Must-follow Commandments for Hair Accessories

There are some days when even after blow-drying your hair, you hair lacks luster and look extremely boring. As I mentioned in one of my previous article that hair accessories such as bows, headbands, embellished clips and flower clips does enhances the beauty of your hair and compliments with your outfit.

But it is equally important to know how to wear hair accessories in such a way that you do not end up looking like someone advertised in Craigslist. In this article I would be mentioning few strict fashion commandments which should be adhered to seriously by every girl. Failing to do so would be considered equivalent to committing a heinous fashion crime.

The First Commandment: Do not make a birdie’s nest on your headfeather-hair-accessories11

  • This commandment is applicable to all the latest hair accessories out in the market at present. However trendy they are, do not over do with your accessories or you would end up looking like a disaster.
  • For example, the feather headbands are totally ‘In’ now, but do not wear it with a floral sundress or something extremely bright, as well as do not wear any other accessory along with the feather headband, or else you would end up having hair in which a flock of birds have taken refuge.
  • Avoid heavy makeup when flaunting hair accessories such as a colorful flower clip or feather extensions.

The Second Commandment: Try to keep it Minimallarge bow clip

  • As the popular saying goes ‘Less is More’, opt for something minimal which will in turn enhance your looks more and more!
  • For example, girls usually tend to think that larger the bow clip they wear in their hair, it would make them look more attractive. It would be better if you shun such logics because if you wear a large bow on your head, you would end up looking like a more tackier version of Easter Bunny.
  • Go for small accessories which would make you look sophisticated.

The Third Commandment: Commit to Yourselfall accessories together

  • We know that hair accessories such as flower hair pins, embellished clips, bows and bobby pins are a great way of showcasing you as a pure fashionsta, they surely making a fashion statement, but it depends totally upon you to make sure that it is just one statement that you are making.
  • If you are wearing flower-embellished clips, do not wear flower headbands as well or else you would end up looking like those extra-frilly dolls sold in the streets.
  • Try not to mix motifs such as- mixing flower accessories with bows or feathers with bows, or else you would succeed in looking like a disaster.
  • Take as much advantage as you can of your hair accessories to add a bling on your outfit. Remember in order to please the Goddess of Hair, you need to keep your Hair all adorned with classic accessory yet looking sophisticated.

Hair Accessories to strictly Shun:

There are trendy hair accessories that makes your hair look like that of Rapunzel’s, but there are also the ones which can successfully make your hair look like one’s resembling a chicken’s. Here I give a list of hair accessories that you should strictly avoid and abhor with all your heart!banana clip

  • Banana Clips- Banana Clips gained rave popularity in the 90’s, but now instead of making a fashion statement, they make just one statement which is “Banana clips are now obsolete and outdated”. Although the Banana clips were considered fashionable earlier, but with years of scrutiny, it makes us realize that it rather gave an animalistic loo to our hair. It means that our hair rather resembles like a horses’ head and thus should be strictly avoided.zig zag
  • The Zig Zag combs- Frankly speaking, if somebody is trying to cajole you into buying zig zag combs late at night on television advertisements just because they efficiently keep hair away from your face, that doesn’t mean that you would order one straightaway!

Remember if a piece of hair accessory provides great functionality to you, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they make a great fashion statement as well. Avoid using these combs if you are determined to make a fashion statement with your accessories.20091022_51

  • The Hair Bumpits- this is one hair accessory that is the most advertised on televisions and is also the most comical of all. The reason being is that even after being installed in your hair, the bumpit plastic remains visible and hampers your overall look.

So, if you are not that good of a hairstylist and wish to use bumpits, learn how to wear a bumpit properly before trying your hand at it. Showing bumpits is equivalent to showing an undesirable aspect of your otherwise perfect body. Remember, you should not reveal your secrets to

  • Scrunchies- by avoiding scrunchies I am not suggesting that you throw away your entire scrunchies collection. Scrunchies had been a staple accessory of every girl, something on which we can depend totally as it does not result in breakage of hair, unlike the normal elastic hairbands. But scrunchies are good when you are going out for some sport activities, camping or having a sleep-over.

Try not to wear them at social do’s and parties as they throw spanner at your perfectly sophisticated look.Hera-clip-hair-extensions

  • Faux Hair Clip Extension- All I am trying to say with these hair extensions/wigs is simple yet important words of caution when you are donning them. Make sure that the Faux hair is of superb quality, not much old and of the same color as your hair or else it would look totally mismatched and quite obvious that you are wearing something made out of plastic on top of your adorable head.

Hence, before donning a hair accessory, make sure they are trendy and fashionable instead of making you look like a Halloween pumpkin. If you choose an inappropriate accessory for your hair it would rather be the cause of your downfall in the fashion world. Have fun customizing your hair. Hallelujah!

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