Skin Care Routine For Your Oily Skin

Having oily skin is a situation that most people find themselves into but do not know the right procedure to do away with it. With various skin products in the market today, you can obtain your dream skin, although you must understand your skin type before applying any customized skincare routine. How do you know your skin is oily? Oily skin tends to have large visible pores, rough texture and greasy. Some people have smooth skin, but due to the high production of sebum on the skin during summer, their skin becomes very oily. In the article below we focus on daily skin care routine for your oily skin, and it includes;


Starting your day with a mild water-based cleanser is the best option for oily skin. It is essential since impurities, excess oils and dirt has built up on the skin during the night and may lead to pores clogging if not correctly handled. Moreover, you may make the use of oil-based cleansers as an evening routine for your skin. Oil-based cleansers can dissolve makeup, and sebum very quickly from your skin as many people apply make-ups during daytime thus necessary before sleeping. After that, you may cleanse your skin with the water based-cleanser for full action which makes cleanser a skin routine for oily skin.


Oily skin is vulnerable to clogged pores, blackheads, and skin-cell build up. Moreover, some skins are affected by environmental damage that may cause the skin surface to become uneven, dull, and rough. It can be avoided by skin exfoliation which can be done two to three times a week by use of chemical peels which is also a gentle exfoliant. Chemical exfoliants removes the epidermis through light exfoliation; thus lightning dark sports and boost cell turnover. On the other hand, physical exfoliants help in refining the skin texture. This method can be done either in the morning or evening with the duration given hence depends on your preference.


The purpose of toners is to get rid of makeup and residual dirt and prepare your skin for the next skincare routine which makes it essential for both oily and dry skin. They make your skin absorb the ingredients available in the skin care products that you will apply. Same as any other skincare product, understanding your skin type will allow you to get the best toner for your skin.

Moisturizer and eye cream

Light moisturizer helps to seal all the ingredients that you applied to your skin. It implies that the use of richer creams may clog up your skin pores and make it even shiner thus the use of light moisturizers may protect and also those with sensitive or irritated skin should consider the application of soothing and calming moisturizers. You may then apply lightweight eye cream to also keep the under eyes protected and moisturized.


Since most people skins’ react during hot seasons, then a skincare routine is also necessary. After your morning skin care routine, you may finish it with sunscreen which protects your skin from premature aging and harmful UV rays. It is also advisable to use sunscreen that is rated SPF 30 depending with your skin type. Apply a half teaspoonful of your skin no matter the type of sunscreen you chose to use.

Although there are various skin products, understanding your skin type and using the right skin care product may help protect your skin. From the above article, it is clear that one may be able to control their oily skin for better outlook and results as having oily skin doesn’t mean it will remain that way unless you chose to.


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