Natural Sexy Makeup By Elizabeth Hurley

I know we all do it. We sometimes get a little excited with our make up and go a little overboard. I am guilty of the too heavy black eyeliner myself. It is shocking but men do notice this and it is a huge turn off. Employers can be paying attention to this as well. Let’s face it we are not all Lady Gaga and a meat dress is not going to go with our electric blue mascara.


So, I am going to give a simple guide to keeping make up natural and sexy without going too far. It is also something that can work night or day with a change of darker lip color. This is a versatile way to be naturally beautiful but still made up. We really don’t need all of the fancy stuff anyway because we have beauty oozing from our pores.


Step one

The first step is a clean face. Use your cleanser of choice whatever it is. A moisturizer is also necessary so that the make up can be on an even surface. This is important for how well it lays and looks as an end result. When you take that great picture you want to have that smooth skin.


Step two

Now we must apply the foundation. Try to find a product that matches your face. Avoid anything with bronzer or tanner in it. The closer to your actual skin shade the better. Use a sponge or your finger if it is liquid and apply it blending as much as possible. Don’t use too much of it or you will look like you have pancake makeup. If you choose the many mineral powder foundations simply take the brush, dip it into the powder, tap it into the cover, and apply to the skin.


Step three

Dig into your make up bag and find your blush palate. Choose a natural peachy pink color to give your cheeks a natural glow. Anything too dark will look harsh and bring out any dark circles under your eyes or natural redness in your skin. I would stay away from too light that can make you look sick. Take your brush and apply the blush to your cheek bones. A tip I use is to smile and than apply the blush it is an easy way to see where it should go.


Step four

It is time to do your eyes now. Choose a brown scheme with a vanilla shade in it. Now take the darkest brown and place it on your eye lids with a brush. Take a little extra of the darker color and pull it up to your outer brow line that will ring your eyes up. Use your medium shade of brown and apply it in your crease and up to your eye brows. Now take your vanilla shade and apply it just under the eye brows from the middle to the outer brow. This should result in a natural and smokey eye that will grab the attention you are after.

Step five

We are now going to do our eyeliner. Go and find a brown black color that is sharpened. A dull eyeliner can be hard to work with when neatness counts. Take the pencil and draw a line just under your lower lashes and upper lashes. Do not go too thick or you will age yourself or perhaps get into that Goth look which we are trying to avoid.


Step six

It is mascara time. When shopping for mascara we all have our favorite brands. Go with yours but buy a brown black shade that will not be too dark. This shade works on everyone. Apply it to both the top and bottom lashes. The bottom lashes are the hardest for me so I do them first. I just put the brush against my lashes and pull down. I go all the way along the small lashed until I am satisfied. As for the top lashes this is much easier just place the brush against your eyelid and pulls your lashes up with the brush. It may take two coats of mascara but no more than that.


Step seven

This is my favorite part the lips. I like to take a nice natural looking pinky peach color for my lipstick. Shades that are too dark because that can overpower your natural beauty look. Also nothing too light as that will make you look sick which is not good either. Just open the lipstick and apply it to your lips as usual. For a little extra fun I take a shade of lip gloss that is a little redder than the color of lipstick and apply it over the lipstick to give it that shine.


Last step I promise

For our big finishing step I like to take my finishing powder and seal the foundation in place. When you bought your foundation you probably got a finishing powder for it in a similar shade so not is the time to take that out and use it. Use your brush or applicator that it came with and apply it to your face. If you bought a mineral make up than a finishing veil is usually sold with it so just take your brush and apply that to your face to seal in the foundation.


You should now have a natural beauty that you but better. There should be nothing too garish or crazy should be going on here. This make up routine is also very simple and short to do. Once you get the hang of it you can get it down to five minutes which is something everyone can do. Even the most low maintenance girl can pull this off with little money and even less time.


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