Must-follow Commandments to acquire Perfect Skin

tricks-to-perfect-skin-01-bess431If you think being in the age strata of 20 to 30 means that your skin is still young and won’t lose its sheen ever, then you are mistaken. Your skin loses its charm when exposed to elements such as extreme sun or even stress which are the factors that harm your skin, make its saggy and hence makes you look aged.

If you do not treat your skin with required care, then it might develop wrinkles at an early stage and make your skin look bleak. Remember something if damaged becomes difficult to repair. So it is better to be cautious and take care of your skin before the damage has even occurred. In this article I would be providing you the tips to keep your skin glowing always as well as keep premature aging at bay.

The Do’s: To slow down premature skin agingopen-uri20120716-4707-114ry1t

  • Avoid smoking at all cost- Have you ever scrutinized the skin of an avid smoker? Their faces are refuge of enumerable wrinkles which resembles like that of a wrinkled polybag. It is a proven fact that after the effect of sun, smoking is the cause which damages one’s skin badly. Reason being that nicotine causes a blockage of the blood vessels as a result of which oxygen flow to the skin decreases considerably. Hence say no to smoking.38334b61334b507758566d654c5f4945724277-149x149-0-0
  • Do not forget the usage of retinoid- Make a habit of using retinoid on a regular basis or maybe every alternate day. If you apply a prescribed retinoid lotion on your face, it effectively erases the ‘Aging Lines’ from your face. The dermatologists believe when used regularly, the retinoid lotion works wonders as an anti-aging cream.

Using a prescribed retinoid lotion such as tazorac refreshes your face and makes you look few years younger. Make sure not to go under sun after applying the lotion or else you would get sunburnt.facial-at-home-1

  • Get facial- Whatever happens, do not forget to get facial at least once in a week. It doesn’t mean that you have to head to a salon to get a facial. You can get it done yourself at home as well as it hardly requires 34 to 40 minutes. Facial includes exfoliating and cleansing your face by using a face scrub, then hydrating your skin and finally applying a good moisturizer.Sunscreen-application
  • Do not forget sunscreen lotion- keep a sunscreen lotion as close to you as possible. Apply the lotion whether it rains or even when the sun shines to the extreme. Get yourself a trusted SPF 40 sunscreen lotion to protect your face. Trust me when I say that your skin suffers maximum damage not only in summers but in winters as well. Thus, in order to keep your skin from aging, never forget to wear a good sunscreen lotion.Hot-Sale-Freeshipping-Portable-Folding-font-b-Auto-b-font-Car-font-b-Windshield-b-font
  • Get a good window shield- you skin gets tanned maximum the most when you get exposed to sun while travelling in a car. Hence try investing in an extremely reliable window shield which would protect you from the harsh rays of the sun and hence preventing your skin from getting damaged.

The Don’ts: To achieve a perfect skin4111604-pretty-young-woman-making-funny-face-with-hands

  • Avoid tugging at your skin- Already your skin had undergone tortures provided by the sun, UV rays and from stress, hence do not worsen its condition furthermore by tugging and pulling it.cream
  • Remember to moisturize- It is a myth believed by most people that wrinkles are a result of a dry skin. But I can assure you that if you apply a moisturizer regularly, it lessens the fine lines on your face and plumps them up. Opt for a good eye cream as well because most women believe blindly in them.Woman-Moisturizing-Her-Neck
  • Never ignore the region of your neck and chest- As neck and chest has less oil gland as compared to the rest of our body, they age faster. Hence do not ignore your neck and chest and go for moisturizing lotions which comprises of anti-aging elements such as Vitamin A and C and copper.
  • tanning_bedDon’t go for tans- If you think that you own a flawless skin and hence can get a tan, do not be mistaken because tanning causes wrinkles to appear on your skin. And once you get a wrinkled skin as a result of tanning, you would rue the day you that of getting a tan and spend tons of money to get back your normal skin.

So if your skin has been damaged due to over exposure to sun, do not fret. Get rejuvenating therapies and treatments such as pulsed light. These treatments are expensive but you do have to suffer a bit for your mistakes in the end.

If there are brown colored spots on your skin, you can treat them at home itself. Apply on your skin diluted lemon juice and keep applying it until the brown spots vanish completely.

  • woman-applying-wrinkle-creamDo not take irregular care of your skin- if you take irregular care of your skin, your skin would show the aging results faster. Never forget to cleanse the face before going to sleep each night because it not only unclog your skin pores, but washes away your skin’s pollution as well.

Go for anti-aging regimes as well in order to notice best effects for your skin. At first after you apply anti-aging cream, you might notice that your skin becomes red and peels a bit as well. Do not get tensed because these symptoms are extremely normal if you apply an anti-aging cream.

Hence, if you really want luscious skin, you have to toil a bit and keep up with the regular regimes of applying anti-aging creams, retinoids, moisturizers and other products which are good for your skin.

Now that you have the knowledge of what you have to do and avoid in order to have a healthy and flawless skin, prepare yourself for initial toiling but do not give up your regime because with a bit of patience, you would surely enjoy the benefits of your hard work and reap the fruits that is, get an impeccable skin!

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