Saving a Relationship after Marriage – Essential Tips

Everyone knows that love relationships always go through several stages, and each of them requires a special approach. For instance, initial phases are filled with passion and anxiety-provoking occasions. Don’t you love those butterflies in your stomach when you think of your new date? Later on, this young and fresh love grows into something bigger – and you become committed. In the end, most love relationships in the Western world are the beginning of a family. You live together, share the same budget, create a cozy atmosphere in your house, and… what’s next? Are your relationships complete? Gorgeous girls from Russian Brides Stars dating site have several recommendations for you to make your relationship work properly after marriage.

You see, keeping track of how you treat each other, trying to save that sweet feeling you initially managed to establish, paying attention to each other’s reactions – all this should be your everyday agenda. Feelings don’t just happen to remain the same throughout the years. So let’s talk about how to make it work:


  1. Romance is not dead. There’s something strange about how people totally forget about romantic gestures when they marry. It seems that feelings just subside and evolve into something less intensive (as friendship). We are not talking about hundreds of roses and romantic escapades like an unexpected trip to Venice (although no one would say a word against such actions). You need to perpetually remind your spouse that you love him or her – whisper it in the ear, give a long and warm hug, bring flowers… You may think of an infinite number of options. Bear in mind that romance is what actually improves the emotional bond between you two.
  2. Routine is your greatest enemy. At this point, you may admit that romance vanished from your post-marital life because everyday routine had devoured every single minute of your free time. Well, that’s just another excuse. Yes, the routine may seem like a great explanation but, in fact, it’s not. Finding some free time to spend an evening together (or just for your hobbies and interests) is not that easy but it pays off properly – your relationship becomes stronger and your feelings become deeper and more solid. Don’t justify your laziness and the lack of desire with your routinized life!
  3. Communication is the key. It may sound too obvious for some people yet this simple idea somehow remains unheeded. Communication inside your family, the way you treat each other and exchange information and emotions are the most significant signs of your happiness. And if it happens that your communication looks more like you are not on the same page – something is terribly wrong. As far as we can see, the emotional distance between family members is the most frequent reason for a divorce. People just don’t seem to be interested in seeking compromises. Instead, they become estranged and, in the end, break up.
  4. Don’t underestimate sex. Sexual relationships between spouses are often quite cold. It may be a result of permanent fatigue and miscommunication between them. It is a well-acknowledged fact that couples that have sex on a regular basis tend to stay together for much longer. And, without doubts, such couples rarely become victims of ubiquitous sexual infidelity. You may also bump into problems in bed after a woman gives birth. Nevertheless, it does not mean that you should just give up trying! People do not often just click in bed. Sometimes it takes time and effort to fully understand your partner – but you will never regret it.


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