Senior Living at Its Finest

Getting old is no fun, but that is subjective. Life happens, but you are still in control of much. While you are generally wiser, more intelligent, and have experienced so much, you are still getting older, which many have difficulty accepting. But think of it this way, your senior years are your golden years! If you choose to live a healthy, fun, safe life, put in your own, but the right hand’s things will be so much easier, and in your golden years, no one should have to stress about anything, especially not the care they will be receiving or where they will live in harmony. Where you live as you grow older truly does matter because it ultimately affects your health and safety. Most people want to remain living at home, but this is not possible many times, or it just is not ideal for the person conditions, but they still want to live a whole life, but our needs change. There are many senior and retirement communities across the nation. Choosing can be somewhat of a hassle at times, so doing one’s research and a community having all the amenities you want, and need are crucial for health and mental health. But, what if not only you could live in a great retirement community but also live-in luxury?

Unfortunately, not all living homes are created equal, and some have more amenities and services but most boil down to the same things such as group outings, fitness, and dining. Vivante is one of those homes that outshines many that currently exist while it is stunning. At Vivante living, you get all the regular services plus so much more. The Vivante community is half a mile from the beach, but it looks more like a resort or a hotel. The entrance was stunning, with a 1000-gallon fish tank and a black grand piano surrounded by other luxuries like high ceilings and attentive staff. “No more linoleum floors and fluorescent lighting,” says Chris McGraw. The entire facility is bright and open but still has a homey feel, not making it so cold as many luxuries’ buildings feature this. The community has 185 units throughout 100,000 square feet of beauty. It costs a pretty penny at 3,990 dollars a month up to $10,000, but it seems worth every penny for the amenities and cares one will receive here if one can afford it. On top of the standard amenities, one might receive at a retirement or care facility, Vivante also features 24/7 concierge, 24-hour on-call nurses, scheduled group outings, four different dining options, transportation services, not to mention all the relaxation and activities such as swimming and dancing for fun.

Just because you are getting a little older does not mean that you cannot have fun. In addition, they have memory care because they consider that elderly resident can have issues with dementia and Alzheimer’s, but that does not mean that life stops. With the proper care offered, seniors can live a happy and long life despite their disease. They offer all this within the care of the resident’s home in the community. The staff can also attend to household chores, coordination of health services. And for an extra fee, there is also medication management, spa services, and pet care in case you have a furry family member. There are cafes, restaurants, and a lounge/bar within the facility. This place seems to have it all and is worth every penny. And, if you thought this was all, there is more.

There are different units you can choose from, ranging from studio to two bedrooms. These units feature stainless steel appliances, solid wood cabinets, Caesar Stone countertops, and Porcelanosa tile. Everything about this place is luxurious. And of course, you can feel safe here, knowing you are within a community where the staff is there for you and attentive in your unit as if you were living in your apartment or house but with a bunch of perks and assistance if you need it. Growing old here seems like a dream, especially being right by the ocean and all it has to offer, all within a facility where you can easily access everything. And when you can choose to be in your unit or attend all the activities, and all the community has to offer, there is no getting bored, and there is truly something for everyone. They thought of it all while designing this place. Half the units are already pre-leased, so you know that it is worth the interest and look since it will not hurt, and planning is essential. There is no need to worry or stress since Vivante takes all the leg work off your plate and lays out all the information on the table without any guesswork. Vivante focuses primarily on health and wellness and provides seniors with the most luxurious experience possible with an engaging everyday calendar. If you want luxury and comfortable living, this place is for you. There is much research to do with so many places to choose from and so many options. However, this place is quite enchanting with everything it offers and is hard to look away from once you have seen everything. It does not hurt to examine and explore options! You want to feel as safe, secure, and taken care of while still living independently as possible. This is worth looking at.






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