One simple hack to feel your best in your body

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Getting up early and going to the gym… So many “successful” people are telling you about how great they feel after an early workout in the morning, but none of them talks about facing the cold of the dark winter mornings to go to the gym. 

Setting out a new routine is difficult enough, and even harder when you have so many factors screaming at you to stay in your bed. 

Yet, the benefits of morning workouts aren’t just “being fit.” They can make a huge difference in how you will take on your daily ups and downs. 

There’s no need to leave your house to workout 

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Most people think that working out every day is for athletes or people who want to lose weight. However, daily workouts actually play a big role in your mindset and how you feel in your body. 

Podcast host and TedX speaker Amy Vetter talks about her daily exercise routine as “medicine”: “I do yoga, run, lift weights, or spin each morning, even if I can only get in 15 minutes,” she said to

Today, thanks to the power of the Internet, you don’t even need a gym membership to stay in shape. You can find useful workout videos from athletes or professionals players who work from home like Kristy Arnett, who has built her career online and stays fit by working out at home every day.

You know what they say: a healthy mind makes for a healthy body. 

Start your day by taking care of yourself 

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One great thing about waking up early is that everyone else is still sleeping so you can finally find the “me” time that you deserve. Read a few pages of your favorite book, meditate, work out; it’s your time to think about you without being distracted by other people. 

The thought of postponing your workout to the evening will cross your mind, but you also know that your best friend might propose you go out to talk about last night’s date or your boss will throw a last-minute project at you. The chances that you will actually go to the gym in the evening are VERY thin. 

Even if getting out of your bed is difficult some mornings, keep in mind that you are standing up for yourself by having this time for yourself that we all struggle to find during our busy days.  

Working out is very personal and can vary. If you are afraid of getting bored, prepare a workout schedule that involves one different activity every day. 

Here are examples of morning workouts: spinning, running, swimming, walking, hiking, aerobics classes, dancing, and kickboxing. 

Brighten your mood 

Photo by Bruce Mars, Pexels License

The human body naturally leans towards physical activity. Moving your body will release chemicals that influence the way your brain receives pain. 

It all starts with increasing your heart rate; this causes your body to release endorphin chemicals, which interact with the part of your brain that controls pain. They will then lower any feeling of pain throughout your day – whether it’s anxiety, negative thoughts, or difficult problems to solve. 

Plus, the production of endorphins brings on an overall feeling of wellness. Think about the time when you woke up in a terrible mood because you didn’t sleep enough or you were stressed. Well, working out in the morning will give you a more positive mindset to help you tackle your day. 

Your body craves it and you’ll find that your attitude towards your day will be more positive afterwards. After a couple of days feeling the positive changes, you will naturally want to workout in the morning. That’s the secret hack that keeps early birds going: an addiction to feeling great in their body every single day. 

The reason why so many people have adopted an early morning routine is because it actually works. 

It does make them happier and more motivated to finish their to-do-list. 

It’s up to you now to find which workout routine works for you on a daily basis so that you can start your day with a positive mindset and feeling great in your body. 


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