The Right Way to Replicate Celebrity Style

Today, clothing isn’t just utilitarian. Fashion is a way for us to express our personal sense of style and give the world a taste of who we are with one glance. Many people cultivate a personal style by borrowing looks from their favorite celebrities. In an Instagram world, we’re more likely than ever to emulate the looks of high profile fashionistas.

However, some people make the mistake of being too literal when they copycat their stylish celebrity counterparts. Others forget to dress for their own body, not the figure of a famous actress or singer. 

Unless you want a creepy Halloween costume inspired by celebrities like Lady Gaga (that meat dress was truly horrifying) or Bjork (who took a major swan dive at the 2001 Oscars), we suggest taking a more subtle approach. Below we outline some of the right ways to replicate celebrity style without looking like a poser or going over-the-top.

Pick a Signature Accessory

Celebrities (or their highly paid stylists) know the power of having a signature accessory. You can’t wear the same shirt or slacks day after day, but you can add the same accessory to many different outfits.

Designer glasses are a great option for a few reasons. If you have trouble seeing clearly, glasses will have to be worn daily and will inherently become a part of every ensemble. Sunglasses are also a seasonal must during the spring and summer in order to protect your eyes from strong sunlight.

Other steal-worthy accessories to try include a hat, scarf or piece of identifiable jewelry.

Don’t be a Carbon Copy

Style is all about personalization. Taking inspiration from celebrity looks is one thing, but totally usurping their style is another. Replicating a celebrity’s outfit from head-to-toe is impossible unless you cash million dollar paychecks as well. You’ll also spend hours, if not days, trying to find sub-par substitutes.

It’s almost always better to use an outfit as inspiration and put your own twist on it. Take one element of the outfit and add to it from your own wardrobe. You can also simply go off of the style of dress to create an outfit in the same vein. You’ll look like you fit in the celebrity’s crew without being a carbon copy.

Remember Where You’re Going

Many celebrities dress to the nines on the regular because they have a gang of paparazzi documenting every move they make. If they don’t look their best, even for a split second, there will be pictures in the magazines noting their unpolished appearance. Celebrities are also jet-setters who go to the most glamorous events and venues in the world.

Looking put together is always advisable, but you have to keep your own agenda in mind. Does a trip to the grocery store really require contour makeup, designer threads and high-heels? Probably not. But we also suggest that you not follow in the footsteps of Britney Spears by dressing so far down you forgo shoes all together.

Don’t Forget About Hair and Makeup

A pulled together look includes hair and makeup styling. It’s also one more way you can subtly steal from your favorite celebrity looks without looking like a copycat. If you need proof, just consider how popular Dutch braids became after the Kardashians and Jenners started sporting them.

Rather than trying to replicate the outfit, it’s usually much easier to style your hair and makeup in a similar manner. But again, you’ll need to keep seasonality in mind as well as where you’ll be going.

Don’t Step Out of Your Comfort Zone

Your favorite celebrity may have the nerves to rock a daring outfit, but we each have our own comfort zone. Going outside of yours for the sake of replicating their style often doesn’t produce the same effect.

No matter how well a piece of clothing fits, if you don’t feel comfortable wearing it the self-consciousness will show. For example, some slim figured women don’t prefer looser garments over skin-baring clothes, high hemlines and plunging necklines. People normally look their best no matter what they wear as long as they feel comfortable and confident.

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