PumpMania: History, Trends & Craze throughout the years

Women always strive to look beautiful, whether it concerns the clothes, hair, nails or her shoes. But there arises problems for women who have feet extremely unsuitable for wearing high-heels. So, it is always a daunting task for them to find something comfortable, yet fashionable shoes for themselves through which they could make a style statement.

This is where Pumps come in as a solution. Women with their high heel woes have a fine solution in the form of Pump shoes which are also known as Pompies. They are much more comfortable than the usually towering high heels, and look extremely sophisticated, an epitome of high-end fashion. Another advantage of pumps is that it provides comfort to a woman’s feet, other than making her the belle of the ball in parties and other events!

Pumps: the History

Pumps are strapless shows which have its back closed and are extremely lightweight. It doesn’t require to be buckled or laces to be tied. Instead you can slip your feet into pumps comfortably. Pumps can have heels of varying heights.

It used to be originally worn by servants and men centuries ago but eventually after going through a beautiful makeover comprising of bows and other fancy decorations, it was transformed into a more feminine and fashionable shoe, exactly in contrast to the plain ones they used to be.

The pumps have become Classic now, as it is available with no-heels to more than 6 inches of heels and beyond, which signifies elegance and sophistication. A woman oozes confidence in her pumps, throughout the day, even when she goes to work in the morning, or go to late night parties at night. Pumps are truly multi-taskers and thus it is obvious to comprehend why they have become Classic.

Types of Pump Shoes:

  • Pumps with open toes- Open-toed pumps reinvigorate you as your feet feels relaxed in them as well as oozing of sensuality. These pump shoes are charismatic and makes a woman’s feet appealing. They are usually available in 4 to 5 inches heels.
  • Pumps with peep toes- Wearing peep toed pumps makes a woman’s feet dazzle in all kind of dresses. If you have a little unattractive feet, these pumps can be made good use of as in can effectively conceal the not-so-good part of your feet. And with few of your toes peeping out and the rest mysteriously concealed, it oozes of sensuality. These pumps can be worn throughout the day.
  • Pointed toe Pumps- Want to be the center of attraction apart from being labeled a complete Hottie in a party? Try out the point toe pumps then! It provides extreme comfort apart from making you stand apart from others!
  • Pumps with rounded tip toe- Rounded toe pumps falls under the category of formal shoes. These pumps give off the vibes of elegance apart from providing comfort which you can get when you wear loafers/flip-flops. As it is rounded at the tip of the toe, women can get adjusted to these shoes easily, comfortably and elegantly as it allows easy movement of your toes.
  • Platform Pumps- These pumps have platform soles of 1inch and comes its heels can vary from 4 to 4.5 inches. Its upper portion is usually meshed and is more than enough to make several head turn in your direction more than once!
  • Slingback Pumps- The women who believe in being a sex symbol as they possess sexy features should go for slingback pumps, comprising of peep toes, strappy to the core and having heels measuring 4.5 to 5 inches. With a total vixen look wen donning these strappy, sinful pumps, it could cause several neck- cricks for sure!
  • Designer Pumps- Going to a ball? Want to be the only Cinderella at the ball, with guys swooning at your sexy feet? The adorn your feet with sexy yet classic designer pumps adorned with embellishments, bows and laces. These pumps surely leave a lasting impression on whoever you want to impress!
  • Pumps with ankle-strap- Going for the total Mata Hari look?? Then be prepared to kill with these killer pumps comprising of pointy toes and a thin, sexy strap around the ankle. It gives off the ultimate Femme Fatale vibe with its 5 inch super-thin metallic heel.
  • Low heel pumps-  Women who do not prefer high heels can opt for these basics low heel pumps and they are a must have for a woman’s wardrobe. The heels come in 2 inches size and they are an epitome of classic shoes with their pointed toes.

Pretty Pumps to Adorn your Feet:

  • Aparlai Platform Sandals
  • Glittery Madewell Frankie pumps
  • Slingbacks by Valentino
  • Topshop High Vamp sandals encrusted with Rubies
  • Mirrored court Pumps by Zara
  • Hurdle heeled Sandals by ASOS
  • Golden Platforms by Dolce vita
  • Solitaire Pumps by Jeffrey Campbell
  • Textured pumps by Alexander Wang

Pumps can be a synonym for Comfort. They make women look chic. Besides making women look sophisticated, they keep the feet in shape and because of this versatility, Pumps can surely be termed as ‘Classic’.

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