21 Super Hot Must Try Orange Hair

Are you one of those people who like to keep changing their hairstyle? Hmmm or maybe you are among those with virgin hair and is now venturing into a path of dyed hair. Either way, in your search for the perfect color, it had probably become exhausting to see the same colors and styles over and over again. Plain colors, styles that are overly used, or in short ideas that are no longer new. Well, you are in for a treat today because you are among the first few people to discover such creative and unique orange hairstyle. Instead of being a follower of what’s popular these days, you are going to be the trendsetter, which of course you totally deserve!

1.Fiery Black to Orange 

Let us start off with this hottest orange hairstyle! It is not only hot as in super attractive but it looks literally like fire. Wouldn’t you agree that this is a totally unique and attention-grabbing hairstyle? There was a time when ombres became super popular, however the tones had been kind of repeating with the blondes and browns and all that jazz. Now this one is totally a very creative way to breath some freshness into ombre but at the same time make it totally a new trend on its own. Why don’t you show your hotness off with such red-hot hairstyle?

2. Fire in the Night

Ah, perhaps this orange hairstyle and the previous fiery one make it difficult to decide. They both have its fiery look but differ in intensity. The first one looks strongly ablaze at the brightest time of the day while this orange hairstyle looks like a bonfire at night. It is similarly looking like fire but with a sense of mystery and darkness. Perhaps it can even be compared to dusk. Well if you are the fierce and enigmatic type, then this color is the best for you.

3. Fiery and Nice

We all have that friend who is bold but also sweet at the same time. Or perhaps you are the one who is that type of girl. This kind of hairstyle perfectly embody that kind of personality. It shows off that strong vibe with its color but at the same time softens one’s overall feature with such fluffy curls. Either you want to give off that vibe or you want to express who you really are inside, then get your hair dyed orange with your natural curls, perm, or curling iron.

4. Brown with Hints of Orange

Like a fox who’s cute and ferocious at the same time, this kind of hairstyle displays that. The darker shade of brown gives off a calmer, sweet, and feminine look while its hints of orange signals that this girl is not a pushover. It is the ideal hairstyle for those who are majority of the time sweet and caring but when ticked over, shows no mercy to such injustices. It’s achievable for both those who have straight and wavy hair. Straightening and curling irons are your best friends in adjusting the waviness of such foxy hairstyle.

5. Orange Elegance

Who says orange is purely for casual style – that it is only good for an everyday look, or only good for high school or college students but cannot be worn for more formal employment of events? Of course, that is entirely untrue. You do not need to dye another color over your orange hair or get discouraged from dying your hair orange. Of course you can do it! It always depends on how you flaunt it, you know. Take this example over here to get an idea on how to style your orange hair to get that sophisticated look. A high bun plus great make up equals a superb fancy appearance.

6. Like a Princess

There are many ways to make orange hair look classy. This style of brownish orange, make it look so feminine to a point of looking so graceful, smart, and sophisticated. If you are this type of girl, or aspire to be possess this characteristics, then this hairstyle suits you best. Another good thing about this color is that can easily look great on any kind of color and attire. It can look great on students and career women who would like to appear rather refined and scholarly but still want to keep it looking pretty and girly as well.

7. Let it Glow!

Many people are scared to go all in with orange. They fear it looking funny, or appearing unattractive when they are aiming for something beautiful. This hairstyle removes the stigma about getting a truly orange hue. It is not adversely pretty but it looks totally amazing. Just a little tip to carrying such hair color well is by being careful with the outfit you match it with. Especially with colors, choose wisely the clothes that goes well with your orange hair.

8.  Totally Orange

The previous idea still had black around the roots and then going totally orange. This time it’s orange exactly from root to tips, and it looks super cool! You’d need to bleach your hair first in order to get the right orange tone. You can do it by yourself, ask a friend, or to achieve the best results, have it done by a professional. Especially if you previously had dark hair, this orange hairstyle can be a totally fascinating change. Show them how much more beautiful you can get.

9. Playful Orange

We are just getting wilder and wilder with orange hairstyles here! You should get bolder as well in showing off what you really want to express and feel. Some people stay away from orange and consequently use the same color combinations over and over again. They have not realized that orange can be very great to mix up with other colors. Like this for example – a combination of orange, yellow, pink, and purple brings out such a cute but also very free spirited hairstyle.

