Revlon Colorstay Longwear Nail Enamel Review

Ladies love to beautify their hands and their appearance by applying various shades of nail paints to their nails. You can call it an addiction, a way of flattering themselves with colors or gloss, but it’s a gorgeous way to make your hands look pretty.

Painting your nails is good way to tell others, how much you care about your looks and conveys a lot about your mood. It’s a way to let world know that you put work into your appearance. Nail paint is like the icing on the cake, it completes your entire look and it also gives your nails hardness and so they don’t break easily. Applying nail paint is just like adding colors to your life, and there are variations of colors available in the market to add. It enhances the beauty of your hand as well as protects your nails.

Revlon is the world’s leading brand that provides glamour, innovative products and excitement among its customers through its products. There cosmetics are of high standards and globally recognized. In only few years, the company became a multimillion dollar organization, launching what was to become one of the most recognized cosmetics names in America and around the world.

Now the game of nail painting just got more interesting with the arrival of new colorstay longwear nail enamel of Revlon. The color formula of the enamel is fortified with unique ingredients which provide high impact color and gel- like shine. The technology is based on unique combination of resin and high molecular weight polymers designed to provide flexible, shatterproof color with excellent color retention and gloss, which provides 11 day shatter proof color. Nail enamel dries faster in natural light, for a stronger, hardier finish than regular polish.

The product was released in February and retails at $7.99-8.49 for 0.4 oz. What is the use of any nail enamel if it is not available in multiple colors? And Revlon colorstay longwear nail enamels are available in 32 different fascinating, enchanting and glorifying shades than ever. Shades include fascinating French roast, beautiful Rich raspberry, Amethyst, enchanting Indigo night, Sequin, Rain forest, Buttercup, Sorbet, Café pink, Delicious, Top coat and Velvet rope. There are enough for you to choose and wear every day a different color according to your mood and style.

The brush for the application, provided with the nail enamel is think, which a good for application, it allows you to coat your nails properly with only two, three strokes. They suggest applying colorstay base before and after enamel for better shine and long lasting color. Thought for ordinary nail paints you have to coat your nails two times for proper color and thickness, but Revlon colorstay long wear will give you color and shine and hard look in just one coat, you don’t need to wait and go for another coat.

The nail enamel dries really fast, but while you are applying base and after shine on the enamel it could take few minutes to dry completely. Once it is completely dried it stays on the nail for days, as claimed by company it stayed at least 11 days on your nail without losing its texture and shine, which is a great thing.

This revamped formula is free of formaldehyde, toluene and DBP and also UV sensitive, which is a new characteristic in the world of nail enamels. Despite the uneven application, the polish gives you noticeably, almost mesmerizingly, shiny results. The application varies depending on the color. For example, Amethyst is goopy and somewhat difficult to manipulate, while Bonsai is fairly thin and easier to manipulate with the brush. If you are relatively quick with the application, you can avoid any streaking in the first coat; however, a second coat will take care of any streaking easily. More coats are not recommended and anything more than two coats will most certainly result in bubbling or bumps.

Removing nail polish is also quite tricky, because it is quite hard on your nail so you have to be little patient and after applying removal wait for a while, before removing it. If you will give remover a bit time to work, it will come out quite easily. There are also few tips regarding its application and removal on Revlon official site, which can be followed for guidance.


  • This nail enamel is UV sensitive.
  • Even if you apply it massively it gives you mesmerizingly, shiny look.
  • You don’t need to apply double layers for a better color.
  • Nail enamel stays long on your nails, almost for 11 days.


  • Revlon nail enamel is bit expensive as compared with other bands.
  • Take a little more time when applied with colorstay base.
  • While removing you have to put a little extra effort.

Jump in the pool of this colorful nail enamels and make your world more exciting and enjoyable and show your moods to the rest of the world with the help of these color filled tiny bottles.

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