Smart Dressing: 23 Superb Smart Dressing tips to look Slim

Have you always been on the heavy side and been ridiculed about you extra healthy body. You must have joined the gym to shed few calories but to no avail as fat in few people are really too stubborn to simply go away! You must have seen a beautiful dress in a really cool shop, with a look of belonging in your eyes and you would head back to your home heartbroken, knowing the fact that you wouldn’t look chic in that dress because of your extra fat! But fret no more!

With this article you would get an insight about how to dress smart to hide your fat and look thinner without any effort! Yes, “Smart Dressing” is the word which transforms heaviest of the heavy into diva-like figurines! Be sure of keeping all these important tips in mind if you wish to look sexy and gorgeous at all time. I assure you that if you follow these tips and tricks, then you would not be ridiculed ever. In fact, it is time now for you to turn the tables on those who have always underestimated you! Happy Reading!

1.Add Color to your Life:1

If you have heavy thighs and broad hips, then you should be inclined towards wearing pencil skirts. Do not forget to team it up with top which are super bright in color. The reason being that your main aim should be to draw away unwanted attention from the parts of your body you feel uncomfortable about!

2.Get a New Bra for yourself:2

You should be bewildered to know that more than half of the women on this planet are walking around the globe wearing wrong bra’s! Your goal should be to ascertained your proper bra size through an expert and then get a bra of correct size for yourself!

3.Go for V-neck T shirts:3

Opt for t-shirts that are V-neck so as to make your neck look elongated. Yes, it creates an illusion of you having a gracefully long neck, and that too quite successfully.

4.Get a Shapewear for yourself:4

The shapewears you see being advertised on televisions are not totally worthless. They nicely get you back in shape and is really a good investment.

5.Clean your wardrobe:5

This is probably the most important thing you must do. Get rid of all unnecessary clothes which have made you look bulky in the past. These include baggy t shirts, satin skirts and sleeveless tops! Avoid them as you would avoid plague!

6.Go for Waist belts:6

If you add a waist belt to your dress, it would make you look slimmer considerably, and this is a fact!

7.Skin Show is a Must:KMazur

Try not to be covered in sack each time you hit the road. Show skin like plunging necklines and sleeveless dresses as they would make you look quite thinner and chic too!

8.Be Photogenic always:8

There is something called smart photography too. Try to look casual, composed and of course sexy in pictures. Stand tall to avoid looking lumpy when your picture is being taken.

9.Contour the Cheeks:9

Bring out the beauty of your face by contouring your cheeks and adding color to it so that people would really notice the beautiful angles of your face!

10.Comfortable Jeans:10

Discard all the super baggy jeans you possess with yourself as they would make you look more fat and bulky, go for jeans which are low rise in nature. Be comfortable!

11.Have a Good Sleep:11

If you do not get a good night’s sleep then you would be extremely stressed. And you know what a person does when he is stressful? He binge eats of course, which is a strict no no for you!

12.Maintain good Posture Always:12

If you sit on your couch or bed like a slug then you would gain more pounds! Remember to always sit as well as stand tall as it helps in slimming down your body!

13.Chew as Slowly as you Can:13

It is a proven fact that people who eat food without chewing properly gain weight immensely. So you better chew your food properly if you wish to keep extra pounds at bay.

14.Embrace Water:14

Instead of drinking cold drinks, juices etc, you should in fact drink as much water as you can to avoid getting fat. And this really works!

15.Eat as much Fruits as you can:15

Water helps in washing away all the toxicities present in your body and hence help cleanse it. So eat as much fruit as you can as it contains water too!

16.Do not consume much Sodium in food:16

The more you consume sodium in your food, the more bloated you will feel. So avoid consuming it!

17.Follow Healthy Food habits:17

Instead of binging constantly on fast food (which is usually greasy in nature), go for healthy snacks which suits you and does not act as a catalyst by making you gain more calories the quicker way!

18.Do not Binge Eat at Night:18

Do not eat a lot at night as you should have a really heavy breakfast and a good lunch! So consume less when dining.

19.Embrace running:19

If you want to lose weight the healthy way then you should definitely embrace running as it helps in burning up your calories quickly! You can even cycle which is a great way of losing weight efficiently and quickly.

20.Torso Exercises:20

Your torso needs to be tightened and this can be easily achieved through yoga.

21.Avoid Eating a lot at Parties:21

Try not to eat a lot at parties. You can keep yourself busy by grasping a wine glass throughout the party, at least most of the time. Nice trick, right?

22.Avoid Packing Leftovers:22

If you are eating out one night and are left with leftovers, avoid getting them packed and taking it back home with you! Avoid it totally!

23.Avoid Fizzy Cold Drinks:23

You must know that aerated drinks contain “air” which usually makes you feel bloated in the end. It isn’t even good for health!

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