Say Yes to the Party Dress: What to Wear to a Birthday Party

Are you attending a birthday party soon? Wondering what to wear? Read on to learn what to wear to a birthday party and look your best!

Birthdays are a great way to get together and celebrate those you love. However, trying to figure out what to wear to a birthday party can be overwhelming.

So, let’s take a look at several different super chic outfit choices, from fun casual to sophisticated formal!

Figuring Out What to Wear to a Birthday Party?

The first step in figuring what to wear to a birthday party is to look at what sort of party invitations have been sent out. More often than not, even if the host doesn’t come out and say what the dress code is, there will be clues to let you know what to wear.

Many invites are evited these days, but they can still give you clues on how to dress.

Monochromatic invites or ones with elegant champaign will call for a slightly more dressed up look. Whereas, if there are bright colors and balloons, smart casual will be the way to go. 

Great Casual Party Looks

The fun thing about casual looks is that they can basically be your day-to-day wear with just a little extra zing.

For example, a great skinny jean with a sparkly cami and a velvet blazer would be perfect.

If you are more of a skirt lady, pair that with an amazing and interesting patterned stocking, clean white t-shirt, and a fun boot. You could also think about a great knit dress with sparkly flats. 

Cocktail Party Flair

What is great about cocktail parties, especially if they are mid-week, it’s super easy to take your look from day to night. By simply swapping your button-up suit shirt with a silky tank and adding a statement piece of jewelry — boom, you are ready to go!

Also, think about ditching the work purse for a fun and visually interesting clutch. This can be a great way to leave work at work and get you ready to party and celebrate!

Fancy Formal

This is where you can really let your inner glam girl shine.

This is the time for you to bring out that special occasion fancy dress, some fabulous sky-high heels, and a bold lip. Pretend you are on a red carpet!

One helpful hint about when formal dress will be requested is for milestone birthdays. Think the biggies: 21, 30, 50, and, of course, 100. So, thankfully it gives you a bit of time to plan.

90s, Pirates, Flapper Era

Costume parties have long been a fun way to celebrate your birthday. They can be a fantastic way to express your creativity and play dress-up as a grownup.


However, knowing where to start can be a little overwhelming, especially if you don’t have a reserve of Halloween costumes from years gone by. So, head to your local costume store or thrift store and start your hunt!

One Last Word of Advice

While it is important to follow the dress code, it is also important to be yourself and stay true to your sense of style. So, when you are deciding what to wear to a birthday party, make sure you pick something you are comfortable with so you can shine.

For more helpful hints about fashion, check out the ‘Fashion’ section of our blog!


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