating cream
  • Pale yellow powder (pressed powder or even non-shimmer eye shadow will work)

Most ladies don’t keep foundation that is too light for them but it’s a must for quickly concealing dark circles. Start by applying your hydrating cream under your eyes. This provides a base for the other products we’ll be using and guarantees those other products will go on smoothly. Allow the cream to set for a few moments then add your tone corrector under the eye. The tone corrector is designed to mask imperfections in the skin so it will work to conceal the dark purple or blue color in those dark circles. After your tone corrector has been applied, apply your foundation under the eye. Finish up by sweeping on a little bit of pale yellow powder. I prefer using tone correcting pressed powder for this step (which you can get at your local drug store) but pale yellow shadow (non-shimmer only) will work in a pinch. The yellow powder sets the other products and helps stave off creasing.

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06: How to wear red lipstick properly.

Red lipstick is bold and eye catching. It’s classic glamour. It also needs to be worn the right way or it will just look a complete mess. First, you need to choose a lip liner that matches the red lipstick you want to wear. It’s important that the lipstick and the liner match. Once you have a matching liner, you’re going to make sure it’s nice and sharp. Now, smile! Smiling will tighten the lips and make it much, much easier to apply your liner evenly. Now that you’re smiling, take the edge of your liner and color in your lips. You’re going to want to fill your lips in completely with your liner. This keeps your lipstick in place and prevents smudging. Once you have your lips filled in, apply your lipstick. Instead of using just using your lipstick as you normally would, use a lipstick brush to paint the color on. This gives you more control and allows for a more precise application. Since mistakes are bound to happen, keep a little concealer close by. Dab a little concealer over any mistakes to prevent making them worse.

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05: How to get liquid eyeliner lines right the first time.

No other eyeliner gives you the bold, crisp line liquid eyeliner offers but that same bold, crisp line is what makes liquid eyeliner so ┬áhard to use. While we’ve already talked about applying liquid eyeliner in detail here, there is one fool proof trick you can use until you have your technique down. Use a taupe pencil to draw a line on your lid just above your lash line. Just stick with a light line because you’re not trying to get the color here. You just want to use it as a guide. This gives you the chance to make sure your line is even and accurate. Once you’re satisfied, retrace the line using your liquid liner. You’ll still need a steady hand but it’ll be easier than trying to apply the liquid liner evenly without that guiding line.

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04: How to get killer cheekbones.

Adding a little definition to your cheekbones gives your look a full, completed look and gives your face a beautiful, healthy glow. It’s also not all that hard to do. Start by sweeping a shimmer powder onto the tops of your cheekbones all the way back to just under your temples. You’re going to want to use a sheer shimmer powder and just sweep it along. You don’t want to go too heavy with the shimmer. Next, suck in your cheeks and dust a little nude blush to the hollows of your cheeks, applying it just under your cheekbone. Again, you don’t want to use anything too dark or you’ll look too ‘made up’. Finish up by applying a peach toned blush to the apples of your cheeks. Work your way back toward the temple starting with small circular motions at the apples and gradually increasing the size of the circles as you move outward.

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03: How to do smokey eyes.

This is another topic we’ve covered in quite some detail but let’s say you’re running short on time and want to do a quick smokey eye. Start by lining your lower lid with dark liner, pushing the liner upwards into the lashes. You want to make sure there is no gap between your lashes and the liner. Next, repeat this process on your upper lid, once again making sure you’re not leaving a gap. Smudge the liner using your fingertip or a clean Q-tip. Next, take a medium shade of whatever color you’d like to use for your smokey eye and sweep it over the lid and into the crease, blending out toward to outer corner of your eye and up toward the temple.

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02: How to make bold brows work for you.

Bold brows are not the problem some may think they are. They can be eye catching and quite beautiful if you make them work for you. First, comb your brows out with a mascara wand. Just make sure the wand is perfectly clean. You can order clean wands online or buy them at most drug stores in the cosmetics department. They’re perfect for brushing brows. This lets you see how your brows naturally fall. Next, use the thin side of a brow pencil to shape your brow. You’re going to want to use a pencil that has a bit of a waxy feel to it. Once you have your brow shaped, use short strokes of the angled side of the brush to fill in the brow. Finish up by using a highlighter product just below your brow bone. This brings out the brow, makes it look brighter and gives it a bit of a lift for show stopping brows every time.

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01: How to use bronzer properly.

Bronzer is a useful tool to have in your makeup bag but only if you know how to use it properly. This little trick is my favorite bronzer trick because it allows you to apply bronzer perfectly every time quickly and easily. Basically, you’re going to apply your bronzer to the outside edges of your face and just below your cheekbones only. Applying bronzer to the center of your face can actually make you look older than you actually are and that’s something most of us want to avoid. Start by applying bonzer to your temples and sweeping it down along the side of your face until you reach the bottom of your cheekbone. Sweep it underneath the cheekbone and you’re done. If done properly, you should be applying your bronzer in a “C”. This gives you definition without looking too heavy handed.

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