Politicians Known for Their Gambling Habits

Many known figures in the world love gambling. Many of them from different walks of life are found doing their thing in the land based and online casinos. While most of them have consistently kept it responsible, some have also suffered addiction and problem gambling issues.  Most of these are people that made name for themselves in politics long ago. History has it that they were heavy gamblers when they were reigning.

Harry Truman

He was a poker player that never missed his game time. He loved poker with passion and loved putting down money for his passion with passion too. He learnt how to play the poker as soldier in the Second World War. He went ahead to form this as a habit that even as the president of the United States, he gets himself soaked at the tables. This made the managers to design a chip with the United States presidential seal for him. It was reported that while the decision to bomb Japan was being made on the U.S.S. Augusta in August 1945, he played poker with the journalists on board.

Warren G. Harding

He was another heavy gambler. While some people paddle down on their playing times when they get into such offices, this man has a schedule that allowed him to play with his cabinet members twice every week. This led to the nickname poker cabinet being given to he’s. One more thing about Warren’s games is that they were highly competitive. It was reported that he always admonished his opponents never to worry about real life rank differences once they are with him on the table.

Franklin D. Roosevelt

This is perhaps the highest of the poker players amongst the top politicians. Reports suggest that when the news of the FDR’s passing was brought to him in 1945, he was enjoying a poker game on a fine poker table. But it was not the innovative way people enjoy it now on egaminghall com. With the pressures of the Second World War always piling up, Roosevelt will sneak into poker games and ease them out. He was in love with the low stakes stud poker in particular. While he had the skills, it was purported that unlike, Warren G, he normally cornered success with his influence as president.


Richard Nixon

While he was the vice president of the United States, stories of his killer skills were all over the place.  He was actually raised a Quaker, and that means gambling was considered sinful. But, he would have none of that as an adult. He developed the habit while on duty as a naval officer during the Second World War. He was described as the best by most of the people that witnessed him play and those that played against him. His house of representatives bid was mostly founded with the money he won from playing poker during the war. This is said to be up to $10,000.

Dwight Eisenhower

He was Nixon’s boss, and was also good in poker games. He honed those skills while young. His skills included studying the odds and working with the outcome to win games. It was in the military as a five star general while on World War 2 duties that he perfected the skills. Meanwhile, he was said to have convinced others that they should lose a game together to help a soldier who previously lost a huge amount to win and recover.  He stopped playing for money. But this led him to stop playing the game at all.

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