Pre-Wedding Skin Dos and Dont’s

All of us want to look beautiful on our big day and for that we need to prepare a plan well in advance to the wedding date so that the skin looks shining and flawless on the big day. You need to pay special attention to your skin well in advance to your wedding. You need to follow the guidelines that are listed below.

Do not try new beauty products:

If you are suffering from this acne then be sure to get advice from a doctor or dermatologist and never try the beauty products that you have not used them before in your life.

Pre-requisite things to do before marriage:

Get your facial done a couple of days before your wedding as you might be under lot of stress if you do that just before the day of the wedding.

Also consult with the makeup specialist to find the makeup that will look best on you and that will make you the star of the show. So get this done well before your wedding date and check if it actually suits to your face or not.

You should also decide upon the hair style that you are going to wear on the wedding day and you can get it tried with the dress along with the necessary accessories to check if it will suit to you or not. In case it does not go with the dress then you can always get to choose the one that is most suited to your face and the one that will make you more appealing.

Do not get your pedicure and manicure done on the day of the wedding and get them done at least one day before the day of the wedding. Also ask somebody to be at your side to give touch-ups with the make-up so that you look great in all the photos that are taken on the wedding day.

If you want to have a beautiful and clear skin then you need to follow these things regularly- cleanse, exfoliate and moisturize skin.

Things to do before going to bed:

Always get clean of all the make-up before you could actually go to sleep. Once you have cleansed them then you need to exfoliate. Depending upon the type of product that you use you can exfoliate your skin daily or weekly. If your skin gets irritated with the product that you use then change to something soft and smooth. It is necessary to exfoliate the skin to remove all the dead cells from the skin.

How to maintain your skin for the whole day?

You must definitely use a moisturizer with the SPF of 15 on every morning and this very important to keep the skin hydrated. Along with this skin regime you also need to get the facial done by the professionals at least once in a month.

As the skin of the women changes very often due to the hormonal changes in them it is necessary to get the facial done by the professionals as they will also be able to guide you about the home skin care routine that you do it in your home. If you start preparing all these treatments for your skin before six months your skin will really look great and glowing on the day of your wedding.

When should you do the facial for your wedding?

It is better to get your facial done just two days before your wedding and on the day of the wedding you can apply some facial mask which will add a healthy glow to your skin on the day of your marriage.

Tips to relax your body and mind:

If you are feeling stressed out then, finds ways and means to relax yourself. Do some yoga and go for long walks to soothe your mind and body.

Tips to stay fit and healthy:

You also need to take at least eight glasses of water every day to stay healthy and fit on your wedding day.

Things to do be done before your wedding day:

Always keep the products for touch-ups for getting your mak- up redone along with you. Also wear a perfume that works well with your body chemistry, as it is also a part of bridal beauty. Also do not get your hair washed on the day of the wedding and get them washed before the previous day.

Ensure that you make use of hair care products like mousse or gel to maintain the texture of your hairdo not do too much glitter on your hair or on your body, as it will not look elegant on the day of the wedding.  Ensure that you wear a lipstick that lasts longer so that you need not have to touch up every now and then.

Be fresh and cheerful on the D day:

If you want to stay fresh throughout the day of the wedding then consult with your makeup artist and ask him or her to apply on you the foundation that is very subtle and also a light moisturizer on top of it to make your make-up stay fresh always. Also get your photo tested well before the wedding with full makeup and dress so that it does not look like white mask on the day of the wedding. Ten  days before to your wedding never try out any beauty products or cosmetics as it might make your skin allergic and your skin will get spoilt also.

If you want to have a clean and flawless skin that is glowing radiant then you need to follow all these things that are mentioned in this article without fail on a regular basis.  Also give ample rest to your body and especially so that you do not get dark circles under your eyes on the day of the wedding.

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