10. Cheerful and Free

Colorful and wavy, how much wilder can this orange hairstyle get? Set your spirit free by having such bright colors as pink, red, purple, orange, and yellow dyes plus a wavy style. It can look great in any length. Most likely, you would be needing professional assistance with this hairstyle. It is totally the change that no one could overlook and miss to admire at.

11. On a More Serious Note

You can still use a lot of colors without looking like a candy. Like this hairstyle, it uses different hues of red, orange, and peach and managed to look very fierce and serious. If you want to mix up various colors, tones, or hues, then you can copy this style. It would most likely need bleach as well if you naturally have dark hair or you previously dyed your hair black, brown, and anything in the shades of dark.

12. Reverse Flames

Normally, when people have their hair dyed like flames, they would have it black to orange. This style is another idea on how to do fire-like hair color. You can have the parts close to the roots darker orange, and then slowly get lighter and lighter up to yellow to the tips. It can look as if fire is glowing out your head. It can look very stylish and unique.

13. Soft  Orange

Orange does not always have to be bold and fierce. You can still choose orange, lessen its intensity and make it appear soft and feminine. Just like this orange hairstyle for example, it is undeniably orange but its hue is rather less strong making it look highly fashionable, sophisticated, and girly. It is a good tone for women who are energetic, passionate, and pretty at the same time.

14. Red Orange


Many women love red or burgundy on their heads. Now that does not mean you cannot incorporate orange into your hairstyle. There is still a way to have both. Like this idea for example. You can have majority of your hair red and have some orange towards the tip. This also comes handy to those who naturally have red hair and want to put on another color to their hair. This can be an easy transition to having orange hair.

15. Subtle Orange

Orange hairstyle does not have to be bright orange or too noticeably orange. Like this hairstyle, it is more brown with a bit of orange, which balances out some brightness in such a dark hue. Doesn’t it look beautiful? It is great for women who likes to keep it simple and not so attention-grabbing. This is a good way to use orange.

16. Burgundy Orange

Here is another way to use orange in subtle ways. You can see more of the burgundy color than orange but still some orange dye is thrown in. The combination of both resulted in such cute overall color. You should know the right amounts of which color to achieve this kind of hairstyle.

17. Brown Orange

Brown plus orange equals an elegant feel. If you add some bangs, then it results into a totally fancy look. This is another idea in keeping orange in combination with another color to make it subtly orange but also giving another aura to it. This is great for medium length hair like this one in the photo. You would perhaps pull a totally new look for you with bangs, freshly cut hair, and shades of brown and orange.

18.  Almost  Orange

You can make your hair something in between orange and red. It is such a lively and cheerful color, which can greatly embody your energetic character. It would be a great hairstyle to sport when you go to festivals, the beach, for the summer, and anything of the like. Yeah those seasons and events are already fiery hot, but with you in it looking like this, the world will be ablaze with your sexiness.

19.  Nearly  Natural

We know it is dyed hair but somehow some people like to keep it looking natural. Just like with makeup, many women are wearing makeup but still keeping it look natural. Well this orange hairstyle is best for you. It is dyed but nearly looks as if you are a natural redhead. It is perfect to those down to earth, loves to blend in, shy girls out there. Looking like a natural this way, can make it easier to match up almost any outfit as well. Since it seems as though it is your normal hair, there is barely a pressure to mix and match it with your clothing and accessories. This is the effortless kind of beauty.

20. Proudly Orange

Opposite to the shy girls out there, there are those who don’t hold back and does not mind change to be easily noticed. Why not dye your hair in different orange hues from root to tips. Like this hairstyle, you can have darker orange and lighter ones in random parts of your head. There is no order, just a completely free creativity with orange. It would be good for women who are strong about self expression. You go girl!

21. Fiercely Orange

Among all the orange hairstyle ideas, this is perhaps the boldest among them all. This does not only include dying one’s hair bright orange but it is combined with some adventurous hair cut as well. The underside of the head is shaved and either its dark color is kept or it is dyed with black, and then the rest of the long hair is colored flame orange.

Unlike the previous prejudice about orange hair, you have now seen how fantastic orange hair can actually look if you know how to do it. The numerous suggestions are not usually worn by many people since it takes so much originality and creativity to come up with such ideas. So, on your next visit to the salon, what hairstyle are you getting?

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