Nutritional Supplements for Healthy Glucose Metabolism

Glucose metabolism is essential for a healthy life, but not everybody knows what it is or how to handle it. Fortunately, there are many supplements available ( for people who need them, and for anybody who is concerned about the effects that their metabolism might be having on their lives.

Alpha-Lipoic Acid

A fat- and water-soluble antioxidant, this acid goes for free radicals within your bloodstream, protecting our cells and tissues. To help keep blood sugar balanced, alpha-lipoic acid converts glucose directly into energy in the cells, and works to increase sensitivity to insulin after just over a month of taking the supplements .

Banaba Leaf Extract

Made from the leaf of the Southeast Asian tropical Banaba tree, the extract has corosolic acid in it to help transport glucose from your bloodstream into your cells to use as energy. One study showed results which said that taking Banaba leaf extract for a fortnight at the minimum saw a rebalance of glucose levels which led to better health overall.


Chromium is a mineral which is needed for metabolism anyway, but our research has shown that it can help to regulate blood sugar if it is taken regularly.


This spice is made from the bark of Cinnamomum trees, and is a wonderful antioxidant which works by improving blood glucose control through slowing down food absorption and enhancing insulin sensitivity.


Fenugreek is supposed to help blood sugar levels through slowing down a person’s digestion, and so slowing food absorption. The seeds also help to stimulate insulin production, which helps to regulate your blood sugar levels. A recent study showed that three years’ worth of regular fenugreek intake had a significant effect on blood sugar issues.


Ginseng is regularly used in herbal medicine, but it stands out as something which can be very helpful for blood sugar levels when taken regularly with meals.

Gymnema Sylvestre

Gymnenma Sylvestre leaves increase insulin within the body as an effort to normalise your blood sugar levels. They also help to slow down general levels of glucose uptake within the bloodstream.


Magnesium is an important mineral which our bodies use in more than three hundred chemical reactions, so the fact that it benefits blood sugar levels as well should not be surprising. Supplements of magnesium can be used to increase insulin sensitivity and support healthy glucose levels.


Probiotics work by interacting and communicating with our cells, thus bolstering the beneficial bacteria in our body. They are, all together, responsible for performing a huge number of digestive functions, which includes keeping blood sugar levels stable.


Vitamin D

Vitamin D levels are directly correlated with our body’s ability to control the metabolising of glucose – people who have issues with blood sugar are often found to be low in vitamin D. the vitamin improves insulin sensitivity throughout the body, allowing for glucose to be metabolised and blood sugar handled with less dependence on huge amounts of insulin. Regular doses of vitamin D can help people with these problems.


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